Lenni Reviews: “Don’t Be Cruel” vol 5 by Yonezou Nekota

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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review and is rated 18+

*This review is cross-posted to Otakus and Geeks.

Maya and Nemugasa have grown since the first volume and now are at the point in their relationship where they even wear couples rings. But Maya is getting some interesting networking contacts and Nemugasa finds himself getting jealous. At the same time, Shimakawa, who knew Maya as a child, sees an opportunity to make a move on Nemugasa behind Maya’s back.

Our main pair is a cute couple trying to figure out how their relationship is going now that they’re in college and if you forget how they started out, they are a couple you root for and want to see happy. The art is soft and flowy and I have to admit they toned down the sex scenes as compared to the first volume. It’s still explicit but more time is spent about their thoughts and search for jobs than boning. It’s still an ok series, though! 3.7 out of 5.

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