BookExpo 2019 Day 3!


Alright, I’ve hit exhaustion. The last two days, I’ve passed out before I could even pull the covers over myself and today, I sacked out on the couch for an hour before making dinner.

Loving these little reminders that I’m 38 and not 28…

Anyways, tomorrow I hit up BookCon and see what I can get my hands on and that’s all for me before I head back to the library. I signed up to work this Sunday so I’ll be missing that day. But I plan to make the most of Saturday! The kiddo will be with me.

Her young legs and back can help this old lady out.

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BookExpo 2019 Day 1

Here’s the swag I got! 😀

And to cap it off, I got to see George Takei talk about his upcoming graphic memoir!

I’m telling you, it was a complete coincidence I wore one of my Star Trek shirts today.

Considering I deliberately left my rolling suitcase at home, I think I was quite restrained! But let me tell you when the floor opened, one would think someone would get stampeded. People had to be yelled at to just get in a line! It was crazy.

Never get in between book lovers and their free arcs, let me tell you. You may lose a finger!

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