Finished Blanket!


I finally got this up into the shop! This is made from acrylic yarn and is 29in. x 32in. If you’re interested, this is the link. I have a scarf finished, too. I just need to weave in the ends and photograph it.

Things aren’t going to be all pink but someone did give me a ton of pink yarn so I’m stash-busting. After the scarves, I’m thinking maybe some hats? We’ll see how far I get with what I have on hand. I’m trying not to buy any yarn until I’ve used up what I have. More neck warmers will be on the way and maybe some hand/wrist warmers as well. My goal is to get this shop full before the holidays. I like to do needlework to give my brain a rest from writing in-between stories.

I am giving myself days off to rest my hands. The last think I need is to end up with tendonitis again.

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Needlework Update

wp-1651889815505I’m not sure I want to talk about how I completely forgot I had a yarn bowl and how much easier my life would have been if I’d been using it this entire project…

Anyhoooooo, I was gifted with a bunch of pink yarn and after the last blanket I made, I figured I could add to my shop with more like it. My plan is to use a different shade of pink as a border once I get this main part as long as I want it to be. I did push myself too far and need to rest my hand for awhile but I’ll post more progress pics when I get to the border. It’s gonna be really simple so, it should work up fast and it’ll be in my shop soon!

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Today’s Workout: Desk Cardio and Crochet

I know I’ve been pressing the cardio and that’s because I’m able to multitask. I have all these trainings I have to do, writing I need to get done, and needlework to do, I can’t spare the time to do just one thing. I have to get my work out there as much as I can because honestly, much like millions of others, my salary isn’t keeping up with the rising costs of everything. It’s even at the point where if I got a second library job, the fuel costs to get there negate any net profit I would make. So, selling my side work is gonna have to be it.

But the plus side is I made this!

One of my coworkers is going on maternity leave soon so, I made her a blanket as a gift. And I got some of the yarn stash used! Only to get a $50 gift card for my birthday and buy more yarn but hey, I still have my online store. I can put more things there to sell. I dunno about more blankets (since they take a long time to make) but Ill be adding more stuff there soon.

Also, I’m still writing. And posting reviews. I have a stack of reviews to post and plenty of books and graphic novels to review. I’m gonna try and get through these rough times.

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