Today’s Workout: Week 4 Day 2 and Today’s Dinner

Today was an off day! So, I gave myself a little break and slept in but the first big thing I did was this run. I pumped up the speed in the end and it felt great. My muscles felt like they did some work but I was fine to do some chores after. Cue some meal prep!

Butcher Box and Misfit Market were my inspiration for dinner. Above is a serloin cap steak searing in a cast iron pan with some salt, pepper, garlic, and red chili pepper.

I was searing the steak while the oven heated to about 400F. I tossed in some whole garlic cloves, dried rosemary (I’m too broke for fresh) and unsalted butter (because there’s already salt there) and basted like all those fun Tiktoks you see.

This was after 25 minutes in the oven then I took it out to rest while I did the veggies.

Like I said before, the vegetables from Misfit Market need to be used right away. My delivery was today so, I tossed the brocolli rabe and regular broccoli in the pan and cooked them on the stove.

Steamy, right? I sliced up the meat while the veggies cooked and this was the final stage before plating.

I made myself a small bowl and put the rest in a container for lunch tomorrow. This was so savory and comforting. I did the veggies just long enough so that they retained the crunch that I like, even if I have to reheat them another day.

This was the perfect dinner for a day I do a run. I had just a salad with tuna for lunch before this; super light and easy to make.

I dunno the science behind protein before or after a run but since I don’t really do breakfast (I have gummy vitamins and coffee) it’s usual for me to have food after a run when I’m off for a day and run first thing in the morning. Also, this wasn’t a huge meal prep day. This was more of a big dinner that fed me and the teenager (no clue if they even like this…) tonight with some leftovers for me to use the next day. The amount of food I used wasn’t suited for a week’s worth of food unless I cooked it all in a different way. I had fun cooking this and is totally a meal I’d only make if I had time. This isn’t something to throw in the oven after work and eat while still giving me enough time to workout, do one of the three side hustles I have, get the dishes in the dishwasher, and get to bed at a decent hour.

But the last bit of meal prep I did was a huge hit with the teenager; who demanded I make that more often. Hey, cabbage is cheap. I’ll make that whenever.

Just, in case anyone hears my kid saying I don’t know anything; I had to teach them to put lettuce on the bottom bread before you put the juicy chicken and coleslaw on top to make sure you don’t have a soggy sandwich. This is to the kid who also said they hated sandwiches…

Parenting is a journey, let me tell ya.

I do plan to post an example of how I cook my lunches at work soon!

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Today’s Workout: Week 4 Day 1.

It’s been awhile since I did a run and it felt pretty good! I thought I might struggle since I was using the bike for so long but everything went fine.

Also, I love how unabashedly nerdy Zombies Run is. Larping, table top games, superhero movies and comics… I may not be into all the stuff they’re talking about, but I can feel how much love the actors put into it that it’s contageous. I really want Sam to get that golden chalace for that game.

I’m not sure I’m going to do the virtual races this year, since I’m short on funds. We’ll have to see. There are plenty of other missions for me to listen to. Even though I’d like another medal to hang… Eh, movement is what’s important!

This week is gonna have some odd hours so, I’ll try to get in my workouts as much as I can. Now, I hae a bunch of food prep to do.

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Today’s Workout: Week 3 Day 3

After doing what I should do around my birthday, whatever I want, I’m back to my running! And since I haven’t given up on my desperate attempts to not lose my house by supplementing my dismal income by selling my writing, I put Shelley up on the teadmill and I was able to do a little bit of writing during the walking portions of c25k. I could only type with one hand since I have to hold the phone to count my steps on the app, but hey, any words cound as progress.

And you’re damn right I’m 41 and have stickers. Let me enjoy things.

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Today’s Workout: Time among the bones…

Week 3 day 2 and of course I pick more paranormal stories to run with.

