Today’s Workout: My Heeaaarrrttt…


I don’t understand why my kid thought this app was boring because I was set to warm up for 5, run for 20, then cool down for 5, only to feel like I needed to slow it down because of the drama in this episode. This isn’t the first time Zombies Run has toyed with my emotions to the point where I was thinking “If they do (XXXX) I will delete this app right now.” But, I powered through with a very easy trot until the 25 minute mark and power walked the last 5 minutes to cool down. I felt energized and strong so, I enjoyed my workout despite the nagging impulse to roll over to the next mission but, I think I managed to step back and go stretch.

I think sticking to running three days a week is what’s best for me since I’m trying to do more weight training than cardio. It feels good to be running regularly again but I need to get stronger, as well. Even though I really want to know what happens next.

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Today’s Workout: I got caught…


If you’re not familiar, if you have chases on in Zombies Run and you don’t make the speed, you don’t die just lose supplies. It was close but, I didn’t go fast enough and I ended up losing some stuff. On Friday, I bet I’ll do better. I wasn’t cramping nearly as much today as on Monday and my posture felt on point.


Tonight’s dinner was an old classic since I had some snow peas to use up. I cooked the steak first then added the veggies in some soy and hosen sauce. And I love me some chili crisp. I don’t like to think about how much MyFitnessPal rates it as a red food. It’s bloody delicious.

I still need to do my body weight workouts and stretching before I go to sleep but today felt strong. Good way to end out the month.

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Today’s Workout: Buried


Yeah, not my fastest time (that would be around a 14 minute mile) but I’m getting back into the swing of things. I could feel my calves cramping more than they used to since I’ve been cycling instead of running for so long.

Not gonna lie, even though I’m not at my lockdown levels of jogging for 20-30 minutes straight (working from home had its advantages…) I can feel the muscle memory returning. It was even instinctual for me to adjust my posture to make sure I wasn’t hunched over and my abs were engaged.

There were no chases this time (I don’t think there was supposed to be this time in the Zombies Run 5k trainer) but I had some self imposed intervals since I am a huge geek and I’m invested in the story. I slowed to a fast walk during the story parts.

At this point, my main concern is just to get my stamina back up so that a 30 minute run is easy again. I want to get to the point where an easy run is a 5 min warm up, 30 minute jog at the same speed, then a 5 minute cool down. And of course I didn’t forget my bodyweight workouts. I had the apps running while I did my own thing so I’m not posting the images from those apps. It’s not an accurate calorie burn in my opinion since I’m not doing what the app says. Does that make any sense? Probably not….

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Today’s Workout: Chases!


That’s right! I’m back to Zombies Run! This time, with chases on. It only made me do one chase this time and it wasn’t so bad. I managed not to get caught and lose any supplies.

I can definitely tell it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good run and it felt great to get back in my running shoes. The only way to get used to it again is to get back into the habit of running at least three days a week just for 30 minutes because I have to get writing for the rest of the night.

It helps that with the Saxenda, I really only have a snack for dinner. If I eat breakfast, cook my lunch at work, then I’m not really that hungry when I get home. And I’m not about to force myself to eat if I’m not hungry.

I still have to do my stretches. I noticed some cramping in my calves when I was running; probably because of all the walking I did over the weekend so I NEED to stretch as much as I can. I’ll do the body weight stuff but only a light workout. I still wanna be able to move tomorrow.

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Today’s Workout, Flame Con, and Food.

This weekend was Flame Con and even though I usually don’t cook after running around all day in the city, Saturday I had some peppers I didn’t want to go bad so I made sure to cook something fairly simple.


And of course, I had an amazing time at Flame Con. Everyone at this con is just super nice and polite, accepting and it’s just the most positive vibes I’ve felt in a public setting in a long time. I bought too many books (as is my usual habit) and even had some of them signed!

I’ll be reviewing them for the blog when I get around to them. I have a pile I’m already working through.

After walking around so much all day, I didn’t do any cardio for my workouts. I decided on Sunday to do my body weight apps and some stretching. I did more stretching than just the app because all that walking made me very sore.

This week, I hope to get back to Zombies Run. I decided to try out their 5k training program rather than C25K because I’m very curious about it. And it’s cooled off, so I don’t mind hitting the treadmill. We’ll see how I can handle a faster running pace after taking a break for so long.

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Today’s Workout: I miss the zombies…


I did the desk bike after work while reading to catch up on reviews. It was fine, I got my heartrate up and I have been doing the body weight workouts despite not posting them here but I really miss Zombies Run. Next week, I’m going to do their 5k training program since I’ve never used the chases function before. I was always I’d mess it up and lose all my items because I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I’ve done 5k’s before so it’s just a matter of getting back into the groove. 

Another thing about the chases is I don’t run very fast to begin with. I stick to around 3.5 mph, 4 if I’m feeling spicy. But I think for the chases, you have to already be at 4 in order for them to work. If I suck at it, I just won’t do it again.

