Art Practice!


This image is from the Steampunk Coloring Book, which I picked up so I can practice with my colored pencils. There’s all sorts of advanced techniques for colored pencils and since that’s my chosen media for color, I thought using coloring books would give me a chance to try these techniques without having to first sketch my own art, then possibly ruin it because I screwed up applying the solvent or something.

With this picture I was experimenting with different color effects for folds in clothing and hair, and blending. It cakes some getting used to. It’s not just mashing the color down like I did when I was a child. It’s fun, though! And you can gt some really cool effects without using any solvents or computer coloring.

Of course this is my first outing with this and there are some imperfections. It will be a long time to get me near the level of the amazing art I’ve seen people create on YouTube. But, ya gotta start somewhere and for a n00b, this isn’t bad!

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You all are owed and I aim to pay

Remember waaaayyy back when I said I wanted to post some art to celebrate getting 110 fans to my page? I’m overdue. So, here it is:

Something strange and wonderful happens when me and Melody get together. XD I sketched this and as I am shit with color, Mrs. Herbert used colored pencil to color it. These two are my vampires from my book; Auris and Kizu having a little celebration.

So, I hope you like it! 😀