Weight Loss Check In.

I’ve been on Saxenda since April so I figure it’s about time for a progress report. Here’s a screenshot from MyFitnessPal!

That’s fresh, too. Just weighed myself this morning!

Now, I know I haven’t been working out much. I’m back to using most of my free time to write but I am sneaking in workouts when I can.

I am super excited to hit the 20 pound mark! I bet my weight loss will go faster once the weather is cooler. I lose all motivation when it’s hot. Dunno why but I’m just more productive in the cooler months than in the summer. Summer sucks.

Anyways, I’ll be trying to check in more often but I am so pleased with my progress so far! I can’t wait to finally reach my goals!

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Lenni Reviews: “MADK” Vol. 2, by Ryo Suzuri


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*This book is recommended for 18+

Makoto has been working at Hell’s brothel for three years without a word from J. When he is randomly summoned, Makoto begins to apply his efforts in earnest to become a full fledged demon and destroy J.

This is a strange series but I’m kinda diggin it. Makoto isn’t a typical main character and is dynamic with J and the other demons he meets keep things interesting. There are conflicting emotions and desires and it’s getting pretty twisted. It’s rated mature for a reason, keep that in mind. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Eros/Psyche” by Maria Llovet


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Sara is a new student at an exclusive and unique all girls boarding school. By chance she meets the most popular student, Silje and forms a fast relationship that blooms quickly into something more.

This is poetic and beautiful, also a bit haunting. But I have no frikkin clue what this is all about. There’s some sinister all girls boarding school in the middle of nowhere and they learn magic but is so strict if you break the rules you go to a special room for punishment, there’s implied genetic testing going on, and the mysterious school is eliminating these girls on by one until only one remains and for… What?

Don’t get me wrong, this is emotional and lovely but by the end all I had were questions that left me frustrated. 3.9 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “My Love Mix-Up!” Vol. 1, by Wataru Hinekure & Aruko


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Aki has a crush on his classmate, Hashimoto but when he borrows an eraser from her, he sees she has Ida’s name written on it; he promises to keep it a secret for her. But when Ida sees the eraser, he thinks it belongs to Aki and that he as a crush on him.

First things first, I gotta talk about the art. While the regular scenes are lovely; soft and expressive like most in this genre, there are scenes of super-deformed faces that are unintentionally TERRIFYING. Not all of them but there were a few that had me cringe rather than laugh.

Aside for that, this is a hilarious mix up. It doesn’t take itself too seriously at all and is a light-hearted teenage drama (at least light-hearted for now, you never know). It is looking like we won’t get so much as a love triangle but a love dodecahedron.

Yes, I’m a geek. I love that world…

4 out of 5.

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Today’s Workouts: Double Whammy


I had an interesting webinar about anti-racism so I was able to hit the under desk peddler while I listened to it. I was supposed to have an online appointment after work so I’d planned to have no time to workout when I got home; but it ended up getting moved. So, I threw in an extra one.


I may not always make it to a few thousand steps in a day (ahh, the desk life) but I love that some days, I can sneak in just a tiny bit more activity. I may never get to the 6-pack abs 0% body fat range but, I’m happy with where things are trending. I hope I’ll be fitting into some of my smaller clothes before the end of the month!

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Lenni Reviews: “Asadora!” Vol. 4, by Naoki Urasawa


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

As  change of pace, Asa is having some normal high school drama with her friends only for it to be interrupted by some fishermen spotting the monster the government is trying to hide. And to make matters worse, a reporter is snooping around the air hanger containing the plane they want to use to fight the creature.

Things are coming to a head with Asa and the scientist, Nakaido closing on on whatever is out in the ocean. I am so into what’s going to happen; especially with Asa facing down the thing that killed most of her family. It’s an interesting mystery. 4 out of 5.

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Today’s Workout: Abs


I have my Ab Trainer app set to annoy me every day to do it and today I finally listened. I like this app because the workouts are short. They are so easy to fit into any point in the day and hard talk yourself out of. It’s only 8 minutes. Some of the exercises are standing, too. It’s not just crunches and sit-ups forever.

I’ll be getting in my cardio tomorrow if all goes according to plan. Probably the bike again as a time saving measure.

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Today’s Workout: It Burns

I really need to do more upper body work. It bugs me that I still have so many issues doing a damn pushup. I know the ability to perform pushups is not the be all and end all of fitness but it annoys me

But, on the upside, my efforts are paying off and I’m down to 215.8 with a total weight loss of 16.2 pounds!


I am so excited and hopeful that I’ll be able to keep this up long term and hit my eventual goal of 170. I’m not gonna stress it and try to push for that before the end of the year, just getting under 200 before the end of the year will make me happy.

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Lenni Reviews: “Bad Boys, Happy Home” Vol. 2, by SHOOWA & Hiromasa Okujima


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review and is rated 18+

Things have been a little awkward ever since Seven planted a kiss on Akamatsu and Seven understandably gives him space. But Akamatsu finds he actually misses Seven but Seven’s past he’s kept hidden comes back to haunt them.

This sure as hell took a turn! I mean, it was clear Seven had a dark past but I didn’t see how dark it got. Trigger warning for child prostitution and sexual assault in this volume. I thought this series would just be our two main leads fumbling around into a relationship but this is an angle I did not anticipate. It’s interesting, I want to know what happens next, but yikes… 3.9 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Fragments of Horror” by Junji Ito


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Another collection of Ito’s short stories and it’s much better than the last one I read. One of them is more sad than scary but overall, this is Ito’s signature terrifying style with some great body horror. I’m usually all good with body horror but there was one splash page that was so gross, I physically leaned away from the book and tensed up in my entire body. Great stuff. 4.7 out of 5.

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