Loot Anime: “Unnatural”

  • Noragami hat
  • Mob Psycho 100 shirt
  • Death Note mug
  • Parasyte manga
  • Poster & Phone Charm

I’m not gonna lie, the cup is super cool but I have so many now, I’d rather some other item. XD

Out of this whole box, Death Note is the only fandom I’m familiar with. I’ve seen a bit of Parasyte here and there, I’ve read Noragami, but I have no idea what Mob Psycho is. I’ll have to look into that…

Of course, I’ll review the manga and possibly get to watching the anime in the future. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it even if the stretchy art style gives me the creeps (blame Uzumaki for that).

I do think I’m getting less individual items lately; despite the items themselves being cool. It’s far from feeling like a rip-off, just leaving me wanting more.

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