Today’s Workout: So far so good?


Yesterday I did do my bodyweight workouts but I will tell ya, I felt so freaking tired around 4pm, I called it a day, did all the stuff I needed to do, and went to bed early. I have no idea what happened. I got up early for a day off, did a few chores, then it was like someone flipped my night-night switch and all I wanted to do was sleep.

And yet, in some ultimate fuckery, I spent the night tossing and turning without actually getting any sleep.

But, thanks to coffee, I have a fair amount of energy today. I had a quick walk, did the above workout on my Wirk peddler, and I think I’ll have enough energy to grab the kettlebell after dinner.

Also, shameless self promotion, my new book is out in two days! If you’re one of my Patrons, you already got a sneak preview. This is the third in a complete trilogy and you will not have any idea what’s going on without reading one and two. Hope you check them out!

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Today’s Workout: Weights Time! And a cool thing I made.


I not only dusted off the ole kettlebell, I did 50 squats, some arm lifts, and leg lifts. I’m going to try to aim for doing weights 5-6 days a week even if it’s only 10 minutes while making sure to take a rest day for my muscles to recover or if I’m too sore. I wanna get stronger not hurt myself.

Tomorrow is my late night and I’m stressed the hell out so I’m probably going to use that as my rest day. It’s been a LONG week and I’m so looking forward to Sunday when I can finally have a break. And by “break” I mean do laundry and clean while I watch YouTube.

I also got creative with some of the pulled pork I made last weekend so I don’t get bored with the leftovers.


I made some black garlic ramen and put some of the pork on top. It was so good. A little salty with the combined seasonings of the pork and the ramen flavor packet but so satisfying. And don’t judge my liberal amount of scallions. I love me some scallions and the crunch they add to the dish. Helped out with the salty flavor, too. I would absolutely make this again but maybe with plain ramen noodles and just a dash of sesame oil.

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Today’s Workout: I need to change it up.


I did my usual bike and took a walk on my lunch break to get a birthday cake for my kid but while that burned a bunch of calories, there are some fairly reputable trainers that I follow on Instagram and Tiktok that have been making me rethink my strategy completely. I am big on cardio, thinking the pure caloric burn will help my weight drop faster. I would throw in weights here and there but those trainers have been staying that it should be the other way around; about 75% weight training and 25% cardio. Whelp, I’m gonna give that a shot. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing more kettlebell and bodyweight workouts instead of cardio. I’ll still do cardio three times a week but I am hoping switching it up will help with my progress.

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Today’s Workout: Yes, it’s short…


I have one of those snazzy smart watches (not sponsored) and while I do enjoy it when it works, the battery life can be wonky. Some days it lasts from wake up to bed time. Others, it’s dead by lunch. Today was the latter. I thought I could squeeze in the full 30 minutes before it died but, not quite.

I have no problem taking some extra steps around the day to make up for that or take up the kettlebell for 15-20 minutes. I have been really trying to build muscle but I won’t lie, I’m tired at the end of the day and just wanna go to bed. But, I’ve put reminders in my phone to nag be to at least do a little every day. We’ll see how that goes since I am the type to respond to such reminders. 

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Today’s Workout: Clean Out.


I am making some great progress on cleaning off my desk at work.

We don’t need to talk about my desk at home…

While I was doing the bike, I read a bunch of the books and manga I’ve been meaning to get to. I still have more do to but it’s nice to have some space to actually DO work. I still need to clear more away and get my next book published but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far.

When I get home. I’ll do my squats and try and get some sleep. I’ve been so stressed out; I don’t quite get to REM sleep. I’m just glad I have enough coffee to get me through the day.

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Today’s Workout: Feeling Better!


Even though I am not properly caffeinated, today feels like things will finally be looking up and I’ll stop being stressed out about work nonsense and go back to being stressed out about not selling enough books. That’s a stress I can handle.

Today I pushed the speed up when I wasn’t going through some work journals so this is a workout I know I’ll feel for the rest of the day. I will be doing my upper body stuff before bed and I have noticed a change. I’m able to do more reps. Now, these are body weight exercises that I just do reps until I lose my form. After that is some stretching. I may not bulk up like I hope to in the future, but this will wake up my muscles and get me to a place where I can start real weight training.

