Found in the mailbox: “American Gods”


So, I come home the other day and have a random box. Not that I would ever turn down a free book (as the full Kindle, full Nook, AND pile of books by my bed) but being a good fangirl of Neil Gaiman, I have read this book already. It’s obvious I got this as promotional material for the upcoming American Gods TV show.

I am contemplating a book vs movie set of posts for this since I have already read the book and the show is forthcoming. Of course, every one will be doing that but, I think it would be fun!

Because, I am obviously lacking things to read…

Personally, I am SUPER psyched for this show. I am wondering how gory or violent or sexual it will be (check out my post on that for further thoughts) since it was awesome to watch Stardust and Coraline with my kid. But if it is, I have no problem watching it alone. It appears pretty epic so I say bring it on!


Random Book Thought – Thorn Jack

Ok, I toy about with things to post about and I usually go “Eh, people don’t wanna read that.”

I’ve since decided I don’t care.

Also, continued reading could completely change my mind. You were warned.

I’m reading Thorn Jack and you’ll have to wait for my review and/or buy the book to find out what it’s about but here is my random thought for what I’ve read today:

What the heck is it with the trend of the male romantic interest sneaking into the girl’s room while she sleeps? Doesn’t any one throw rocks at a girl’s window? It’s more creepy than romantic… So, I’m thinking this scenario is best saved for if he’s trying to kill her or something cause if I wake up and some guy is in my room, I’m reaching for my katana, not lookin to date him.