Lenni Reviews: “Embodied: An Intersectional Comics Poetry Anthology” by Wendy Chin-Tanner

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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

This graphic novel is a deeply creative collection of art and poetry. Since the words are part of the art, the poems are reprinted in the back of the book as text only; as sometimes it is admittedly difficult to read some of the fonts. It even includes a study guide.

I did find the whole experience reading this moving but I’m not a poetry expert. I love the idea behind this collection and all the different perspectives; even if I didn’t quite ‘get’ all of it. 3.7 out of 5. 

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Lenni Reviews: “Beastars” vol 12, by Paru Itagaki

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Now that the fight with Riz is over, Legoshi now has a criminal record and has serious concerns about what the future will hold for him. He works on learning to live on his own while we meet the current Beastar, Yaha, who has an interest in Legoshi. We are also introduced to a sheep named Seven who likes to tempt fate by riding on the train in the interspecies car instead of the safer herbivore cars. 

This volume jumps around a lot, even getting to meet Legoshi’s grandfather, Gosha. It seems to be getting some players on the board into place for a larger story to come. It isn’t boring, but clearly, a setup volume that may feel like filler to some. 3.7 out of 5.


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Lenni Reviews: “White All Around” by Wilfrid Lupano, Stephane Fert & Montana Kane


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

In Canterbury Connecticut 1832, Black people may not be slaves but they are not free. When an all girls boarding school moves to accept Black students, that fact becomes sadly and dangerously clear.

This is as realistic a portrayal as it can be if you want young children to read it; telling a little known story in American history. I think people should check tis book out as a starting point to learning more as it shows how racism endured after slavery and what education access means – especially to minorities. It’s beautifully drawn but breezes along a bit too quick but that’s to be expected of historical graphic novels as page limits and entertainment value are factors. 4 out of 5. 

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Week 6 Day 3: Part Deux The Second One.

If you get the references in the title, you’re old like me.

As you can tell by the pace time, I was slower this time. I had to bump the speed down because every woman’s favorite time of the month is approaching and my joints hurt more than normal. I’d rather complete the run at a slower pace than skip it entirely; especially since I’m not running to compete with anyone but myself. I haven’t had the cash for any virtual races for awhile and I was thinking that I wouldn’t try to beat my own speed records (I believe my record for one mile is 14:03??) until I’m out of the 200 club for good. It makes sense to me that I’d be able to run faster if I’m lighter.

But we can sprint across that bridge if I come to it. Like I said before, I am tentatively optimistic about my progress so far. I’m not planning ahead too far.

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Lenni Reviews: “The Tea Dragon Tapestry” by Kay O’Neill

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While Greta works on her smithing skills and trying to care for the grieving tea dragon Ginseng, Minette struggles to find her place in her faith after leaving the monastery.

I’m almost mad at this book for being so light-hearted, sweet, and simple while the real world continues to be a dumpster fire of disappointment. As with the previous books, it’s beautiful soothing, and just a pleasure on the eyes to read. If you’ve been on this blog long enough, you know I love me some horror, gore, and dark fantasy; but books like this are a sweet treat after such bitter pills. If you like this series, this is a worthy addition. 4.8 out of 5.


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Week 6 day 3… Because I wasn’t paying attention.

I clicked on the wrong day. Big brain energy, there; let me tell you. But, I can even it out by running the day over on Friday.

It wasn’t easy to do that 20-minute sprint (especially since I was mentally prepared for breaks that didn’t exist) and it was rough going towards the end. I made it through only feeling like I was gonna die a little bit. I also downloaded a stretching app that will incessantly remind me to stretch daily to combat the soreness I feel. I can’t imagine what people are thinking when they see me squirming in my seat with a pained look on my face like I have ants in my clothes or something.

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Today’s workouts: a bit of cross-training.

I can’t stress how glad I am I have that little peddler under my desk. The workouts aren’t intense but anything is better than just sitting in the chair, in my opinion. And in the evening, I did a quick session with the kettlebell and I can tell through soreness that it’s effective even though it’s short. I like to use the kettlebell instead of my dumbells sometimes just to change it up so I don’t get bored. 

Since my period is approaching, I don’t have any weight loss to celebrate this week. Water weight is gonna screw everything up for a while but I’m gonna try not to freak out about it. Just my body doing its natural thing; not me falling off the wagon. No need to throw out anything in the house that isn’t a salad.

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First workout of the week.

Since I didn’t complete my week, I restarted week 6 of c25k. I am not loving the heat (there’s no air conditioner in the room where my treadmill is) but I made it through.

Now that I’m 6 weeks in, I’m feeling all the familiar aches in my thighs and glutes. My calves ache too, but not nearly as much. I keep going back and forth about working out on the weekends or taking a break but, I know the proper answer is to work out every day. I get a serious case of the dunwannas on weekends; especially if I have to work.

Thankfully, this bad habit hasn’t had an adverse effect on my progress. I’m still trending down in my weight and if this keeps up, I’ll be under 220 before the end of the month! Maybe, if I play my cards right, under 200! But I don’t wanna set myself up for failure by making promises. Just keeping positive.


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Week 6 Day 2: LARP

Sam is just adorable. I love how hyped he is about LARPing and any other assorted nerdy stuff.

Anyway, this run had two 10-minute sprints during which I had to remind myself AGAIN that I’ve done 20-minute sprints and not to give up halfway through for an extra break. Who needs a break when you have the pride of finishing a long run?

Me. I wanted a break. My muscles hate me.

But I made it through; making me realize I’m neglecting an important part of this process: Stretching.

I usually finish whatever workout I picked; jump in the shower, then get right to work on writing (yes, more reviews and stories are forthcoming). This is just to maximize whatever time I have left in the night to hit my rather lofty sales goals. But the cramps, mostly in my calves, are not fun. Those are not good pain, just PAIN pain. Way back in the stone ages when I was taking Karate, stretching was pretty damn important. Like with the weight training, I’ll need to make time for that.

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Today’s workout? FINALLY weight training.

I decided to get out the ole kettlebell. Mine is 8 pounds so it’s easy to do a couple more reps than the app tells me to do. I’d like to tone up my arms and my abs; especially if the weight is going to continue to come off at the same pace. Bulking up a little may help with the sagging skin. 

Gosh, it’s strange to hope for sagging skin…

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