Today’s Workout and Cooking Day.

Since I had the time (and I forgot to do it yesterday) I took the bones from the turkey and set up a pot to make broth. The lemon and lime flavor made it so good I was tempted to drink that for dinner but I’d rather save it to make some soup.

“But Lenni, why are you making soup when June is just around the corner?”

Honestly, they keep the air conditioning so high at work that a warm lunch is perfect to take with me. Mixing in some noodles and turkey meat (I froze what I didn’t eat so far) sounds like something worth trying out. I have made chicken noodle soup with chicken broth I made and it worked out well. 


Since I invested so much time in cardio, I decided the kettle bell was best for today. I did this, 50 squats, and some stretching. I figure going up and down the stairs tending to the broth for several hours while cleaning was enough cardio for me.


Since I’m obviously not going to have just broth for dinner, I baked some chicken thighs marinated in lime and lemon juice. There’s black garlic and the citrus seasoning from Trader Joe’s. There’s lemon and Tajin on the cabbage and onion. I threw on the cherry tomatoes because… I forgot they were in the fridge and were gonna go bad.

I think we all know that feeling of buying healthy ingredients with the best of intentions only for them to wither away uneaten. I’m the worst with that when it comes to fruit. I get it thinking I’ll be all virtuous and such only to end up throwing them out. That’s why I didn’t make bacon mac and cheese like I wanted to. I’ve been wanting to make that again.

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Today’s Workout: Biking While Reading


All those manga and graphic novels I ordered are coming in and I’m so excited for a lot of these titles. I had to pick some out to read before they make it to the shelves (reviews will be coming) and it’s easy to just pedal while I read. The time just flew by and since it’s always so cold in the office, I got my heartrate up high enough that I was actually hot. 

Friday I’ll probably to a long weights session since I haven’t done enough of those this week. I really wanna tone up my abs and arms before I start to consider heavier lifting. I heaviest weights I own are 10 pounds and I’d like to get stronger but I’m not willing to spend the money on heavier stuff until I hit my first weight goal. 

I have been thinking of getting back into running soon as an extra workout three days a week. I honestly just miss doing it and I wanna know what happens next in Zombies Run. I’m one of those nerds who’s invested in the story.

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Today’s Workout: Triple Threat

In addition to using the under desk peddler, I had to walk up to the store to get hot sauce (my kid is obsessed) and some sesame oil (that’s getting expensive so not buying that for awhile…), I picked up the kettle bell after a super light dinner. My only cheat was a small portion of Tipsy Scoop for dessert. Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, if you’re curious. Very nice as a cap to the evening.

I am really feeling these arm workouts. I think I’m back in the head space where the soreness is letting me know I’m doing a good thing for my body. The sad part is I’d skipped weight training for so long, I have a moment where I think “Wait, why am I sore again?” before my stupid brain makes the logistical leap.

All I need to do is my 50 squats and stretch before bed and the day is done! I have the feeling with more days like this I’ll get back on track.

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Today’s Workout: Numbers

I went in for my annual and they did my regular blood test. I clearly got too complacent in always getting great numbers because this time was not good. My bad cholesterol went from 155 to 177. Holy shit. I guess I treated myself a bit too many times here…



Now, my plan is to do extra workouts daily. I have the desk bike at work and I grabbed my kettle bell today. I know I do have a weight loss goal for the scale but it’s more important for me to get healthy and have a better quality of life as I age. I may not be able to run like I did in my 20’s but I want to be able to walk when I’m in my 60’s.

One of my little tricks is to do 50 squats whenever I brush my teeth and considering I’m gonna try extending my desk peddler time to at least 40 minutes, my legs are gonna be burning. My arm muscles are already trembling from just 10 minutes of kettle bell so I am CLEARLY not in as good a shape as I could be. I mean, I have good endurance that I can walk for long distances and the bag I carry daily has to be about 20 pounds and I don’t struggle much to lift it. I have a lot of work to do.

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Today’s Workout: I haven’t stopped

I did stick to my three cardio days last week but I got lazy with posting. And if it’s not on the internet, it didn’t happen, right? Joking aside, my workouts are always in my MyFitnessPal and I am brutally honest about what I eat on there. My username is lightinash if you want to add me. 

This time, I was working out how to set up a mailing list for writing updates. I’m futzing around with MailChimp since I signed up for a promo for my First Brood series. Once I’m confirmed, I’ll post about it here. Those 30 minutes flew by while messing with the settings and trying to link MailChimp to BookFunnel (which I have also signed up for). Just tinkering with it made me forget I was peddling.

Once the promo is live and my mailing list is set up, I’ll post about it here. I’ve never done a mailing list before so this should be interesting.

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Today’s Workout: Training Complete

This long three day training is finally done! And my coworker loved that blanket, so I’m feeling pretty darn accomplished this week.

I have been writing more and I have the cover for Dahlia 3 up for patrons on my Patreon if you’d like to support me there.

Next week will probably be more of the same; desk bike and multitasking. It’s so easy for 40 minutes to just fly by and I get progress on my side hustles. It’s a win-win.

