Last Day of Sale


Gods in the Grey City is still on sale to celebrate the release of Gods in the Grey City 2! Smashwords coupon: WA93F.

It’s Release Day!

Gods in the Grey City 2

Today’s the day! Gods in the Grey City 2 is officially on sale. And to celebrate, Gods in the Grey City is free from Sep 30 – Oct 2, 2022! Smashwords coupon: WA93F.  Here’s the blurb for book 2: 

“After Tia defeated Jeshe, Grey City becomes a safe haven for escaping Muri slaves. But King Bastion is on a mission to stop them and has a secret weapon; his magic-wielding queen, Anasia, who is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Grey City falls.”

This is a direct sequel so you need to read the first one to understand the second. 

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Cover Reveal: Gods in the Grey City 2

My Camp NaNoWriMo project was a sequel to this book

Gods in the Grey City Lenni A.

  • Ciro buys more than he bargained for when he purchases a slave capable of bypassing the brand on her magic. He drags her on a journey with him to learn her secrets, but his own may kill them both.
and I’m almost done editing! So, it’s time for a cover reveal. I’m still working on a blurb but I’m saving that for when the manuscript is ready to publish when it’s cleaner and passes the “does this make any sense’ test. That’s my project for the week so, expect more info on this book soon!

You could see earlier cover reveals on my Patreon!

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Camp NaNoWriMo Complete!


See, I knew it would be done in less than 50k words. I’m counting this as a win.

I completed this last night and I’ll start editing it today. In case this your first update on this project, it’s the sequel to a book I published ten years ago; “Gods in the Grey City.” And in some shameless self promotion, it’s on sale at Smashwords right now! You can check it out for free until July 21st to see if you’d be interested in the sequel when it’s complete.

When I have the manuscript more fleshed out and organized, I’ll post s a preview over on my Patreon for my patrons.

This was a wild ride but in the end, I had a good time. Not sure what I’ll work on after this but I’ll figure that out once this book is published.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 19 and Today’s Workouts


I seem to average about 1,000 words a day which isn’t bad for when I want to write more short stories when this is over. Figure if I outline and write a story at 1,000 words a day, I could have something to publish by the end of the week! And one of my goals is to publish more stories faster. I find this promising.

I did my usual biking at work and did the rest of these after I stopped writing around 10pm. I still need to tweak things so that I have time to do some meditation or relaxing breathing right before bed to help me wind down. Just because I’m in the bed doesn’t mean I always get to sleep right away. And with the heat, I’m having issues staying asleep and waking up in the middle of the night broiling hot and miserable; blearily scrambling to adjust the temperature so I can go back to sleep. At least I lost some water weight that way?

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 18 and Workouts

As you can see, I am still behind and I’m ok with that. See, over the weekend, I went to have dinner with friends and people kept asking me if I was ok. Earlier last week, I had a coworker ask me if they’d done something to make me mad since I was so quiet. When I looked at myself closely in the mirror, I looked dead on my feet; just tired and sullen.

I need to take better care of myself. I’ve been up very late and not getting enough sleep. I haven’t even been cooking much because cooking takes writing time.

I did manage to make a few things but mostly, I’ve been living on snacks and leftovers. I look angry all the time and yeeeaaahhh, that’s not good.

So, this week I’m writing at a leisurely pace and stopping at a decent hour to get some sleep. I don’t even think I’ll hit 50k words just because the story doesn’t need it. I’m gonna chill the hell out and enjoy this process.

I took a walk to get some broccoli to make a real dinner and did my desk peddler. Once I got home, I used all my workout apps; including the sleepytime stretching to wind down and sleep soundly. Today I feel more normal but breaking the grindset mode is gonna take a while.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 14 (a late update)


At a certain point every night, I try to put my phone down and leave it alone so I can track my sleep and not be tempted to play around or doom scroll. This was my word count from yesterday.

I need to somehow get to 25,000 words today to get caught up and be on track for the possible 50k words. I say ‘possible’ because I’m not going to force it if I finish the story and I’m under. That’s not the point of this whole thing.

I’m a little stressed (meaning a LOT stressed) about how far I am from the right track but I’m not giving up. I was able to do this in November, I should be able to do it again.

I’ll try to update again today. It depends on how tired I am.

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Today’s Workouts and Camp NaNoWriMo Day 13


Of course today is more desk peddler and body weight workouts. I had to go a little easy because my hip is sore for some reason (don’t get old, kids) which serves to remind me why I’m working out in the first place: to be stronger as I age.

I am not entirely caught up but the words were flowing today. I think they’re mostly keepers as well. I tend to edit out a lot when I go back through but maybe I won’t need to do so much this time. It depends on how things continue. I’ve already deviated from my outline quite a bit and maybe this will turn out darker than I’d originally thought. Maybe I’ll add some more funny parts during the editing process to balance it out.

Today’s Workouts and Camp NaNoWriMo Day 12

I did my desk peddler at work and some body weight workouts after I got in my word count for the day. I’m noticing I can do way more arm reps now. With no hand weights, I can do 50-100 lifts and I can feel my muscles working. I have noticed a bit of toning up but nothing major. I’m not lifting heavy weights after all.

As for my word count, I am still behind but not so much that I feel I won’t be able to catch up. I just need one good say where I can log over 3k words and I’ll be in the clear.

The worst part of this is not being able to do anything else. I keep getting shows recommended to me and cool books I wanna read but I have to use all my spare time writing. Not that I don’t enjoy writing. I love it, that’s why I keep doing it even if I don’t make a living from it. But every once in awhile, I wanna sit and watch some anime or type up reviews for cool books I’ve been reading. Those will come if I can catch up with my word count.

However, I am having a blast working on this world. I wrote Gods in the Grey City a decade or so ago and I’ve always wanted to expand it. The characters are fun to write, the setting is interesting, and coming up with new villains has been awesome. If you liked the first one, I think you’ll enjoy the next entry.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 5


I am behind in my word count but today flowed so well towards the end. I’m gonna be tired in the morning but so worth it.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to get 2k words in over the course of the day instead of trying to squeeze it all in before I go to sleep. Work was busy so, I did have to wait till I get home.

Honestly, I should be doing 2k a day normally so I can get stories published faster. There’s a book I got about finishing a book in a week. I don’t have time to sit and read it now but I’ll share my thoughts in it when I get the chance.

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