Now, I’m off for more writing.

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Today’s Workout: I’m Blue


Ugh, I have not been motivated at all lately. I dunno what it is about the general public right now but I have been on the receiving end of some KAREN bullshit and it does not help with my general issues with depression and anxiety. I should not be made to feel nervous to do my damn job because some psycho decides to scream at me and call me names for no reason at all.

I know I should just let this shit wash over me but it’s mentally taxing to deal with this stuff. I thought we’d have an easier time once masks became voluntary but nope; people find something else to flip out over…

I think I need to take some actual vacation time to be home and decompress for a week or so. The desk peddler isn’t high intensity enough to give the happy feel good hormones. I should probably go back to running very soon; even though my sales still aren’t where I need them to be. I need to work out this stress.

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Today’s Workout: I give up…


I’m not even going to pretend I have any motivation this week. I have been running on fumes and very strong coffee but even so, I’ve been stuck in grumpy mode. I have been the walking embodiment of “I did not mean to make that face out loud.” It’s all hormones and lack of sleep but at the same time, I have to take a breath before speaking to people because every interaction comes pre-installed with annoyance and its nobody else’s fault but mine.

I did feel a little better after the workout but the endorphins ran out pretty quick and I was staring off into space hoping my brain would kick back in to do something productive. I think going to bed early would be the best thing I could do for myself. I’ll have to be all perky and upbeat another day. The sarcasm shroud is my uniform for now.

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Today’s Workout: Distracted Desk Bike


I was able to squeeze in the bike at work today only because the wifi went down and I couldn’t do half of the stuff I’d planned to do at work. Plus, I was groggy from a lack of sleep that even coffee couldn’t fix. And it’s not like I didn’t go to bed, I had plenty of time to sleep but sleep wouldn’t come or be effective at it’s job. So, sleep is a slacker who’s screwing me over this week.

I’d say it absolutely affected my performance and probably will for the rest of the week since my uterus hates me. The upside of this is I’m barely eating. A regular salad is just too much for my PMS stomach to handle. I’m not starving myself or anything, I just don’t feel hungry. And it’s not even the Saxenda; just normal time of the month things.

I’m holding off on weighing myself until this is over and I’m hoping for good news.

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Today’s Workout: Grand Aspirations


I had it in my head that I was gonna get all this stuff done today, get all my comics in my pile read, finish all my journals at work, write all the words and… I read one manga while peddling after doing a bunch of ordering for work. I managed to write while I was on the desk during a downpour (since nobody was in the library) but it wasn’t nearly the word count I was hoping for and what I finished was kinda aimless, to be honest.

But I had my coffee. That’s the most important. Because I have like… 10 bags of coffee floating around the house? Yeah, I may be broke as a joke but if I have a chance to get coffee on sale or Elvira, Vincent Price, Korn, or Beetlejuice themed coffee; my bisexual, closet goth self is gonna fucking buy it, okay? It’s why I have all these points sites so I can get these things for free or nearly free. I don’t have many joys, let me have this!

Ahem… Anyway.

I pushed to 45 minutes and I’ve begun to do some body-weight exercises before bed. Some leg lifts, arm lifts, chest presses, and tricep kickbacks. Since it’s without weights, I do as many reps as I can stand in a set, rest my arms while I do my legs, then do my arms again. I did this last night and my arms were burning and remained sore the next day. I’m gonna keep doing that every night to build up my muscles. Friday will be doctor appointment and chore day (I’m still processing my first mammogram which is a trauma dump I’m not ready to put on my blog yet) so, it’s gonna be the type of day where I may not have time for cardio that’s separate from preparing to work all weekend; cleaning my work clothes and prepping food so I don’t order or hit a drive through like I usually do when I do overtime.

Oh, and I did make good on my goal to stretch more. I have a stretching app on my phone and I remember a few things from my days in dancing school and karate classes. It’s helping in my post workout recovery so I’m sore the next day, but not so much that I can’t keep up my activity in the coming days.

Don’t worry, I’ve taken rest days into account. I don’t tend to workout on weekends other than my squats, especially if I’m working all weekend. I’m usually just burnt out and want to go to bed. I haven’t been taking much OT for that reason. I’d rather try and sell more needlework; which I will be posting soon!

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