Today’s Workout: Ah well…


I fully intended to just do running for awhile but nah, it didn’t work out that way. I’m not too broken up about it. I’ll do it when I do it and that’s that. The desk peddler will have to do for now and I’m getting in more steps every day.


A friend of mine gave me some Kind bars and I knew they would be perfect for a quick breakfast. It was just the right amount for me to be hungry for my salad at lunch time but not be starving. I think the combination of radish and red onion was a little much but not bad! It was a very filling salad. For dinner, the child requested pasta and since I had a can of diced tomatoes, I threw together something quick. I probably should have shared the chicken I made with this but, I gave it all to my child. He said he was super hungry.

All in all, this was a good day. I still need to get in the habit of not hitting snooze so much and having time to make a real breakfast.

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Today’s Workout: Can’t put it down

I need to keep myself from messing with my phone during a run because Zombies Run crashed while I was checking messages. I have to keep the phone in my hand so the accelerometer counts my steps but when my notifications go off, I keep trying to check them or at least take the time to dismiss them. Then I end up checking an email real quick, make sure the other apps I have are tracking my steps (I have apps that give me points for steps and I turn them in for gift cards), and this time it crashed my mission. I was able to resume it but that’s a little annoying.

After my run, I went out to get my prescriptions and if the nice lady hadn’t asked me if I wanted a flu shot, I probably would have forgotten like I have the past few years. My sore arm is going to make tomorrow’s weight training interesting but I’m not going to skip it. Perhaps I’ll just shorten the workout so it doesn’t hurt so bad.

Speaking of sore, I didn’t feel as sore after my run this time. I must be getting back into form. I was hoping it wouldn’t take long but I’m not going to jump into hour-long runs anytime soon. 30 minutes seems just enough for me to get my heart rate up and still have time to do other things once I’m done. Perhaps when I’m making more money with my writing, I’ll do longer runs.

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Today’s Workout: Meh…

wp-1652721184588I had all these hopes for a productive day today and I was just not feelin it. I sat here for 30 minutes deciding whether or not to even post today even with the blank page up right in front of me. It’s a special kind of tired/unmotivated to have the thing open right there and still wanting to say fuck it and post later. But it’s gonna thunderstorm so, I want to get this posted before the power possibly goes out.

I was obviously distracted while I was doing the bike today and I was watching the clock. I was able to get my cardio in but it was an absolute chore. I’m glad I didn’t skip but ugh, what a slog… 

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2021 Recap and 2022 Goals.

So… 2021 was a thing.


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And looking back on this year, I’ve actually had more success than the previous year. Not up to the level I wanted but improvement was made.

First off, while I didn’t make tons of money with my writing, I didn’t have as many months were I made nothing. I did hit my goal of making enough money in a month to pay one bill. I had some issues with Amazon that pushed me to move my books to my own blog, but I was able to succeed regardless. I also got my Patreon back up and ready for supporters.

My other goal was to clear out more clutter and that’s been going alright. My office is looking more and more like a place where someone works and not where someone stores crap. I have more to go but progress is in a positive direction.

And lastly, thanks to Saxenda, I lost some of the weight I wanted to lose. My insurance company played a bunch of games with my refills (and they’re doing it again, FML), which played a direct role in stalling my weight loss. I was also set back by skipping workouts to write more. While this did help me boost my catalogue, it did my weight loss goals no favors.

One thing I wasn’t able to do was use up more yarn. I still have my store but I wasn’t able to put much in it. I was focused on everything else that I just didn’t have the time. Maybe next year I’ll fill that shop to the brim. I also wasn’t able to learn how to knit socks… Maybe I should start the next year working on that.

Overall, I think I did a decent job with my goals for this year but I’m going to amp everything up in 2022. More stories, more reviews, more content in general for whoever comes across my little blog. Maybe a year from now, it won’t be so little.

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Happy New Year!

I am sure I’m not alone in my joy in 2020 being over. But for 2021, I’m keeping my goals simple. I don’t wanna jinx myself.

I’m gonna take it easy on myself and just try to write more and get healthier. I don’t even wanna be specific lest the gremlins of 2020 reach out to attempt to destroy me.

Let’s all have positive vibes to make this year better than the last. I mean, the benchmark isn’t that high.

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Lenni Reviews: “The Old Geezers” Volume 1 by Wilfrid Lupano & Paul Cauuet


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Antoine, Emile, and Pierrot reunite for a funeral and reflect on how their lives have unfolded in such different ways after their revolutionary days are over; leading them to wonder how they make a difference now.

I really enjoyed this! The art is perfect for the story, giving enough detail to the older faces without going overboard. I love seeing how people in their 70’s refuse to give up the fight for justice in whatever way they can. Everyone has such personality that the few points were the story dragged didn’t feel long. Worth checking out! 4 out of 5.

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30 Day Challenge Day 6


Hooo boy! Did I ever make up for yesterday!

There is something about that third interval that always makes me wanna take an extra break but so far, I’ve resisted. I keep telling myself that if I’ve made it this far – week 11 into the program – that there’s no reason to wimp out now.

I am looking into some other sorts of training after this program is over but I’m torn between the 5k training in the Zombies Run! app or redoing c25k with the speed turned up. It’d be cool to be able to beat my best time for a 5k.

I also need to complete the 10k virtual race missions in the Zombies Run! app. It’s bugging me that my missions aren’t complete. I’m trying to unlock all the achievements in the app. We’ll see because I won’t be home forever. Eventually, I’ll be back to work and not able to use my lunch hour to go run then eat at the computer. I have no interest at all in running half marathons or full marathons. If a zombie is chasing me more than 10km, it deserves to get me or I should have bashed its brains in already.

But we’ll see. This program isn’t over yet.

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Running Update: 30 Day Challenge


Since I’m home – including working from home – I might as well take the chance to get on the treadmill every day for at least 30 minutes. I’m almost done with C210K so I’ll do that three times a week and shorter runs the other days. I spend too much time hunched over my laptop to not try and even it out with moving more.

I’m not really trying for weight loss or anything (considering I’ve gained muscle weight since I started C10k) just working my way through trying to get faster and stronger. I also signed up for a 2020 virtual race that needs to his 2,020 miles before the end of the year and I’m 15 miles behind, so there’s that.

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It keeps getting better…

I ended up catching my kid’s sickness. Frikkin great…

Even after my back felt better, I can’t get back to running because I’m sick. That means no needlework either.

On the plus side, being stationary means I can write. Thankfully I’m not the kind of sick that means I can’t focus on anything. I’m trying to finish another Go Away Girls story anyway.

Hopefully, this will pass quickly and I can get 2020 back on track.

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So, 2020 sucks already…

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say Bucky is gone. He had cancer that spread to his spine and there was only the humane thing to do…

He came into my life at a very difficult time and I came to rely on his sweet nature and thankless support. He was just the best and I am utterly heartbroken.

Bless you, my sweet boy. You will be sorely missed.