Week 6 Day One: Season 9 begins!

Oh yeah, baby! Back to the main story.

I like to have a few episodes ready to go in a season before I start it and it was worth the wait. I do have entirely too much emotional investment in this story.

This is the point in the C25K saga where the intervals get longer and longer. I can already feel my legs aching more but it’s a good kind of pain. Progress type pain.

In terms of my diet… I went off the rails over the weekend. I didn’t wanna cook so I ordered a bunch of food. I knew the Sandexa would keep me from any sort of overeating (no really, I get full SO fast) so, I could indulge a little – I needed some baked ziti in my life – and have plenty of leftovers to work on later.

I haven’t lost more weight yet but I’m sure that will come eventually.

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Official One Month On Sandexa


At the beginning of this journey (there is a point where the word ‘journey’ just looses all meaning) I was pushing 230 and now I’m at 223.8. I find this promising! I bet this will go even faster if I workout more often but I am pleased.

In terms of side effects, I had noticed some stomach upset, a bit of dizziness, and bruising at my injection site but other than that, I’ve been ok! There the strange thing concerning my portions that feel so small and I’m full so quickly – even on healthy foods – that it makes me question how healthy I really was before this. But I’ll save that existential crisis for when I’m out of the 200 club.

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Week 5, Day 3. Last run of the week and a recap!

On my days off, I like to go back to my lockdown habit of getting up and immediately putting on running gear to make myself workout first thing instead of waiting until the evening.

I also figured out what’s the deal with skipping weight workouts. Something in my head equates a “proper” workout with tons of movement and sweating – high cardio – and not laying on the ground with weights doing crunches. I have the cardio = weight loss idea in my head and think that it’s the only way to get to my goal when it’s not. Building muscle is important, too.

I started Saxenda on April 29th and since then, I have gone from 230 pounds to 225 pounds. This is about a pound or so a week. I am cautiously optimistic about this but I am withholding celebrations until I’m out of the 200 club. When I’m under 200 pounds and stay there, I’ll feel like I really accomplished something.

I don’t have any other metric because I didn’t think to take my measurements until 2 weeks into the meds. Didn’t take a picture, either. For the same reason I’m not celebrating the 5 pound loss:

Relatable memes for the win.

I’ve been at this weight loss thing since… Shit, I’ve been trying to lose weight since high school when a couple little shits decided it would be cute to oink at me when I walked by. My lowest weight was 179 and then I got pregnant. I’ve been trying to get back to 179 since then and haven’t been able to. I’ve avoided a lot of talking about it since I didn’t want to end up another Amberlynn Reid. My blog is monetized after all and weight loss is a hot keyword. It’s fair for someone to assume I’m in this to make money off my story.

If you saw how little I make from ads you’d realize that’s not the case but, I can see the thought process.

To sum up, I am hopeful but diligent.

And no, oinking at me and ridiculing me did not motivate me to lose weight. It made me feel bad my progress was slow and I’d give up. Don’t do that to people, guys. It’s not helpful.

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Lenni Reviews: “Mieruko-chan” Vol. 2, by Tomoki Izumi

(Image Source)

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Mieruko notices her best friend, Hana, is haunted by a particularly nasty creature and tries to help without tipping off that she can see these spirits. We also add Yuria, who wants to be a powerful fortune teller one day and sees Mieruko as a rival.

As adorable as Mieruko is, the best part of this manga is the creature design. Each one is different and unique from the ones before and some of them are really gross. We are also getting a solid storyline around the shorts in this volume; and those shorter stories also get a follow-up. So, if you were wondering about the cat from the first volume, you get more of that here. 4.6 out of 5. 


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Week 5, Day 2. Don’t forget you’ve got this.

As the intervals get longer, I have to keep in mind that I’ve done 20 minute long running intervals before so an 8 minute one should be child’s play. It’s when your legs start to burn, your chest aches, and you think you can’t go another step that I have to just keep focused and realize this is doable.

Plus, despite my joints aching more during my menstrual cycle, running helps me deal with the sour mood and lethargy. All those fun endorphins kick in and I almost feel normal again. It’s worth not taking a break during this time; especially since stopping for a week makes it that much harder to start again. And in all the fitness stuff I’ve read and watched, they all say the same thing: Consistency is key. 

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Lenni Reviews: “Beast Complex” Vol. 1, by Paru Itagaki


(Image Source)

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Taking advantage of the wealth of stories this universe has to offer, Beast Complex is a collection of stories featuring various stories of different types of beasts.

We would want to assume that Legoshi is unique in his relation to herbivores in the main series, this collection really brings to light what a delicate balance is in place and how different types of beasts handle the need to be civilized when your instincts tell you otherwise. It was nice to live in this world for awhile without the threat of a murderer hiding in the wings; just normal day to day stories from kids as friends, to drama between hosts of a cooking show. If you’re even a casual fan of Beastars, this is worth checking out! 4.7 out of 5.

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Week 5, Day 1. Still truckin…

Like what I said on my Instagram, today was a hard day to get motivated. I was tired, annoyed, hormonal… But I did it anyway and made it through my intervals without much of a struggle. Despite starting this over, I do feel like it was MUCH easier than when I did this for the first time years ago.

I am still trying to fit in a session of weights during the week. Something keeps blocking me from doing it.

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Lenni Reviews: “Komi Can’t Communicate” Vol. 12 by Tomohito Oda

(Image Source)

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Instead of listing the events, I’ll just do a quick overview.

We have a new teacher introduced, go through exams and summer vacation, and some interesting backstory with Komi’s mom and dad when they were teenagers. We also have a new kid staying with Komi’s family, Rei, for a while since her mom is in town for work.

The stories seem to be getting shorter; very rapid fire. But it still keeps up the same light-hearted, cute, slice of life nature of the rest of the series. Right now, it’s still cute that people mistake Komi’s silence for standoffishness or toughness but I can see this getting old soon. I mean, it’s great to see people warm up to Komi but I would like to see more development. But, if you’re a big reader like I am, this series and those like it are a great break from darker material. 4.9 out of 5.


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Lenni Reviews: “Asadora!” vol 2, by Naoki Urasawa


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Jumping in to the future, it is now 1964 and Asadora is now 17, a pilot, and working with Kasuga at their advertising company; while also going to school and raising her younger siblings. A strange man comes around asking questions about the creature they saw destroy their hometown and the likelihood it is still around and a threat.

This is a strange little series so far. I’m totally here for it; I love Asadora, I wanna know more about the creature and what will happen next but whatever expectations I had were completely subverted. Sometimes that can be frustrating but I found it welcome and look forward to seeing how this continues. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale” by Tim Fielder


(Image Source)

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

This graphic novel follows warlord AjA Oba, a ruthless ruler cursed with immortality from our past far into the future. 

First off, the art is amazing. It’s like flipping through scenes from a movie with these beautiful panted renditions of the film. The story is smart and very creative. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes speculative science fiction and Afrofuturism.

Also, random thought with a spoiler sprinkle – there’s some random LGBTQ content in here and it’s just dropped in without being made aa big deal of. I’m on the fence as to if it feels shoved in because of how its just glossed over, or it fits because it shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve read it twice and still haven’t decided…

Other than that, 5 out of 5! Go read this!

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