Today’s Workout: Filling in the Blanks


There are so many reviews I have to type up and books I need to read that I sat back and worked on both while I was pedaling today. And this time, I felt my heart rate go up and I was breathing faster so nothing like my previous workouts for this week. I was WORKING. My muscles are burning!

I went extra hard since I had noodles with my lunch today and that’s a lot of extra calories (and salt). I know it’s not the healthiest way to see things; balancing out a non-healthy food with a workout but in terms of sheer calories in versus calories out, this is better.

Later I’ll still be doing my squats and maybe some weights. Absolutely going to have a light dinner after work since I had the ramen. With the Saxenda, there just isn’t room for much after such a big lunch. And I plan to treat myself to an end of the week beer because something about the last 5 days has been exhausting and I deserve a treat.

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Today’s Workout: Meh…

wp-1652721184588I had all these hopes for a productive day today and I was just not feelin it. I sat here for 30 minutes deciding whether or not to even post today even with the blank page up right in front of me. It’s a special kind of tired/unmotivated to have the thing open right there and still wanting to say fuck it and post later. But it’s gonna thunderstorm so, I want to get this posted before the power possibly goes out.

I was obviously distracted while I was doing the bike today and I was watching the clock. I was able to get my cardio in but it was an absolute chore. I’m glad I didn’t skip but ugh, what a slog… 

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Today’s Workout and Cooking Day.

Since I had the time (and I forgot to do it yesterday) I took the bones from the turkey and set up a pot to make broth. The lemon and lime flavor made it so good I was tempted to drink that for dinner but I’d rather save it to make some soup.

“But Lenni, why are you making soup when June is just around the corner?”

Honestly, they keep the air conditioning so high at work that a warm lunch is perfect to take with me. Mixing in some noodles and turkey meat (I froze what I didn’t eat so far) sounds like something worth trying out. I have made chicken noodle soup with chicken broth I made and it worked out well. 


Since I invested so much time in cardio, I decided the kettle bell was best for today. I did this, 50 squats, and some stretching. I figure going up and down the stairs tending to the broth for several hours while cleaning was enough cardio for me.


Since I’m obviously not going to have just broth for dinner, I baked some chicken thighs marinated in lime and lemon juice. There’s black garlic and the citrus seasoning from Trader Joe’s. There’s lemon and Tajin on the cabbage and onion. I threw on the cherry tomatoes because… I forgot they were in the fridge and were gonna go bad.

I think we all know that feeling of buying healthy ingredients with the best of intentions only for them to wither away uneaten. I’m the worst with that when it comes to fruit. I get it thinking I’ll be all virtuous and such only to end up throwing them out. That’s why I didn’t make bacon mac and cheese like I wanted to. I’ve been wanting to make that again.

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Today’s Workout: Triple Threat

In addition to using the under desk peddler, I had to walk up to the store to get hot sauce (my kid is obsessed) and some sesame oil (that’s getting expensive so not buying that for awhile…), I picked up the kettle bell after a super light dinner. My only cheat was a small portion of Tipsy Scoop for dessert. Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, if you’re curious. Very nice as a cap to the evening.

I am really feeling these arm workouts. I think I’m back in the head space where the soreness is letting me know I’m doing a good thing for my body. The sad part is I’d skipped weight training for so long, I have a moment where I think “Wait, why am I sore again?” before my stupid brain makes the logistical leap.

All I need to do is my 50 squats and stretch before bed and the day is done! I have the feeling with more days like this I’ll get back on track.

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Today’s Workout: Just the bike today


All those graphic novels I’ve been ordering have started to come in and I am so excited! I can revise (and sneak and read a few) while I’m pedaling.

I did notice today that I didn’t feel as self-conscious doing this as I used to. I’ll be honest, I felt a little silly at first but not anymore. It’s not like I’m jumping rope in the middle of the office. I’m burning calories and getting my work done. And other coworkers are asking me about it because we’re becoming more aware of how long we’re sitting all day and we’re busy people who don’t really have time to go to the gym or workout at home. There’s always stuff to do (I spent three days in shifts trying to clean the damn tub. The fun of having a stinky teenager…) and places to go. If you’re stuck at the desk anyway, might as well move your body somehow.

