Lenni Reviews: “Wandering Island” vol 1 by Kenji Tsuruta


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Mikura Amelia runs a plane delivery service with her grandfather. After he passes away, she finds a package addressed to her from him with all this information about a mysterious wandering island; including a journal with entries dated in the future. Written off as folklore, Mikura goes off in search of this island in order to prove her grandfather was right.

I’d forgotten what a great artist Tsuruta is. The last time I saw his art, it was in “Spirt of Wonder” many years ago. I am not embarrassed to say that’s the reason I bought this book and I am glad I did. Mikura is a fun character and the story is told in a very smooth, natural manner. It ends on a cliffhanger so I hope there’s more of this in the future. I would like to see her find the island and really explore it.

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Finally Watched It: “Jack Frost” (1997)


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I don’t… I don’t know why I had this on my list and felt the need to follow through with it…

A serial killer gets experimented on and when he dies in an accident, he becomes a snowman. At first, I could excuse this movie as mindless fun but then (I don’t give two shits if this is a spoiler) there was a carrot rape scene. I could have lived a nice, long, happy life without seeing that, thanks.

I will give this movie two good points: They did make it more difficult than simply melting him to defeat him and the exchange when the scientist guy says something like “You’re immortal! How does it feel!?” and the guy growls “It feels… COLD!” was kinda cool.

Overall, this is a dumb movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s about a killer snowman; not meant to be Shawshank Redemption. It killed some time and knocked another movie off my list.

I wouldn’t bother to revisit it, though.

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March Loot Anime Crate: FUTURE


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  • Clockwork Planet Manga
  • Ghost In The Shell Shirt
  • Kiznaiver Mousepad
  • Psycho Pass USB Drive
  • Phone Charm

Shockingly, there’s a Ghost in the Shell item in here due to the new movie coming out. While I geeked out the most at this, I as a little disappointed it wasn’t the Motoko from the original movie. That version is hands down my favorite. I have a wall scroll of that, so I can forgive it and properly squeal like a crazy person.

The rest is cool but I gotta say, the USB gun is cool but I can see it being a pain in the ass to use day to day. Ghost in the Shell is the only property here I am familiar with, to be honest. If I finally make a decision about seeing the movie, I’ll make sure to wear the shirt when I do.

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Lenni Reviews: “Happiness” vol 1 by Suzo Oshimi


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Makoto Okazaki is a typical unimpressive high school freshman with more bullies than friends and no girlfriend. One night, a girl attacks him, sucks his blood, and offers to make him like her rather than die there in the street. Makoto wakes up in the hospital with bite marks on his neck and a powerful thirst he can barely control. Normal food is revolting and sunlight hurts him. While he may be strong enough to defend against his attackers, he fears he is becoming something monstrous.

So far, this manga is pretty standard with that setup. Underdog gets supernatural upgrade and now has to navigate life with his new abilities. The art is also fairly standard but the scenes where Makoto zones out under the weight of his cravings are creatively done. Everything warps and bends in addition to panels showing him dizzy and scared. There’s enough in this volume for me to want to read more but I’ll be honest, I don’t think enough has happened yet for me to really rate it on a scale. I guess a 3 but I need more to say for certain.

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Found in the mailbox: “American Gods”


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So, I come home the other day and have a random box. Not that I would ever turn down a free book (as the full Kindle, full Nook, AND pile of books by my bed) but being a good fangirl of Neil Gaiman, I have read this book already. It’s obvious I got this as promotional material for the upcoming American Gods TV show.

I am contemplating a book vs movie set of posts for this since I have already read the book and the show is forthcoming. Of course, every one will be doing that but, I think it would be fun!

Because, I am obviously lacking things to read…

Personally, I am SUPER psyched for this show. I am wondering how gory or violent or sexual it will be (check out my post on that for further thoughts) since it was awesome to watch Stardust and Coraline with my kid. But if it is, I have no problem watching it alone. It appears pretty epic so I say bring it on!

