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People come into the library asking for this stuff all the time and due to my strange zeal to acquire free books, I own about 80 books on this subject in various forms. Because if it’s all hoakey bullshit, I don’t want to shell out money for hoakey bullshit.

Still, people swear up and down this shit works. I figure why not give it a whirl? Already I’m not starting off on the right foot (according to the books) by even in jest calling it “hoakey” and “shit” but isn’t the whole point of this to turn y0ur thoughts around?

Earlier this month, I went through my kindle and separated out all the law of attraction stuff into it’s on category and I’m working my way though them (they’re short so it doesn’t take long to read one or two in an afternoon) and we’ll see how it works. I mean the worst that could happen is I waste my time reading free books and thinking good thoughts.  It’s a win/win here.