Lenni Reviews: “It” by Stephen King


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“Hey, Lenni? You’ve been kinda quiet with the reviews lately. What’s the deal?”


As I was reading this over 1000 page epic, I was almost tempted to do a read-along like I did with Battle Royale but by the time I thought of doing that, I was WAAAYYY too far into the book to pull that off without seeming fake as hell. I do try to avoid BS in this blog. My gut reactions would seem forced and too knowing as I would have been way ahead by the time I wrote up a review.

And who wants spoilers anyway!

What can I say about King? I’ve been reading his books since middle school (I was about 14-15 when I finally outgrew R. L. Stine and Christopher Pike) and Ma was always cool with me reading whatever I thought I could handle (and I wasn’t shy about passing up something I felt I couldn’t handle at that age). I’ve been a fan for over 20 years, I’m still working through his EXTENSIVE biography and he is a man I greatly respect as a person and as a writer. As a comparative novice (who am I even kidding with that statement…) it hardly seems as if I’m in a place to remark on anything he writes. This author is on a short list of people who I would read the phone book if they wrote it simply because they are THAT awesome.

That being said? I have some gripes.

  • Ben is fat. I get it. We don’t need to know every time his stomach, ass, chins or whatever bubble over everything. I have enough body issues and I was a fat teen (and fat adult). I don’t need reminders of how shitty my ass would look on a bicycle seat.
  • I haven’t seen Django Unchained or Hateful Eight and I understand the time period but jeepers, the flagrant use of the N-Word. Context, yes. I totally get it. But having been the target of that word, it’s rage inducing; which takes me out of the narrative until I calm down. It’s so heavy with meaning and emotion it takes me out of the story for a minute before I dive back in, which brings me to:
  • I want to kick the shit out of these bullies and I hate them. On second thought, if the writing is strong enough to elicit an emotional response, I withdraw that criticism.

Note: Anyone want me to do a read-along of any other books? I’d gladly do another King book of you guys are game.

In the meantime, I have so… SO many review copies I owe that are WAAAYY overdue. And for that, I can only apologize and overtly blame Stephen King. Tell him to write shittier books. That way I can blast through them faster and write long, funny, rage-filled reviews for you guys.

Or tell him to write even longer books so I shut up for a few weeks. Either way, I’ll be moving on a faster clip from now on.

Maybe I’ll talk about the movie in a post too.

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Firefly Loot Crate: Inara


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  • Firefly ship cherry blossom shirt
  • Postcard painting
  • Sihnon bookmark
  • Hosue Mandrassa pin
  • House Mandrassa Companion Notes notebook
  • Serenity Logo doormat
  • Signal Magazine
  • Inara statue

I love the fact that when I take the surveys after I get these boxes and squawk like a geek for more journals and stationery in general, SOMEBODY out there heard me. XD

Overall, very happy with this. The shirt is not only pretty but soft and comfortable. I am never sorry to get a bookmark, the pin is nice, the statues are always cool, and I have no problem with having a nerdy doormat. If the bumper of my car is already a geek’s paradise (Star Wars, Aperture Science logo, a companion cube…), I have no problem slowly transforming the house in a similar way.

The journal itself is a good size for quick note taking and the cover is puffy and soft. Maybe it would have been better if it was refillable; since the cover is so nice, but that’s a very minor gripe. Barely even a gripe, more of a suggestion for next time.

Yet another worthwhile box! I always liked Inara so I’m glad to see her highlighted here.

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2017 Goal Status


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Waaayyy back, I had a list of 5 things I wanted to get done this year. I suppose I am passed due for an update on these.

  1. I screwed up my knees way to much to get this goal. BUT I have run a bunch of 5ks and did my first race on actual streets with other people around. I count that as a win.
  2. I have made a dent in my stash yarn. Not a sizable one but a dent. Be on the lookout for more things posted in my shop!
  3. Yeah, I had no time to sit and do this…
  4. I had no time to do this one either. I did get more drawing practice in, though.
  5. I am particulary proud of this one because I have thrown out all sorts of junk. There are still various spots in the house that need an overhaul but I’ll get to them.

Well, there you have it! 5 goals and 3 out of 5 were accomplished. Not a bad ratio, if I do say so myself.

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New Covers!

I’ve been using Amazon’s default covers for some of my books and it’s been really, REALLY bugging me. So, I found a site where I can customize one of a kind book covers and I’ll be using that from now on! 😀

I’ve started with Old Soldier and Go Away Girls mostly because I was able to find such perfect images. I’ll be going through the others as I have the money to get them. I’ve gone around to the various sites and the covers should be updated there soon.

I’m also working on more edits and two short stories. I’m hoping one of them will be out before the end of the month!

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Kal-Elle Monthly November: “Justice League”


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  • Justice League necklace
  • Aquaman earrings
  • Batman ring
  • Wonder Woman Tiara bracelet
  • Superman key holder
  • Justice League lanyard
  • Batman notepad
  • Justice League magnet
  • Old vs New school art prints

I love the art prints. I love the ring, the earrings, the bracelet, and such… It’s all good. Except for that necklace. It’s overpowering, huge, and heavy to wear. I think I would have liked a Flash necklace instead. Or even a necklace with all the symbols for the heroes on it but there are two Batman items (not sorry to have these!) and no Flash item? Kinda odd.

It did renew my excitement to see the movie though!

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ZombiesRun! Halloween Virtual Race 2017


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Not exactly my best time but hey, I still did it.

With my knee as messed up as it is, this was more of a power walk than a run. But after resing the knee for two weeks, I was beginning to feel lazy and I’ve gained some weight. I know my weight is not a reason I run BUT I recently had my yearly checkup and all my bloodwork came out PERFECT. Blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid; all completely normal. The doctor said to me “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” What I was doing was running. Not being active will not keep those numbers.

For now, I’m just walking fast and going for endurance. Straight up calorie burn and leg strengthening. I’m also looking into a good orthopedist to protect my knees into the foreseeable future. I would hate to have to get a knee replacement one day because I didn’t take care of them properly now.

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To Na-No or not to Na-No


Where in the past the answer for me has been NO FREAKIN WAY; this year I actually thought about jumping in to the fray. So, what stopped me this year?

I went down my list of works in progress (significantly smaller than this time last year) and decided those things must take priority over NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe next year I’ll give it a shot if I don’t have anything major going on.

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Lenni Reviews: “Mer” by Joelle Sellner and Abby Boeh


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After her mother’s death, Aryn’s father moves her and her sister out to Connecticut. With a new school surrounded bu a bunch of rich snobs and also forced to help her father with his new catering business, Aryn isn’t having the easiest time fitting in. But the oddest kids in the school who keep mainly to themselves have taken an interest in her.

In this sadly rushed supernatural romance, the real star is the art. The blue and green color pallate is on point and I enjoy the art style. But we don’t get enough time here. It’s hard to suspend belief for the romance between Aryn and Adrian, the mythology can get clunky, then in a whirl it’s all over. Maybe there was a page limit? I was left with feeling of only hearing the backbone to a bigger story. Given more time, I think I’d rate it highter but I have to give it a 3 out of 5.

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