Today’s workout: A quickie

I’ll be honest, with the pace I’ve been writing, I haven’t been working out as much. I scarf down my dinner and get to my books as soon as possible so I can get on a faster publishing schedule and maybe not end up homeless. Once I have more stories out and I’m making steady money (it’s increasing slowly but not where I need it to be) I can get back to longer workouts.

I will be getting back to C25k soon and picking up where I left off since my back is starting to feel much better after letting it rest. I bet I’ll be back in form by next week and back on that treadmill to really burn off some calories!

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Writing Update: Cover Reveal!


(From this site)

The rough draft of Dahlia is done and this is going to be the cover! I may tweak the font and I’m considering either a subtitle or series name but I wanted to show this off! And show that I’m not slacking on my writing or just talking about it without any results. 

I’m thinking this series will be three parts but depending on the flow, that my change. My original outline was four parts but I already changed that. That’s usually why I don’t outline… But I can’t deny my output has increased overall with a plan in place; even if I don’t follow it.

I don’t have a release date since I’m still editing to make sure it flows right and has no typos. I’ll post that as soon as I know.

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First workout… Does it even count?


This was a very short one because part way through, I felt really dizzy and nauseous so I stopped. I think the culprit was trying to workout way to close to a heavy dinner. I completely sabotaged myself.

But again, any movement I can sneak in during the day is a good thing. And I was able to get some editing done, so it’s a win win.

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Lenni Reviews: “Forget Me Not” by Alix Garin


(Image Source)

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

As her grandmother’s health deteriorates; Clemence realizes how miserable she is in the nursing home so, she decides to take her grandmother on an unauthorized road trip to her grandmother’s childhood home.

Oof… This hit in all the feels. It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking, beautifully drawn, and covers a wide range of topics and emotions. It’s hard to watch a loved one go through memory lose and have the cared for and caregiver roles reverse. This book is so emotional but amazing from beginning to end. 4.9 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Call of the Night” Vol. 2, by Kotoyama


(Image Source)

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Ko is still roaming about at night and feeding his vampire friend, Nazuna in hopes of eventually being turned into a vampire himself. When a schoolmate of his, Akira Asai, also happens upon Nazuna, she makes Ko give more thought into his mission to fall in love so he can become a vampire. We also learn how Nazuna makes her money; as a professional cuddler.

For me it makes total sense for Nazuna to be a professional cuddler. She’s a go with the flow type person so it makes sense she would have a job where she can make money on her own terms without set hours and her clients wouldn’t want people to know they see her. And we also get to meet one of her clients; who has much the same feelings about being out at night and just being able to be alone with your thoughts. I like that Nazuna being a vampire isn’t really the main focus; it’s the freedom of being out at night with out the pressures of the day. It’s interesting. 3.5 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Something is Killing the Children” Vol. 1, by James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera & Miguel Muerto


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In Archer’s Peak children are going missing; never to be seen again. One boy who escaped tells tales of horrible monsters living in the shadows. A mysterious woman covered in blood seems to know these creatures and is prepared to do battle with them despite the adults believing the children are lying.

The main character, Erica Slaughter, could easily slip into the mysterious tough gal stereotype but she’s got enough personality to set her apart – even if her name is a little on the nose. This is a gory, action packed story with all the great trappings a series like this needs: badass hunter, evil creatures, and a shadow organization lurking about with their own agenda. This was cool to read and I look forward to the next one. 4.7 out of 5.

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Today’s workout: Biking at work.


Since I had a webinar, it was looking like I was going to be sitting for way too much of my day. So, while watching a presentation that will probably break through my work budget for graphic novels, I pulled out my Wirk under desk bike to get some exercise. It’s easy to just keep going and not focus on time while I’m watching the webinar. 

And the bike didn’t hurt my back at all, thank goodness.

As for food, I’ve been trying to eat more salads and greens still. The electric lunch box I have at work is a LIFE SAVER when it comes to not only eating healthier (since the food is steamed) but cheaper since getting take out has been getting more expensive (while my income stagnates but I could go on for hours bitching about that). Eventually, I’ll take pictures of what I prep and how I cook at work and what I’ve had to adjust since being on Saxenda. It’s been an adjustment but I think I have a decent system that saves me time.

I also love the under desk bike because I can workout earlier in the day. Sometimes I dread the thought of working out after a stressful day and I just wanna destress and write.

I’ll also have a writing update soon. I’ve got a project to announce that’s almost done.

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Second workout: Ring that bell!

Aren’t I clever? Yeah, I’m hilarious…

Anyhoo, today was some arm and shoulder work to keep from using by lower back while it heals. It still isn’t a intense long run, which I actually kinda miss, but I think anything is better than just sitting around doing nothing. My weight is still trending down so I’m not freaking out about calorie burn right now. It’s just about taking care of myself until I can bend over to pick up something without wincing and letting looose with some colorful language.

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First Workout of the Week: I fucked up.


Over the holiday weekend, a rainstorm sent some lovely flooding into my basement. While I was cleaning up from that, I also gathered up more junk to throw out and ended up hauling up three full, heavy, 39 gallon garbage bags of crap out of the basement and to the curb. Emotionally, I feel accomplished and glad that trash is out. My back however, wants screaming, bloody, violent revenge for what I have inflicted upon it.

That’s a super dramatic way to just say my lower back hurts and running is not in the cards right now. The stationary bike desk I have has a nifty back for me to lean on. Even so, about 30 minutes was more than enough before I needed to stop.

I’m okay with that because I finally hit 219.6 pounds. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far! 20 more and I’m out of the 200 club! I am super excited about that. I keep thinking of all the super cute clothes I have that I’ll finally be able to wear again!

Oh, and being healthy. That too.

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Lenni Reviews: “Ice Cream Man Volume 5: Other Confections” by W. Maxwell Prince, Martín Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran


(Image Source)

This volume dips it’s toes into a range of stories from a parody of superheroes, how to be a ghost, and features the Ice Cream Man reading a bedtime story to children.

The series is still suitably creepy and twisted but where previously we were getting hints of what the Ice Cream Man is, that just stops in favor of these short scary stories. I was excited for that reveal but I suppose keeping us in the dark is part of the suspense and fear. I still would like more of a follow through instead of just continuing with the short story format. 3.7 out of 5.

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