Today’s Run? Not so much…


It’s not that I wasn’t feeling today, but right when I started to get into a groove, my knee decided that it wasn’t going to be a run day but more of a “power limp” day. Good thing I’d planned to do a short workout today anyway…

It’s hard not to feel like a complete failure but I absolutely know it’s not weakness, it’s hormones. Your period can affect how your joints feel. Where normally I’d be fine, all of a sudden my knees are made of ground glass and I can’t run as long as usual.

But I’m not going to take a day off. I’ll just try again tomorrow.

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Today’s Run? Two Intervals Down…


In my continuing efforts to complete week 10 of c210k, I have completed another run of two 15 minute intervals without feeling like I’m going to die. And this is day 2 of me attempting to run every day for a week and see if I get an achievement.

Because I’m an achievement hog… No shame here.

Also, with this run, I’m only one episode away from finishing season 2 of Castlevania! Yay!

I use my treadmill time to catch up on TV. If I could write on the treadmill, I’d finish a book a week.

The next run will have to be a little longer because I have some virtual races to complete. I should also be doing at least two longer runs every week if I’m ever going to get to the 10k mark.

Tomorrow is another day!

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Running Update: Wait, it does that?!

Since I am a huge fucking geek, I am on a bunch of Zombies Run! fan pages and groups. It is through these that I learned that there is a 365 days in a row achievement!

I didn’t know this was a thing! I want that thing…

So, does this mean I’ve taken up a 365-day challenge?

And let me say why.

Much like the 5k and 10k training, you don’t do this by being insane. I think I’ll start with a 7-day challenge and go from there. Meaning I’ll start today.


You’ll notice my pace is much slower than normal but today was my first run with the chases turned on. If you aren’t familiar with this app, chases are when the app tells you to run faster to avoid zombies and if you don’t go fast enough, you lose some of the supplies you’ve gathered. I’ve been curious about those for a while and decided to give them a try.

And nothing happened. So, I ended up powerwalking while expecting to put on a burst of speed.

I tweaked some settings for tomorrow’s run so we’ll see how chases work then.

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Today’s Run? Turkey Trot!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, I sympathize with your Day of Mourning to those who partake, and I empathize with those who drink and eat heavily because you can because fuck it.

Today, we had duck and baby broccoli!

And I had a great time teaching the kiddo how to slice garlic. And roast garlic… Look, we stink today. Deal with it.

I may have gorged myself on delicious meat and crunchy skin but I did my run!!


Today was week 10 day 2 and I got in the spirit by catching up on Z Nation while running.

Yeah, I think it’s better than Walking Dead. Fight me. I dare you.

I didn’t set any records but even though I didn’t wanna bother today and use my time to sleep in, I got my fat ass up and went to run before I did any cooking or drinking.

Now… As I am full and tired, and sore, and tipsy, I shall leave you with whatever feelings you have about this day. Even if its just Thursday.

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Health Check? Not doing too bad!

If you read my blog regularly, you see me posting all this workout stuff. So, what’s the point, right?

I got my blood work back from the doctor today. Last time, there were some concerns about my cholesterol. This time?

My doctor said I have one of the best cholesterol levels she’s seen!


Not bad for someone as overweight as I am.

Now, this time the doctor was concerned about my B12 levels so I got me a booster shot and I’ll be going back every two weeks to get more. How did the shot make me feel?

I had to apologize to my coworkers

According to some research, low B12 can lead to depression and fatigue, which may explain why I have been tired ALL THE TIME. And I think the deficiency is down to my diet. In order to be “healthy”, I cut way down on red meat, cheese, and I don’t drink milk because it’s gross. I used to have steak once or twice a week. I’ve been having red meat once or twice a month now; ground beef or lamb in chili or stew. Chicken does have B12 but not nearly as much as beef. I’ll have to get back to putting beef into my rotation.

With my new amazing bill of health, I have gone insane and signed up for two more virtual races. I have two going over on Yes.Fit and I had to pause one to finish the other… Yeah, I’m going a bit mad with the running thing but I like it, it’s healthy, and I don’t feel like stopping.

So, there.

In my mind, I am still looking to lose weight. It’s not for health reasons at all now, since I’m healthy, it’s because I have some AMAZING outfits that I don’t fit in to. They are sexy as hell and I want them to see the light of day.