I didn’t do any weights since you’re not supposed to do weights every day, I hear. Your muscles need to recover. Still gonna do my squats, though.

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Today’s Workout: And an affordable dinner.



Since I am taking care of a teenager who did not see a bag of chips and a jar of salsa as a snack but as a meal (I am still dumbfounded they finished the whole thing) I used my lunchtime to walk over to the store to see if I can find some on sale. It was a beautiful day, I didn’t even need a sweater so, I had a nice quick walk. And, I was able to replenish my supplies.


I made chicken thighs over the weekend so I chopped one up and put in a tortilla with some cheese. I got the tortillas for 2 for $5, I got the salsa 2 for $4, the cheese for 2 for $4, and the chips for 2 for $5. I don’t math so it’s just a filling cheap meal, okay? And to spice things up, I sprinkled Tajin in the salsa.

Is a plate of carbs and cheese healthy? Not really… But hey, it was quick, tasty, enjoyable, and I didn’t break the bank at the grocery store. And heck, I likely burned off half the cheese walking to the store.

If I can keep the kid from eating the chips and salsa in one sitting, it will last awhile, too.

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Today’s Workout: Newsletter Tinkering


Since I’m participating in this giveaway, I’m toying with the idea of a separate newsletter that’s just for my writing since my blog is… Basically whatever the hell I want.

I always laugh when I read blogging advice and they’re all “find your niche!” and my blog is all over the place. Weight loss? We got that. Food? Got that, too. Anime? Movies? Comics? Manga? Any other random thing that strikes my fancy (I’m fixated on Helluva Boss now)? Yeah, we don’t do a single niche here.

Anyhooooo, my thought behind a writing dedicated newsletter was to give regular updates to people who just want to hear about the writing. It wouldn’t be more than every other week or monthly considering all the other things I’m doing at the moment. I was using my under desk bike while I explored around MailChimp and the free templates (because I’m poor). I am in no hurry to release it since I’m still working on Dahlia 3. That story is way overdue.

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Today’s Workout and Adding Steps


Now that the weather is nicer, I’m trying to park further away from work to sneak in a few extra steps in my day. And maybe get some extra sunlight so I don’t look so much like a ghost.

In terms of my eating, I got a little lazy with cooking for awhile there because I was just frikking tired but I’m back on track.


I cut up some sweet potatoes I got with my Misfits Market and chicken thighs. There’s salt, thyme, sage, paprika, and cumin on everything and I put the onions in close to the end of the cook time because I like my onions to still be crunchy even if they’re cooked. I usually don’t mix my sweets and savories but I like the herbs on the sweet potatoes. And it’s a change up in my usual go to vegetables.

I’m still stuck at 208 so mixing up my diet a bit and taking more steps will hopefully get over this plateau. 

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Today’s Workout: It feels like a Monday…


I was off the entire day. Either I didn’t get enough sleep or the coffee didn’t do it’s job; I have no idea. It was a total chore to get this workout done and my day topped off with the key I wear around my neck flipping up into my face, around my glasses, and right onto my frikkin eyeball.


It didn’t hurt but still left this red dot. After it happened, I just stood there for a second and thought:


(Image Source)

I’m just gonna go to bed early and hope tomorrow is better. But not likely looking at my schedule.

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Today’s Workout: ARC Reading


I was going to spend this workout doing a bunch of blog posts but I ended up checking my ARC graphic novels and I had a handful that were all set to expire today. I put the desk peddler in a comfy spot and read them all and wrote up reviews. If I’m gonna binge read some manga, I might as well burn some calories while I do it.

It’s easier to read while on a stationary bike than write. I can just let my legs go while I enjoy the books and time passes so fast! I didn’t even notice I’d hit 40 minutes until I randomly checked my watch.

Even though the peddler has a little screen, I’ve never used it to calculate distance for these workouts. I’m so used to just grabbing the thing and starting a workout before I can talk myself out of it. I’m curious to see what those numbers would be.

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