Running Update: Wierd Body… Things…

If you’re following me on Instagram, you know that I did my first run since my surgery. Interestingly enough, this hasn’t been happening (as far as I know) until after the lovely drama I was stupid enough to put myself through so I felt the need to throw up a post about it.


This used to happen a lot back when I was a teenager and LOVED gym and I was taking karate. I would get these little… Bubble… THINGS. They would pop up in my cleavage and under my breasts; basically between whatever skin was smashed together with the most powerful sports bra I could find. Come to find out through some searching that they are called water blisters.

(This is NOT actually my skin… The pic came from here)

I bet you’re wondering why I’m bothering to post about this if I found the answer, right? Well, the articles and forum discussions I kept finding mentioned tanning as part of what could be causing the damage and from the areas where this is happening, this is NOT the case. I don’t tan. I don’t have time to tan and certainly don’t have the time or the flexibility to tan where I’m getting these things.

…Ok MAYBE the flexibility but that’s none of your business… 😉

Obviously, if I’m on the treadmill INSIDE with a t-shirt, sun is not a factor. I get these from pure heat and friction and no, they don’t hurt me in the slightest. The articles say they hurt or burn and I haven’t noticed either. All I have is that creepy feeling of “WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS ON MY SKIN?!!” I feel the need to fill in these sort of knowledge gaps with my own experience so in case someone out there is having the same problem and happens upon this blog; perhaps it will help them, too.

As for how I deal with them? Well… I kinda just leave them alone. I don’t go out of my way to pop them or baby them with blister pads or anything like that. I go about my normal day and they go away on their own. Mine tend to be very tiny; if I didn’t happen upon them post workout; I wouldn’t even know they were there. Unlike the mondo blood blisters I got on my feet when I did my first virtual race, if I don’t see them, I have no clue they exist. I haven’t the slightest clue how to prevent these; since the advice on the links I found kept referencing the sun; which is not a factor. So far, leaving them be is the way to go for now.

If I learn anything else, I will ABSOLUTELY post it. I am NOT a doctor; I am just speaking to my own experience in the blind hope it may help someone one day. And although the all caps warning is up there, seriously go to the doctor if this is something that’s really bothering you. If you read this blog regularly or click on the link about my surgery, I can tell you from personal experience that it does not pay to tough it out and deal on your own. You wanna have a dermatologist check you out? Just DO it and don’t you dare feel silly or weak for doing so.

Now that the rant is over with, I’m gonna count all my blessings that I am still alive and I’m here to blab about silly things like boobie blisters. People talk about being grateful to be alive and… Every minute I am so glad to be here and posting about running, and books, and librarian nonsense… And gay and lesbian porn. That’s obviously the most important.

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Influenster – The Good Life VoxBox


I got this nifty little box from Influenster a couple days ago and right off the bat, the first thing I couldn’t wait to try out was the New-Skin liquid bandage. When I workout, I workout HARD so blisters are a common part of life for me. Also, as a librarian, so are paper cuts. 😉 I can see that coming in handy when kept in my purse; as would be the to go pain relief. Sore muscles, you see…

As for the snacks? I don’t like yogurt at all. It all tastes like sour milk to me. :p I plan to pass that off to my kid, who I can get to eat anything once it seems. XD I am a fan of Vitamin Shoppe and I’m willing to give the Thin Biscuits a try. But honestly? It’s the first aid stuff I’m most likely to buy. ^_^