Pagan Blog Project – “N” for “New”

I have to admit, I’m not very good at trying new things. As evidenced by the posts I’ve been doing about the Birchbox, things have to be handed to me in order for me to reach out and try them. If it didn’t come in a neat little box every month, I would never try something new like this beauty balm (which I have finally stopped calling “That Stick Thing”).

There are a great many things in my life that I never would have tried if that new thing hadn’t been forced on me. Parenting is one of them. Every day is something new which, honestly, drives me a little nuts. There’s something in me that appreciates the safety of the regular, the hum drum. New things can be scary because of the element of the unexpected. Variables floating in the ether just waiting to go wrong keep me up at night. 0.0

I have to credit my husband with my recent change. I know it’s not very “Pagan” of me to come by the solution through taking a human being’s advice rather than hours  of meditation or scrying or something equally as magical. Trust me, listening to what he had to say and taking it to heart? That was magic. And it worked. I’m sleeping without my bite guard to protect my teeth from grinding for the first time in WEEKS.

So, try something new today. Feel free to remain in a certain comfort zone, but give it a shot. Worse comes to worse, you have a great story to tell. 😉

2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – “N” for “New”

  1. Excellent blog – and right from the heart……it reminded me of an Osha Zen Tarot Card.The Card name is Exhaustion. The message of the card is about all the ways in which we set up safe but unnatural routines for ourselves and by doing so, keep the chaotic and spontaneous way from our doors, it makes you feel safe…..Life isn’t a business to be managed, it’s a mystery to be lived. Sounds like you have a wonderul husband.


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