It’s That Time of Year!

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Now that my last project is finished, I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. Now that I have Shelley and I’m not writing things in a notebook, I think I can try and pull this off. I can just sync the file and put the words into the word counter on the site instead of having written words to type up. If you wanna track my progress I’ll be posting daily updates but you can also be my buddy on the site if you’re interested.

I’ve been prepping for this on the sly and I have a chapter by chapter breakdown of what I want to happen. I’m not sure if it will end up being 50,000 words and I’m not going to fluff it to fill a word count but I will try to complete the story in a month. My core idea is a clean but dark age gap lesbian romance where the main characters are witches. I think even with the time crunch, it will be fun to work on!

I’ll also try to get back to posting reviews if I have time. 

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