Today’s Workout: Might have overdid the bike…


This workout was day three of the Home Workout app I have on my phone and was unfortunately a lot of lower body work. I way unfortunately because my legs are aching from all the biking yesterday. But, the soreness means I’m working my muscles and making progress.

There’s no pictures of food today because it was nothing new. I just had more of that leftover pasta for lunch and a salad for dinner to balance out all those carbs. My thought is that it would be boring to post the same food every day; unless people are highly suspicious of what type of diet I have. I just tend to eat the same things I enjoy in a rotation, is all.

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Today’s Workout: Splitting


I split my workout in two for today. I did the first one at work with my peddler and the second one at home on the big desk bike. the bike at home has the resistance turned way up so, it’s much harder than the little peddler. I actually break a sweat and I’m still able to write since I have the desk.

Not that my brain will let me write. Post COVID brain fog makes writing feel like I am trying to pull the words out of my head kicking and screaming. It really sucks because the ideas are there, the will is there, but I just can’t focus.

I had my usual lunch today but I didn’t get up in time to properly wash the bok choy so, snow peas filled in. It takes less time to cook than broccoli but I can add it sooner than bok choy; that gets way too soft. I like my veggies to still have some crunch, not be soggy. It was super filling so I didn’t eat much for dinner. Just some left overs.

All in all, this was a good day. I can’t say I’ll always be able to get in almost an hour of cardio like this but, I’ll do my best.

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Today’s Workout: Food Included


I know it’s short but I felt it. Lots of squats and leg lifts with this home workout app. Again, keeping it short for now keeps me in control and keeps me from hurting myself or making myself sick. I did get in more steps over the course of the day and I’m goin to keep trying to increase those numbers.

As for my food, I had chicken and rice for lunch and a salad for dinner. Putting cheese on the salad probably made it less healthy than it could have been but it’s tasty so deal with it. As for lunch, yes those are giant chunks of garlic. I did not feel like doing a lot of chopping. I just sliced them in half and tossed them in with the chicken with some olive oil and a pat of butter. I think it turned out great because I am totally okay with a bite of food with a hunk of garlic in it. The only “bad” food was the rice; Uncle Ben’s instant. Those have a ton of salt and I already used salt and pepper on the chicken. It tasted good but ruined my sodium goal for the day. Eh, they can’t all be winners.

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Today’s Workout: I’m annoyed…


I got some really, REALLY annoying news at work that I won’t go into because I will get fired if I express just how pissed off I am, so taking it out on the desk peddler really helped. I didn’t feel particularly sore; or any more sore since I’m almost over the soreness from COVID. I didn’t feel like I’d pushed things too far. It was almost normal. I still don’t feel strong enough to be hopping on the treadmill just yet.

Next week, I think I’m going to break out my dumbbells and do more body weight workouts; focusing on my core. I’m not looking for six pack abs, I’d just like to be more fit overall. I want to be able to bear my midriff. I know people say I should wear whatever I want no matter what size I am but I won’t be comfortable or confident doing that now. If I’m gonna do it, I want to feel great doing it.

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Today’s Workout: Sticker Shock


I had a craving for the particular bagel with tuna from this one place by my job that has mayo-free lemon tuna that’s just delicious. And it gives me a chance to take a longer walk on my lunch break. But this time, instead of it being about $7-$8, it was $12. As much as I want to support small businesses, I literally can’t afford to spend $12 on a sandwich.

Since my birthday is coming up, I think I’m going to treat myself to a new bread maker (my current on is on it’s last legs) and make bagels at home when I want to have them. I have done it before and the dough setting on the machine saves my hands from getting sore and the ones I made tasted exactly like store bought. Maybe if I make the kind of money I need to be making with my books I can treat myself but in the meantime, I just can’t justify it.

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Today’s Workouts: Moving around more

In addition to the desk bike, I had to pop over to the store to get the ingredients to make that steak sandwich again. The kid really liked it and avocados were on sale.

I thought that doing the bike and talking that walk would be too much but I was ok! And getting in those extra steps is always good. I just feel a little sore from the kettlebell yesterday and carrying the heavy grocery bag on my shoulder on the walk back. I saw some canned stuff on sale and the kid has been whining that I haven’t made meat sauce in awhile. So, I guess that’s how I’ll be spending my weekend.

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Today’s Workout: Still taking my time


I didn’t forget my goal of becoming stronger and getting more defined muscles so I’m thinking of just alternating days of cardio and weight training. Even though I’m still sore all over, this workout went fine. I’m still dealing with a bit of an annoying cough, as if some mucus is still stuck in there but I keep wearing my mask and sanitizing my hands. I don’t test positive, either.

I plan to keep going bit by bit to build my strength and endurance back up and finally get out of the 200 club. I can’t stand how many times I’ve had to restart but, I guess that’s what makes it a journey? 

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Today’s Workout: First one after COVID


Rather than screw everything up and just jump on the treadmill, I’m restarting my workouts with some very easy pedaling with my desk bike. I took my time and was mindful of how I felt. I still have some body aches from COVID (and the fucking brain fog is so annoying) so, I’m not going to do anything that hurts. I’m not at the point where I can push back the pain.

I also stopped taking the Saxenda while I was sick. COVID can already mess with your digestion so I didn’t want to add the side effects of Saxenda on top of that. I restarted this week and my weight is still around the same place as before I stopped working out so, I’m hopeful I’ll be able to reach my goals this time.

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Today’s Workout: It’s endless…


Unlike my previous run, this workout felt like it would never end. You know those days where everything just seems to crawl; that was my workout today. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it or didn’t feel like I accomplished something; time just felt warped and like it was taking a lifetime to get this done. I guess it was just one of those sessions.

As for my food for the day, it was all leftovers from what I’ve already posted. I was hoping for a salad for dinner but Misfits Market has been putting off my order all week and I’m out of salad type stuff. I’ve already emailed them to ask what the heck is going on. I’m the type of person that’s not gonna go all Karen and demand a refund; I just want to know what the problem is and how it can get solved. It’d be cool if they gave me a credit but I’m not going to harass them for one. I’m sure these people are just trying to do their jobs and hit a snag.

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Today’s Workout: Crashing


For some reason, Zombies Run kept crashing on me during my workout. After the third time, I just gave up and let Google Fit handle it. When I started, my knee was aching but after my warmup I was able to keep a relaxed pace for the rest of the run. The time passed pretty quickly, considering I didn’t have the mission to listen to. I’ll try again later in the week. Maybe they’ll roll out an update.

 Since I had the day off, I decided on beef ribs for lunch. I know people usually make complicated meals with these but, I literally just cook them on my grill pan with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I don’t eat them often since they’re expensive but I felt like I needed a treat.

The second meal was complicated. Of course the weather randomly decides to get super warm when I need to use the oven for hours… I haven’t made spaghetti and meatballs in a long time and I’ve been meaning to use up the ground beef and pork I have. The portion in that bowl was WAY too much for me and I’m gonna end up finishing it off for lunch tomorrow and I have so much sauce left that dinner is gonna be easy for the rest of the week. I will have to add something green to this. I have some baby broccoli floating around that I bet would go great with this.

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