This weekend I have Flame Con so, I won’t be working out at all. I’ll be walking around enough and I’m always sore after a convention. 

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Today’s Workout: Week 4 Day 2 and Today’s Dinner

Today was an off day! So, I gave myself a little break and slept in but the first big thing I did was this run. I pumped up the speed in the end and it felt great. My muscles felt like they did some work but I was fine to do some chores after. Cue some meal prep!

Butcher Box and Misfit Market were my inspiration for dinner. Above is a serloin cap steak searing in a cast iron pan with some salt, pepper, garlic, and red chili pepper.

I was searing the steak while the oven heated to about 400F. I tossed in some whole garlic cloves, dried rosemary (I’m too broke for fresh) and unsalted butter (because there’s already salt there) and basted like all those fun Tiktoks you see.

This was after 25 minutes in the oven then I took it out to rest while I did the veggies.

Like I said before, the vegetables from Misfit Market need to be used right away. My delivery was today so, I tossed the brocolli rabe and regular broccoli in the pan and cooked them on the stove.

Steamy, right? I sliced up the meat while the veggies cooked and this was the final stage before plating.

I made myself a small bowl and put the rest in a container for lunch tomorrow. This was so savory and comforting. I did the veggies just long enough so that they retained the crunch that I like, even if I have to reheat them another day.

This was the perfect dinner for a day I do a run. I had just a salad with tuna for lunch before this; super light and easy to make.

I dunno the science behind protein before or after a run but since I don’t really do breakfast (I have gummy vitamins and coffee) it’s usual for me to have food after a run when I’m off for a day and run first thing in the morning. Also, this wasn’t a huge meal prep day. This was more of a big dinner that fed me and the teenager (no clue if they even like this…) tonight with some leftovers for me to use the next day. The amount of food I used wasn’t suited for a week’s worth of food unless I cooked it all in a different way. I had fun cooking this and is totally a meal I’d only make if I had time. This isn’t something to throw in the oven after work and eat while still giving me enough time to workout, do one of the three side hustles I have, get the dishes in the dishwasher, and get to bed at a decent hour.

But the last bit of meal prep I did was a huge hit with the teenager; who demanded I make that more often. Hey, cabbage is cheap. I’ll make that whenever.

Just, in case anyone hears my kid saying I don’t know anything; I had to teach them to put lettuce on the bottom bread before you put the juicy chicken and coleslaw on top to make sure you don’t have a soggy sandwich. This is to the kid who also said they hated sandwiches…

Parenting is a journey, let me tell ya.

I do plan to post an example of how I cook my lunches at work soon!

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Today’s Workout: Week 4 Day 1.

It’s been awhile since I did a run and it felt pretty good! I thought I might struggle since I was using the bike for so long but everything went fine.

Also, I love how unabashedly nerdy Zombies Run is. Larping, table top games, superhero movies and comics… I may not be into all the stuff they’re talking about, but I can feel how much love the actors put into it that it’s contageous. I really want Sam to get that golden chalace for that game.

I’m not sure I’m going to do the virtual races this year, since I’m short on funds. We’ll have to see. There are plenty of other missions for me to listen to. Even though I’d like another medal to hang… Eh, movement is what’s important!

This week is gonna have some odd hours so, I’ll try to get in my workouts as much as I can. Now, I hae a bunch of food prep to do.

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Today’s Workout: Week 3 Day 3

After doing what I should do around my birthday, whatever I want, I’m back to my running! And since I haven’t given up on my desperate attempts to not lose my house by supplementing my dismal income by selling my writing, I put Shelley up on the teadmill and I was able to do a little bit of writing during the walking portions of c25k. I could only type with one hand since I have to hold the phone to count my steps on the app, but hey, any words cound as progress.

And you’re damn right I’m 41 and have stickers. Let me enjoy things.

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Today’s Workout: Time among the bones…

Week 3 day 2 and of course I pick more paranormal stories to run with.

Today, I played around with the timing of my run. With the Saxenda, it takes me longer to be hungry so making and eating dinner right when I get off work isn’t as convenient. I’m just not as hungry. This time, I changed right into my workout gear, did my 28 minute run, THEN made dinner after I cleaned up. I have to say, I do feel better. I have a limited amount of time between getting home from work and sleep and running with a full stomach doesn’t always feel the best (depending on what I eat). I’ve read conflicting articles about if it’s better to eat before a run or after and I’ve just decided to do whatever feels best to me. It’ll take more than one day of this but on days I’m off or work late; I run early in the morning before I eat breakfast and I like it. Mostly because it’s the ‘hardest’ part of the day done and the rest of the day seems easier.

But I’m also not the ‘get up at 5am’ type. I like my sleep and write in the evenings sometimes until 11pm. I’m too old to get only 4-5 hours of sleep and function properly the next day. 

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