Today, I played around with the timing of my run. With the Saxenda, it takes me longer to be hungry so making and eating dinner right when I get off work isn’t as convenient. I’m just not as hungry. This time, I changed right into my workout gear, did my 28 minute run, THEN made dinner after I cleaned up. I have to say, I do feel better. I have a limited amount of time between getting home from work and sleep and running with a full stomach doesn’t always feel the best (depending on what I eat). I’ve read conflicting articles about if it’s better to eat before a run or after and I’ve just decided to do whatever feels best to me. It’ll take more than one day of this but on days I’m off or work late; I run early in the morning before I eat breakfast and I like it. Mostly because it’s the ‘hardest’ part of the day done and the rest of the day seems easier.

But I’m also not the ‘get up at 5am’ type. I like my sleep and write in the evenings sometimes until 11pm. I’m too old to get only 4-5 hours of sleep and function properly the next day. 

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Today’s Workout: Week 3 Day 1

I’m sad this story is over. After this run, I was futzing around with the app to see what missions I could do next and I guess I figure it out on the spot. There’s SO much I can do while I wait for the next season to drop.

As for the run itself, this week is when the workouts are shorter but the intervals are longer. The minimum number of miuntes for this episode was 31 minutes and the run for c25k was 28 minutes. I just walked the extra time instead of ending early. I didn’t see the point in wasting such a small amount of time. 

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Today’s Workout: Week 2 Day 2.


This was a good run! I was in the zone, breathing was good, and no knee pain. I hate to jinx it but I’m looking forward to the longer runs. They take up more time in my already jam packed days but I think in the end it’s worth it.

Yeah, not much to say about this one. High fives all around!

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Today’s Workout: Week 2, Day 1

With my knee back to normal, I’m back to running! It felt great and in fact, 30 minutes felt too short. I’m glad, it would be so demoralizing to feel overwhelmed after running for so long. I did take breaks but I still should retain some of my endurance.

And you know I’m diggin’ the werewolf angle of this story. One of my most loved characters in my books is a werewolf so, I have a soft spot.

I’m hoping to get in all three runs this week and so some weights but with the round robin of random body aches, I slept on my arm wrong and it hurts. Seriously, this is stupid. I want a refund on my adulthood, please. I am severely dissatisfied with my experience.

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Today’s Workout: Week One, Day Three.


I like these historical missions even though I can’t wait for the new main story episodes to come out.

Part of having time to run in the evening means having dinner a little later. I come home and go right to the treadmill. Since I’m still on the Saxenda, I’m not very hungry in the evenings anyway.

I did notice my joints are not happy with the cold. It’s about 30F and my office is always cold so, I’m sure that’s why. While I was running I felt fine. In fact, I got distracted and missed a walk prompt and kept running. To be fair, even after not running for so long, the running intervals in the beginning of the C25K feel very short to me after running for so many years. Not to mention I’m 19 pounds lighter. It can only get easier from here!

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Today’s Workout: Week One Day Two


Noooo!! Season nine ends on a cliffhanger! I have no idea when the next season will be out and there are plenty of side missions I can do while I wait for the new episodes.

I’m still sticking to a max speed of 3.5 for now while I get used to running after such a long break from it. I would like to be able to run faster for long distances,


(Image Source)

But I’m not going to break my body to do it. I’m all about pushing myself in small increments and attaining small victories. My victory now is just starting over instead of giving up. I want to be leaner and stronger as I’m not getting any younger and would like to ensure I have as many mobile years in my future as possible.

I’ve almost lost 20 pounds and have 30 to go. I did notice when slipping on my running gear that the pants are more loose than I remember. I do need to get more weight days in to get stronger so I am aware there’s bigger things than the number on the scale.

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Today’s Workout: Restart.


My job ended up having to close since so many people were out with COVID so, I figured I’d get back to work on my running by restarting c25k and running early in the morning before I get to writing.

It felt great to get moving again and I’m really going to try to get my writing done earlier in the day (when I go back to work) so I can run without guilt when I get home.

Yes, I have been exposed to COVID but obviously since I feel energetic enough to run, I don’t have symptoms but I’m keeping isolated just in case. There’s huge lines and shortages in testing right now so unless I feel sick, I’ll let higher risk people go get tested before I take up a spot.

As of now, I have no further weight loss updates since it hasn’t changed much one way or the other. I’ll post some numbers once there’s something to post about.

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