Today’s Workout: I’m A Ninja! :D

And there was a zombie headless horseman.


As promised, here’s my workout for this evening. I am very aware that for my body to make any real changes, I need to incorporate strength training with my running so I picked through the various routines on my Atlas Shape app and switched my primary routine to the toning one instead of fat burn. I already do the running for fat burn.

And yeah, I’m knock-kneed. Deal with it.

I did two rounds of the Ninja total body toning which included Alt. Right/Left Lunge, Russian Twist, Sumo Squat, Prone Hip Driver, and Jumping Jacks. All of these are max reps. I kinda wish Atlas integrated with My Fitness Pal as seamlessly as Zombies Run so I have to add in the routine manually. That’s ok I guess but I feel like I’m missing something in the total burn for the day. But after a 500+ calorie run, that piddly 52 doesn’t seem like a big deal.

I feel sore but kinda invincible. And NO I didn’t take any Advil… I dunno what else to really say but post workout showers are the best.


(You get the point)

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Start The Thing Already…

I’ve decided I’m going to be blogging about my runs more often. This is not just to pad out my blog with more posts;


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But also to really hold myself accountable. I have been running for almost 2 years now and while I did lose weight, I hit a plateau that bugs the crap outta me.

Currently, I am 216 pounds at 5ft 7in. On average I run a 15-minute mile and can complete 5k in about 55 minutes. I feel dead afterward, but I can do it and in a sick way, I enjoy it.

My long-term goals are to be able to run a 10k and to lose 30 pounds so I can move faster and be stronger. I could give to shits about a dress size or looking sexy because I don’t get any complaints about such things.


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At my last round of blood tests, I did get some worrying results for my cholesterol so my thing here is HEALTH overall. As a librarian and a writer, I spend a great deal of time sitting. Also, I’m not getting any younger; I’m 37.

Get ready for obnoxious posts about workouts and food. I’m sure you’re all super excited.


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Weight Loss Challenge Update

Starting Weight: 199

Current Weight: 190


I did it!! 😀 190 was my goal weight from the beginning and let me tell you, at 200 pounds, I thought it was impossible.

My goal now is just to maintain. My lowest weight was 179 and I looked a little gaunt. These days I’m thinking it’ll be good for me to maintain the pounds I lost rather than go for broke and try for another 20 pounds.

I guess it’s time to try on that dress again. 😉

Weight Loss Challenge Update

I always swear I’ll do weekly updates and it never works out… Well, anyways, here we go.

It’s been a little over a month since I started this, and here’s the stats as of this morning:

Starting weight: 199

Current weight: 193

Not bad at all, if I say so myself. And it’s not only the scale. A dress I bought that didn’t fit (swearing I’d lose weight one day) I can not only get in to, I can breathe, sit down, and zip it up. I couldn’t do that a month ago.

For the record, the dress looks like this:


Only with shorter sleeves.

Now if only I can get my hair to do that…

I’ve also been very good about using the Just 6 Weeks app. I managed to nab it when it was free and now I’m up to 216 squats without feeling like I can’t walk the next day. The next challenge for me with the app is the sit up section.

So, that’s how it’s been going so far. And with motivation like that, I’m psyched to keep going. 😉

Weight Loss Challenge

I was poking around the internetz, looking at all the diet crap I have coming into my Inbox and wondering why the hell I don’t unsubscribe from all of it when I came across this woman’s 100 days of going to the gym challenge.

Now, I know there’s no way in hell I’m going to a gym every day (mostly because I shun other people when I workout) so I’ve opted for the more general challenge of trying to get moving 4-6 times a week.

I started yesterday and even weighed in. I did 30 minutes of Zumba and weighed in at 199 lbs. That’s right, I admit my weight. Because I wear it like a mink coat, that’s why. I’m more concerned about my health.

There is also this…

That is such a ME thing and as you can see, it’s quite unforgiving.

I’m not very displeased with my body, seeing as how men don’t seem to have any problem with it. 😉 But a little streamlining couldn’t hurt.

So, let’s get this shit started.