Needlework Update

wp-1651889815505I’m not sure I want to talk about how I completely forgot I had a yarn bowl and how much easier my life would have been if I’d been using it this entire project…

Anyhoooooo, I was gifted with a bunch of pink yarn and after the last blanket I made, I figured I could add to my shop with more like it. My plan is to use a different shade of pink as a border once I get this main part as long as I want it to be. I did push myself too far and need to rest my hand for awhile but I’ll post more progress pics when I get to the border. It’s gonna be really simple so, it should work up fast and it’ll be in my shop soon!

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Today’s Workout: Desk Cardio and Crochet

I know I’ve been pressing the cardio and that’s because I’m able to multitask. I have all these trainings I have to do, writing I need to get done, and needlework to do, I can’t spare the time to do just one thing. I have to get my work out there as much as I can because honestly, much like millions of others, my salary isn’t keeping up with the rising costs of everything. It’s even at the point where if I got a second library job, the fuel costs to get there negate any net profit I would make. So, selling my side work is gonna have to be it.

But the plus side is I made this!

One of my coworkers is going on maternity leave soon so, I made her a blanket as a gift. And I got some of the yarn stash used! Only to get a $50 gift card for my birthday and buy more yarn but hey, I still have my online store. I can put more things there to sell. I dunno about more blankets (since they take a long time to make) but Ill be adding more stuff there soon.

Also, I’m still writing. And posting reviews. I have a stack of reviews to post and plenty of books and graphic novels to review. I’m gonna try and get through these rough times.

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Obligatory Coronavirus Post

Well, things are a little crazy, as I’m sure everyone knows. Unlike some others, I haven’t been panic shopping. I mean, I stocked up on some frozen stuff in case I can’t get access to fresh meat and veggies (for whatever reason) but other than that, don’t come at me about toilet paper or hand sanitizer.

Unless you want some funny memes:


I seriously try to keep things “light” on this blog (in quotes because I’ve reviewed some dark shit) I did feel it necessary to drop a note at this time.

As to how this all as affected me personally, I am not sick and the library where I work has closed for a week just to make sure the public is protected.

Quick side note: If your library has done the same, please use their online resources. If they have streaming apps, e-books, or audiobooks; this is the best time to take advantage of them. If there are issues and your library is closed, most of these services do have a helpdesk to email, call, or chat with. This is not the time to be proud or ashamed of any level of technical knowledge. You wanna annoy your nephew cause you can’t link your e-reader or smartphone, just do it.

What made me think of posting about this is I wanted to make it clear that I am not sick in any way and any items from my needlework shop are germ-free. If this status changes, I’ll shut the shop down. In the case of my books, obviously, e-books are no danger but the books available in print are print on demand, so they’re not coming from me.

You all out there don’t panic, take all the proper precautions, and stay safe and healthy.

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P.S. On a side note, you may have noticed more ads on my blog. Sorry if they annoy you but I’ve got a mortgage to pay.

Overdue 2020 goals

Last year I did pretty well on my yearly goals but this year I’m gonna scale it down a bit. I don’t want to get overwhelmed:

  1. Draw more. I actually really miss this.
  2. Treat my writing and blog more like a business. I’d like to be publishing more often.
  3. Clean off my Kindle, Nook, iPad, AND read the ARCs I have piled up.
  4. More needlework.

That’s about it! I’ve gotten a pretty good running habit, my doctor says I’m very healthy so, my main goals now are the success of my writing and clearing out. Let’s see how this year goes!

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