Yeah, this is a short one. Not much to say; did workout, it was good, feeling proud of my successes! 

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Today’s Workout: Week 4 Day 2 and Today’s Dinner

Today was an off day! So, I gave myself a little break and slept in but the first big thing I did was this run. I pumped up the speed in the end and it felt great. My muscles felt like they did some work but I was fine to do some chores after. Cue some meal prep!

Butcher Box and Misfit Market were my inspiration for dinner. Above is a serloin cap steak searing in a cast iron pan with some salt, pepper, garlic, and red chili pepper.

I was searing the steak while the oven heated to about 400F. I tossed in some whole garlic cloves, dried rosemary (I’m too broke for fresh) and unsalted butter (because there’s already salt there) and basted like all those fun Tiktoks you see.

This was after 25 minutes in the oven then I took it out to rest while I did the veggies.

Like I said before, the vegetables from Misfit Market need to be used right away. My delivery was today so, I tossed the brocolli rabe and regular broccoli in the pan and cooked them on the stove.

Steamy, right? I sliced up the meat while the veggies cooked and this was the final stage before plating.

I made myself a small bowl and put the rest in a container for lunch tomorrow. This was so savory and comforting. I did the veggies just long enough so that they retained the crunch that I like, even if I have to reheat them another day.

This was the perfect dinner for a day I do a run. I had just a salad with tuna for lunch before this; super light and easy to make.

I dunno the science behind protein before or after a run but since I don’t really do breakfast (I have gummy vitamins and coffee) it’s usual for me to have food after a run when I’m off for a day and run first thing in the morning. Also, this wasn’t a huge meal prep day. This was more of a big dinner that fed me and the teenager (no clue if they even like this…) tonight with some leftovers for me to use the next day. The amount of food I used wasn’t suited for a week’s worth of food unless I cooked it all in a different way. I had fun cooking this and is totally a meal I’d only make if I had time. This isn’t something to throw in the oven after work and eat while still giving me enough time to workout, do one of the three side hustles I have, get the dishes in the dishwasher, and get to bed at a decent hour.

But the last bit of meal prep I did was a huge hit with the teenager; who demanded I make that more often. Hey, cabbage is cheap. I’ll make that whenever.

Just, in case anyone hears my kid saying I don’t know anything; I had to teach them to put lettuce on the bottom bread before you put the juicy chicken and coleslaw on top to make sure you don’t have a soggy sandwich. This is to the kid who also said they hated sandwiches…

Parenting is a journey, let me tell ya.

I do plan to post an example of how I cook my lunches at work soon!

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Today’s Workout: Pedals and Progress Pics


I’ve been doing a lot of trainings at work lately so, I used my Wirk Peddler again rather than just sit there motionlessly.

Since I’ve been doing all this work, I’ve given more consideration concerning progress pictures. I went hunting for a suitable before picture and realized I had not taken a full body picture of myself in several years. And I mean no pics since 2018. Once I get back to more running after I start making more money with my books, I’ll take another one because I am definitely lighter than I was in 2018. I’d like to get out of the 200 club first. That’s 10 more pounds away!

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Today’s Workout and Weight Update


I’m still sticking with the biking so I can write at the same time but I can tell I was more focused on the writing part this session than the workout part. I had to remind myself not to slow down so my heart rate was off. But, I count this as a win as it’s not just being motionless. 

Also, I did say that I would post a weight update when I made some kind of good progress and, here we go!


I am so close to under 200! I know my dream goal is 170 (10 pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant) and now it seems like I may finally make it!

I dunno what I’m gonna do once I hit that goal in terms of celebrating. I thought of going to get my nails done like I used to but I don’t have the money for fancy acrylic nails.

Unless someone wants to buy a book or three to contribute… Or just to help me pay bills in general… Hint hint…

I kid. Sort of.

Maybe I’ll finally post a photo since I never did take a before picture just in case the Saxenda didn’t work. I didn’t want to post another ‘before’ photo only to have it just mean ‘before another failed weight loss attempt.’ I guess that means no super dramatic transformation evidence but it’s more important for me to hit my goals. Showing off isn’t the point.

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Today’s Workout: Breaking the budget…


I had a webinar about a bunch of awesome graphic novels that will be published in the next few months so, while I was hurriedly ordering them for my collection, I did some quick under desk biking.

I think I screwed up my collection development budget…

Anyway! This was a quick way to get in some cardio in a profession where we spend most of our time sitting in a chair. If I don’t go somewhere on my lunch break and/or run after work for 30 minutes or more, I struggle to hit 3,000 steps in a day. Having the under desk peddler to do some quick low-impact cardio to pump my heart rate up and move my legs is better than not moving at all.

#notsponsored #notanad

Granted, this is probably not the high intensity calorie burn that is necessary for some more impressive weight loss, but moving a little is better than not moving at all.

In terms of food, I think I did OK today. I’m on MyFitnessPal if you wanna see my caloric intake. I am brutally honest on there. If you wanna follow me there, my username is lightinash. I’m not shy. Feel free to give me a follow! Leave a comment when I eat popcorn for dinner! Go for it. Just don’t be a fatphobic jackass, and we’re good.

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