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Sanctuary Lenni A.

  • After the Waking when magick and witches were revealed to the world, Makayla has made it her personal mission to help young witches who have no place to go. She thought she'd found the perfect house but an old, malevolent force is trying to keep her away.   This is a clean lesbian, interracial, age gap story with powerful witches.
  • January 20, 2022

Djinn Lenni A.

  • Missy is bound to a djinn who insists on calling himself Todd. He lives with her, follows her to work, and generally makes a nuisance of himself. Until the day a mute child falls literally into Todd's lap needing their help. This quick misadventure threatens to reveal secrets Missy has tried hard to conceal and secrets Todd is all too eager to tell.

Djinn 2: Wendigo Lenni A.

  • Missy and the strange djinn attached to her named Todd are in for another adventure. When an old friend shows up on Missy's doorstep at the same time as a string of gruesome murders, a frightening new danger may literally eat her alive.   This is a short story of approximately 5000 words.

Go Away Girls: The Mirror Lenni A.

  • As a Sacred Sister, Audrey meets a wide variety of clients. But when a client ends up dead outside the temple and a mirror belonging to a powerful high-born family is left in Audrey's rooms, she runs to her friends, Katherine and Clara, for help. The mirror proves to be not only a symbol of Katherine's past, but the subject of a deadly accusation for the Sisters and a dreadful choice that must be made. Katherine must risk her life to save her friends and her lover, Clara.

Go Away Girls: Flight Lenni A.

  • When a headless body is found in the street, Clara and Katherine are left with a mystery of how a human's head could look cleanly blown off. But as another body is found and a new drug ravages the population, the risk of the High-Born invading Trixa to stem the tide looms over them and dark secrets from Clara's past come to the surface.   This is the second book in the "Go Away Girls" series.   A short story of 18,400 words

Gods in the Grey City Lenni A.

  • Ciro buys more than he bargained for when he purchases a slave capable of bypassing the brand on her magic. He drags her on a journey with him to learn her secrets, but his own may kill them both.

Gods in the Grey City 2 Lenni A.

  • After Tia defeated Jeshe, Grey City becomes a safe haven for escaping Muri slaves. But King Bastion is on a mission to stop them and has a secret weapon; his magic-wielding queen, Anasia, who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Grey City falls.   This is the second in a series and it is highly recommended to read the first book to understand this one.

Old Soldier Lenni A.

  • Retired from the wars, Artur spends his days avoiding the same elven people he once protected because they fear him. While hunting for deer in the woods, he wounds a dark elf; the same race he had spent his life hunting. When he uncharacteristically helps her and her infant son, he risks the safety of not only himself but his entire village. This is a short story of 14,360 words and contains adult material.

Beaverish Lenni A.

  • Clarice is ready to retire from her life as a private investigator and live a quiet life with her girlfriend, Sandra. But her mobster boss, Felix won't let Sandra go without a fight.

Fruit of the Dead - Season One: Episode One Lenni A.

  • Without memories, a young man wakes among strangers to find everything has changed and the world is filled with horrors.   **Note, this story contains themes of abuse, suicide, prostitution, depression, and other mature themes. Trigger and content warnings apply.

Fruit of the Dead - Season One: Episode Two Lenni A.

  • In part two of this series, Cutter struggles to grow his abilities and a new enemy threatens him with grim terror and a fate perhaps worse than death.   **Note, this story contains themes of abuse, suicide, prostitution, depression, and other mature themes. Trigger and content warnings apply.

Dahlia: Angel of Flame Part 1 Lenni A.

  • Dahlia has a peaceful life working for a recycling company and coming home to her loving wife. But when that peace is shattered, a new terrible world is opened up, a dark past is revealed, and a dangerous quest begins.

Dahlia: Angel of Flame Part 2 Lenni A.

  • Continuing on their journey, Dahlia and her wife Ricky are on the search for her second wing and encounter greater threats and strange friends. This is part two in a series and is not standalone.

Dahlia: Angel of Flame 3 Lenni A.

  • In the final installment of the Angel of Flame trilogy, Dahlia, Ricky, and San search for the last piece of Dahlia's former life as an archangel; hoping to beat Michael and Gabriel to the halo.