Wow… 0.0

I randomly logged into Create Space to work on getting Dreamhunter on Kindle (pauses for cheers of joy) and I see that I have a message.

I sold a book. To somebody I don’t know.

I’m sure this has happened before since I’ve sold a grand total of 20 or so copies of DH and I know about 8-10 of them personally (and minus the 4 copies I’ve purchased myself), but I’m still nervous that someone I don’t know has my baby in their hands. I really hope they like it. *chews fingernails*

My ankle is healing nicely and I’m spending the time reading and writing. Mostly, I’ve been working on Greenhouse but of course there are other stories floating around. I’m brainstorming the third book in the First Brood series already but that doesn’t have a title yet.

I’m a little wonky today since last night was hubbsters 30th birthday dinner. I nursed one cherry blossom martini the whole night while he got shitfaced. I also went home early so I could steal Monkeygirl cuddles and he went to a bar and got so drunk (I hear) that people were able to draw on him without his knowledge. I demand pictures, people!! XD

Since it is a rainy and crappy day, I’m sure it’ll be quiet so I can write.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure it won’t happen. :p

Finally, the Peach Girl review

Since I’ve had the type of day leaving me with my foot up and ice pack on my ankle, I’m making the rounds on all my blogs to do some sorely needed updating. I need to keep off the foot and keep it on ice till I wrap it for bed so it’s a very good use of my time. 🙂

Peach Girl follows the adventures of Momo, a Japanese high school girl with dark skin and light hair. People think she’s an empty headed party girl but since she’s on the swim team, the chlorine bleached her hair and the sun tanned her skin. All the wants is to be taken seriously as a normal girl, fall in love with her middle school crush, Toji, and be happy. But her "friend" Sae just keeps screwing things up for her in the most malicious ways.

As a fan of the manga, I was just completely stoked to see it on screen. I could see they changed some plot points here and there but it’s generally verbatim from the books. This is pure high school drama and I love every freaking moment of it!! Hell, I even knew the end and I was still biting my teeth and crying like a big mush by the end of it. XD I love this series!! In fact, if you wanna get the Lenni a gift… Naw, I’m kidding. But if you like lovable characters and are the type to yell at the screen when a character does something stupid, this is totally the anime for you. There’s no blood, no guts, no mechs, no sex (that rhymes on purpose) but it’s perfect. Kudos, Miwa Ueda; the anime version of your manga is excellent. ^_^

On a totally random note: I added more to my Zazzle shop. There’s a few sketches I did on stuff now. Yay…

Now, back to icing my ankle. =_=