If you wanna connect with me on Yes.Fit, drop a comment and let me know. I don’t mind being social and I think it’d be cool to connect with people there.

How will I run during the holidays? Well, I ran before Thanksgiving dinner last year. I see no reason to do it again.


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Today’s Run? Not quite there yet…


Today’s intervals consisted of a 5-minute warm-up, 15-minute run, 1-minute run, repeat 3 times. The first interval was a fucking breeze! Like I was born to run from zombies. The second was a bit of a struggle but I made it. Third? I legit thought I was gonna pass out 13 minutes in. I had to take an extra break.

It’s hard not to think of that as a failure even if I did only take a one minute break and ran as much as I could. The point is to push yourself but I’ not quite there yet.

I’m not going to repeat the day. I’m going to proceed with the next run and try and get through that last interval. I am concerned about pushing myself too hard but tomorrow I won’t be running; I have crosstraining to do. I have to do that core blaster that makes my abs hurt so much, I can’t cough or laugh.

My goal is to make it to the 180 minutes a week the Atlas Shape has been nagging me to do but I haven’t made that goal yet. One hour down…

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This Week’s Workouts So Far






This week’s C210K seemed harder for some reason and it is totally because of how long they are. In sticking with the schedule, I’ve forgotten how it feels to run close to an hour. It’s a struggle to make it through that last 10-minute jog and I can feel my fingers swelling.

Does anyone else have that problem when they run? Finger swelling? It is very unnerving…

As for incorporating more cross-training, that ab workout from Atlas Shape leaves me feeling much like the P90X Ab Ripper: too sore to laugh, cough, or sneeze. That must mean it’s working.

Week 10 means 15 minute long runs instead of 10 and I am honestly not sure if I can make it all four intervals. I may have to repeat the week or repeat week 9 to build up my endurance.

Either way, bring it on. Won’t know if I fail hard until I try!

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Today’s Run: I cannot believe it…


And thus we conclude week 8 of C210K as a rousing success! Day 3 is 5 minutes of a warm up, 30 minute run, then 5 minute cool down. And I actually did it! I ran for the full 30 minutes.

It was rough towards the end. I found myself wanting to stop with only 5 minutes left on the clock but I pushed through, ignored the numbers, and caught up with American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Nothing more motivating than the end of the world to keep your feet moving.

Week 9 is back to intervals but longer workouts. I am liking how my endurance is now; my hard work paying off in spades. I’m trying not to count chickens before they hatch but I am thinking of what I will work on next after I complete C210K. I’m thinking speed training and more weight training on my off days.

But yeah, one thing at a time. See you in week 9!

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Today’s Run: Ramping it up?


This run is week 8 day 2 of C210k. It starts with a 5-minute warmup, a 29-minute run, then a 5-minute cooldown. And I did it! I ran the full 29 minutes.

It’s tomorrow I’m worried about. Week 8 day 3 is a full 5k run without stopping. Why would I be worried if I do 5k races all the time? Because I usually do my walk/run or run to 10 combos. This time no breaks for me.

If I can make this, it would be a major victory for me. I’ve been running for two years or so and never made it much past 3.5 miles with breaks. LOTS of breaks. If my endurance is up to the task, a 10k may actually really be in my future! And finishing a 10k was one of my goals for the year!

Also, I am FINALLY done with season 3! There are currently 7 seasons of Zombies Run! and I’ve been trying to catch up to the end so I can fiddle around with supply missions and try out an airdrop mission. There’s also all the Radio Abel content. My completionist’s itch is driving me crazy.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I’m sure I’ll be hurting by the end of it no matter what happens.

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Today’s Run: Do the Mambo!


This was Week 8 Day 1 of Couch to 10k. My body is still smarting from the Halloween 5k but I was still able to hold a slow jog for 28 minutes and other than being thirsty, I didn’t feel like I was going to faint. I stopped being lazy and made eggs and vegetarian breakfast sausage.

Why vegetarian? I just happen to like them. No real reason.

At any rate, I think I’m going to keep my workouts around 40 minutes cause that seems to be the butter zone where I feel like I can still walk around after I’m done. The 10k trainer will eventually do over that but I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

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