Saxenda Update: Possible Side Effects?

I’m about to show some weird ass pictures of my fingernails. Be warned, because there’s something strange going on.


If you look really close at my nail beds, I’ve got some separation going on. Since I don’t have any skin conditions and my last round of bloodwork said I was low in certain vitamins (despite being outside more often) I think this is being caused by nutrient deficiencies. On Saxenda, I eat under 1,000 calories a day. I average 800-900 calories a day and with that little food, it’s hard to make sure you’re getting all your vitamins and I haven’t been very consistent in taking my supplements.

Now, I am not saying this for certain, I’m speculating. I did want to make a note of it as I will be taking my supplements like I’m supposed to and keeping an eye out to see if the nails reattach now that I’m more diligent with the supplements and eating some more nutrient dense foods. And the doctor suggested supplements, I’m not just taking them because I think they’re good for me.

I did do some lazy searching and I didn’t see anyone else talking about this. Maybe this will help someone out down the line.

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Today’s Workout: Recovery


After thinking I could be superwoman and move a giant dresser by myself, I ended up catching whatever my child caught and was sick for a few days. Now, I’m back to it and will resume running next week. I’m only waiting till next week because it will bother me if I start on an odd day. In the meantime, I’ll be moving more and using the desk peddler.

As for food, I didn’t take any pictures of it but I’m trying to stress more vegetables and lean protein while also trying to use up the food in the fridge. I like to think I’m doing a decent job of that but I’ve had some slip ups here and there. I’m not too stressed out about it, though. I was sick and living off soup for days, I’m happy just to eat other food again.

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Today’s Workout: A nice session.


More desk peddler for today. I had a webinar and doing the peddler made it bearable. I haven’t been trying for long but I have already noticed my hip pain is lessened since I’ve been moving around more. I was really worried something was seriously wrong and I do plan to talk to my doctor about it anyway but I’m really happy about that.

I didn’t have time to make lunch and since the place across the street actually lowered their price on their salad (they’re still smaller than they used to be), I decided to get one of those. For dinner, I needed to use up the meat and veggies I was not going to use for Thanksgiving and the leftover rice. I doubt Uncle Roger would approve of my beef fried rice but I liked it and had plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow. All in all, not a bad day.

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Today’s Workout: New Gadget

I managed to sell a few things on eBay and since I’ll take any chance for cardio, I took a walk up to the post office in addition to 30 minutes on the desk peddler. I noticed that having that walk and getting up more during the day is helpful for the hip pain I’ve developed.

I will get back to running soon.

I’ve been wondering about the electric lunch boxes that don’t cook food but reheat it as an alternative to the communal microwave at work. I put the leftovers from the previous night (swordfish, rice, and broccoli) and while it did work, it took forever. Not a good idea for a thick slab of fish on top of a bed of rice. I could see it working better if all the food at direct contact with the heating element on the bottom. Much like the Itaki, I’ll have to play around with it until I get used to using it regularly. After all that rice, a salad was necessary. Those tomatoes just hit different, they were so refreshing. It was exactly what I needed at the end of a long day.

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Today’s Workout: I did it, sorta


I’m back to the desk peddler for a little bit while I get my energy back up. Next week, I’ll go back to the treadmill.

I did prep food with the intention of getting up early to run but I just didn’t have the energy. And once dinner rolled around, I had even less energy and ate some snacks instead of cooking a meal. I feel like I need a day where I either get up and be super productive the entire day or a say where I sleep all day to reset myself. Maybe over the weekend, I’ll do both.

Also, I’m back to selling things on eBay. So, if you’re looking for nerdy and geeky items, click here and check out what I’ve listed so far. There will be more as things get sold and I am also planning to list some of my handmade items there.

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Today’s Workout: Urgh…

Ah, the most wonderful time of the month where I’m consistently tired and everything hurts for no frikkin reason. I probably won’t be running much more since my hips hurt but I’m still going to try and be as active as possible.

I prepped a nice salad for myself for lunch but dinner was chaotic. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach as I only ate half of that pasta and gave the rest to my kid; who inexplicably refused to eat their leftover pizza in favor of taking my food. My mom used to say that food always tastes better from your parent’s plate and I guess that old saying is true.

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Today’s Workout: Dodo’s?


This series always has some strange turns. Fun turns but also strange.

I had to cover for someone on vacation so, I have two nights at work this week. Confusing for my brain but great for getting up to run before work without having to drag ass outta bed before the sun comes up. It was a good run and it made me feel accomplished first thing on a Monday. That’s always good.


On Sunday, I made a pot of sauce. Its a pretty big pot so, I’ll be eating a lot of pasta to work my way through it. A tragedy, I know. For dinner, my friend had extra arroz con pollo with some chorizo and brought some for me. It was just the right amount of spice for me. I thought I’d save some for my kid but nah, I ate it all.

I also tried to make it a point to move around more during the day. I’ve been noticing some hip pain and I haven’t done any workouts to justify it. My lazy Google searching found that sitting too much can cause hip pain. I have a movement reminder on my watch and I’ll be doing my best to get up and walk around more often during the day and take time for some extra stretching. That should do the trick but I plan to talk to my doctor regardless.

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Today’s Workout: Ultrahuman HIIT Day 2


Finding motivation to workout has been hard since life is really stressing me out right now but not doing my workouts would be even more stressful. These are pretty short, too, and don’t require a bunch of set up.

I forgot to bring my noodles with my lunch today which isn’t a terrible thing. The plain noodles aren’t the healthiest food in the world. For dinner, I had a nice salad. Something about the heavy meat and veggies for lunch makes me crave a salad for dinner.

Overall, it’s not as active of a day as getting up early to run but I still feel like it was a success. The ginger was a nice punch to the vegetables and the missing noodles made sure I didn’t feel overstuffed while I’m on the Saxenda. It’s been awhile since I weighed myself but I’ll get to that. I’m in no hurry to do that.

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Today’s Workout: Switching it up


Yeah, I’m not having much luck working out after work. I have been too tired and end up skipping it. And I don’t think the peddler is intense enough to be relying on it as my sole cardio. So, I’m trying to get up early three times a week and running before I go to work. It’s a long day but it’s worth it to get in the run, clean up real quick, then head off to deal with the rest of my day. And I’m using Zombies Run and c25k to keep track of my time and intervals.

A big part of running in the morning is preparing my lunch the night before. So, while I was making dinner (that first picture with the swordfish) I prepped my food for the Itaki. I also had time to make some breakfast but on the Saxenda, all that was way too much food. Dinner came around and the thought of eating anything else made me feel sick. I need to have something lighter in the morning, even though a bagel with egg is so comforting after a run.

By the way, that swordfish was delicious. I marinated it in olive oil and lemon juice and pan fried it with olive oil, butter, and whole garlic cloves. If I get a decent deal on it again, I’ll absolutely buy some more. 

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