Today’s Workout: Dragging


It feels silly to keep stopping short of a full hour but it was still a good workout. I zoned out during it, honestly. I am so tired.

Seeing as it’s PMS time, my sleep is all fucked up. Mornings are not the best in terms of prepping things. Breakfast has to be quick and easy since it’s so hard to get up and get going. Lunch was my usual and I was so tired towards dinner, I just heated up some leftover fries from the last time I ordered out. And even that seemed like a lot of work. As much as I love cooking, I just don’t have the energy for it all the time.

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Today’s Workout: Successful prepping


I’m working my way through PMS right now where I want to just eat everything in front of me. I’m always hungry so, I need to be as active as possible to balance that out. And when I say “hungry” I mean my stomach growling not just feeling a little snacky.

Now that it’s cooler, I have no problem putting the oven on. I made some salmon on Sunday and had plenty to use as leftovers for my lunch today. Usually with all that rice I’d be too full for a big dinner but nope. Since I felt like I was starving, I made myself a big salad with tuna for some filling protein. Even though I passed 1200 calories, I still felt hungry later on in the night. It’s super annoying to feel this out of control when my hormones are all over the place.

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Today’s Workout: More lunch box fun

wp-1695259756575Yup, almost at a full hour! My thighs were trembling! Very awesome. All about the good kind of pain that comes from hard work.

Another prepped lunch in one of the lunch boxes my kid refuses to use. I made myself a salad to go with the steak and pasta but it was so much food, I didn’t need dinner. It was WAY too much. I’m already contemplating different types of meals to put in this thing; maybe rice, meat and veggies in the bottom and salad in the top. I think that would be fun. Those little rocks are actually Trader Joe’s Maple Fudge. They are VERY sweet, at least to me who’s cut out a lot of sugar from my diet. Yes, despite eating a toaster pastry. I only have juice or soda once or twice a YEAR and of course the odd dessert product here or there. It’s all water and unsweetened tea for me most days. I don’t find it boring. There are plenty of flavors of seltzer and again, Trader Joe’s comes through with their plain green tea and blueberry pomegranate green tea. They are delicious and super refreshing.

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Today’s Workout: It’s mine now.


A little shorter session on the bike today but I got a lot of work done on some interesting stuff for the library. Gotta make sure I stay productive at the day job.

I did get up early enough to not only make myself a nice breakfast but prep my lunch as well. Since my kid doesn’t want lunches from me, I decided to use the lunch boxes I bought for myself! I’m on a radishes kick again, apparently. For dinner, I only wanted to use what I already had in the house to save money on groceries. The cut of steak I used (I forgot) had too much fat on it for my Itaki. I used it over some pasta with diced tomatoes instead. I made the whole pack of pasta and packed the leftovers for tomorrow. Since all of this together was over a thousand calories, I felt a little overfull at the end of the day. I think pasta in general is too heavy for me right now.

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Today’s Workout: That’s not right…

While I’d love to take credit for the length of this workout but my smartwatch froze around the 45 minute mark and I had to restart it, wait till it properly loaded, then stop the workout. I mean, I did get my steps in, did my squats and crunches, and got my heartrate up in this biking session so, I count it as a win.

As for food, it wasn’t anything special. I went to bed early all prepared to get up early to make my breakfast and prep my lunch only to linger in bed wondering why my alarm isn’t going off. Turns out, I forgot to plug in my phone. I had enough time to rush through my routine, grab a Kind bar and a pack of ramen, and run out of the house. Dinner was the rest of the leftover wings that my kid decided he didn’t wanna eat (after I made them spicy for HIM but whatever). Tomorrow, I’ll make sure to set everything up so I don’t have a mishap like this again and can properly prepare.

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Today’s Workout: More time


I’m staying longer on the desk peddler thinking that perhaps it would shake something loose and the scale would start moving again. I’ve been thinking about doing more cardio once I get home but I do need some time for more body weight workouts and weight training; which I have mostly remembered to do every day. It may not be in an app but I do at least 50 crunches and 50 squats to get those muscles working.

I haven’t gotten back in the habit of waking up for a run on my late nights (I’m getting there, I just need to stop staying up late to write/edit) but I did sit and have lunch before I went to work. I made myself a salad after prepping my dinner for the itaki lunch box. I had one of those bars for breakfast so, the day wasn’t bad!

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Today’s Workout: Getting Frustrated


I know I usually get frustrated when the scale doesn’t move for awhile then after I’m annoyed it starts moving again (in the right direction) but yeah, No change in my weight for a long time now. I hope that changes soon but in the mean time, it’s super frustrating.

I’m still not in the proper habit of getting up early enough. I really need to get that going. It would be so much better if I made a breakfast instead of wolfing down some bar during my commute. Especially now that my OT days have started and I have a day less a week to do meal prep. I’m definitely gonna need to prep lunches so I can have time to have a leisurely morning.

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Today’s Workout: Ah well…


I fully intended to just do running for awhile but nah, it didn’t work out that way. I’m not too broken up about it. I’ll do it when I do it and that’s that. The desk peddler will have to do for now and I’m getting in more steps every day.


A friend of mine gave me some Kind bars and I knew they would be perfect for a quick breakfast. It was just the right amount for me to be hungry for my salad at lunch time but not be starving. I think the combination of radish and red onion was a little much but not bad! It was a very filling salad. For dinner, the child requested pasta and since I had a can of diced tomatoes, I threw together something quick. I probably should have shared the chicken I made with this but, I gave it all to my child. He said he was super hungry.

All in all, this was a good day. I still need to get in the habit of not hitting snooze so much and having time to make a real breakfast.

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Today’s Workout: They “fixed” it

The recent update to Zombies Run isn’t the best. I can’t share workouts like I used to and when it sent the workout to Google Fit, it registered it as a walk, not a run. I know they’re working on it. I’m not complaining in a malicious way, more like a “Huh… That’s annoying” kind of way.

I know I wanted to get back to running three times a week but I probably won’t have a third run this week. I have to get my flu and COVID vaccine on Friday. I have the feeling I’m going to feel crappy and want to take it easy.

I had a craving for the buttermilk chicken from Trader Joe’s but they didn’t have any. I got the Spatchcocked Lemon Rosemary Chicken instead. It was really good! very moist and flavorful. I wasn’t happy having the oven on but ah well. For lunch, I had a sandwich with Trader Joe’s Everything chips and the sandwich was great but the chips were meh. They’re alright but I probably won’t get them again.

Overall, it was a good day but I’m not looking forward to those vaccinations. I’d rather be safe than sorry, though.

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Today’s Workout: A new 5?

I am entirely too invested in this story if it bugs me at all that there’s a new Runner 5. I still love the story and the rest of the cast but I’m hoping we get the OG Runner 5 back soon.

I had every intention of getting up early enough to eat breakfast but I hit the snooze one too many times. I did my run early, took a walk to hit up the pharmacy (and play some Pokemon Go), and made that salad for lunch when I was all done with all my errands. I probably should have put mackerel on the salad since I’ve had some around and haven’t eaten it yet. Mostly because I’m not sure how it’ll taste and don’t want to ruin a salad if I hate it. I’m used to tuna and sardines but I’ve never had mackerel before.

Given the first day of C25k (it helps me with timing and intervals), walking to the store instead of driving, and doing a little cleaning around the house; I was able to pass the step goal Google Fit set for me. My muscles are all the right kind of sore and since NYCC is coming within the next 30 days, I am gonna really push and finally get under 200 pounds.

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