March 2017 Loot Crate: Primal


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  • Metals Die Cast Wolverine Figure
  • Overwatch Winston Shirt
  • Predator Bottle Opener
  • Jurassic World Sign
  • Primal Loot Pin

I think the Wolverine figure is pretty amazing but out of all of this stuff, the sign is my favorite. Just because it made me giggle. At first, I thought the shirt was actually from the game Primal Rage; which I was obsessed with back when it came out. I will confess, I was a little disappointed it wasn’t but Overwatch is cool, too. Referencing that game I think would be too obscure of a throwback, though. I can’t even recall any of my friends back then talking about that game.

The bottle opener is ok and the statue has some real weight to it. I can safely say that alone makes this crate worth the cost. I am looking into some zip ties to hang the sign up (along with another sign I have floating around) and I will proudly be displaying it outside. I want the whole neighborhood to know how big a geek I am.

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Lenni Reviews: “Dreadnought” (Nemesis – Book One) by April Daniels


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*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

*This review is cross-posted at Otakus and Geeks.

Danny is out secretly buying nail polish and ends up thrust into the middle of a superhero battle. Defeated, Dreadnought transfers his powers to Danny, giving him super human abilities but the female body this transgender teen has always wanted. But not only does Danny have to deal with coming out as the new Dreadnought, she also must come out to her strict parents, the Legion of other heroes, and content with Utopia, the cyborg villain who killed Danny’s predecessor.

After reading “Black Angel” I was a little nervous about another LGBTQ YA novel. However, this book is much like “Rebel Genius” in that I was hooked and entertained for most of this despite being a sorry old lady outside the target demographic.

This novel touches on the good and bad about being a trans teen with the added flight of fancy that if anyone bullies you for being trans, you can pummel them into the ground. Danny is such a great kid, you can’t help but root for her and just outright DESPISE what she’s put through. And, as a comic book geek, this also makes for an awesome superhero story. There is genuine peril Danny has to deal with as a budding super-heroine and despite the world ending consequences; the story doesn’t feel like it gets bogged down when dealing with the issues surrounding a transgendered individual. Some reactions are almost TOO evil but I think that’s just the part of me that is desperately holding on to a shred of hope in humanity. It doesn’t pander, it doesn’t preach; “Dreadnought” is a well-written, wild ride, and if it’s the start to a series; I look forward to more. 4.7 out of 5.

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Operation Free Booga Update!


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Hey! Remember when I said I was going to keep from buying or downloading so many books because I was down to 600 MB of space left on my Kindle?

Heh… Good times…

I’m down to about 300 with 20 pending downloads waiting for me to turn the wifi back on. I have a backlog of 40 books to review.

Well… I guess I should make more effort into trying to read on the treadmill but since I’m jogging, I can’t really focus properly. And I’ve already read books about speed reading. I still end up reading at my regular pace; which to be fair is pretty fast.

I just need to stop signing up for all these cool author newsletters… Cause then they send me free books…

It’s a terrible cycle…

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Finally Watched It: “Attack on Titan” Season One


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Because after the happy fun of Yuri!! On Ice, who wouldn’t want to watch something that makes you want to jump off a bridge?

That being said, yeah this show is great! I like the story, I LOVE the animation, and the pacing had me trying to watch it all at once. But this old broad does need her beauty sleep and I do have a day job.

If you don’t know the story, one of the last strongholds of humanity is under attack by these giant monsters called Titans. When the outer ring of the city falls, humanity’s last hope is the Scout Regiment; who fight titans at great cost. The story follows Eren Yeager, who joins the regiment to take revenge after he loses his mother to a titan attack.

This is also a great anime for well-written female characters. If any fellow otaku out there get the eye roll and whining speech about all anime being hentai or full of brainless, big breasted, fanservice fodder; have them take a gander at this. I’m sure Mikasa would have a few things to say to them.

Also, the music is AMAZING in this series.

If I had one ‘complaint’ it would be the faces of the titans sometimes. They can come off a little goofy but, like in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, even goofy looking things can eat your head. A very minor gripe, to be sure.


He looks like he wants to sell me insurance… Head eating insurance… (Image Source)

I hear season 2 is on the way and I am really looking forward to it. Of course, I’ll talk about that one as well.

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I’m on BookBub!


If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog, you may have noticed I added a new button! 😀 BookBub has a button now so I decided to add a link to my profile on the sidebar. You can follow me there to check out new books and be notified when they come out!

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