See? Bookstores are dangerous for me…


Yeeaahhh… I was left unattended in Barnes and Noble with a credit card… This is the result. Actually, this and a couple things for my kiddo for Easter/Ostara gifts, but still…  >_< *smoke wafts off debit card*

I regret nothing. “Ghost” was I comic I read in high school and while it may seem silly to others, she was a huge role-model for me.  Rediscovering her at this time in my life has to be fate. 🙂 As for the special edition “Death?” It’s Neil Gaiman. I’d read the phone book if he wrote it. :p

The Tarot and Trace books just looked cool. I’ve always wanted to expand what I can do with my tarot cards and any sort of spiritual advancement I’ll take. :p

This is about IT for me in regards to book shopping. I did a big shop last week when I took the demon seed to get pictures with the Easter Bunny and still haven’t finished all THOSE comics. Looks like reading isn’t my anti-drug, it IS my drug. XD

My Saturday Adventure (with pictures)

My BFF learned I’d never been to Strand and decided this grievous error MUST be corrected. So we met up to see this magical place which boasts 18 miles of books.

It also involved beer but more on that in a second. XD

Here I am right out in front. This is after we went through the place and I decided if I wasn’t careful, I would never leave. XD Here’s some photos of the cool things I found.

These were just too cool not to take pictures of. XD I really wondered if those stories were in fact “droll” but alas, this book did not call to me to bring it home.

Here’s the Graphic Novels section where I (obviously) spent a great deal of my time. I am impressed with their selection and saddened by my nerd-knowledge of which titles were out of print and which weren’t. But I rationalized it with the fact it IS in my job description to know such things. XD

I talked myself out of buying these but I am glad they exist. 🙂

I was tempted to buy this book just for the title that made me want to throw rocks at Conrad. I decided rock throwing was not a valid reason to buy a book. :p

I’d say something clever but you’d probably never heard of it. XD

Someone should be either kicked in the shin for this pun or given a raise. I root for shin-kicking.

I had entirely too much fun here and I have to give it up to the staff here who totally didn’t mind me walking around with a camera taking pictures like an ass. In the end I came away with:

“The Book-Bills of Narcissus” by Richard Le Gallienne. I dunno why but this book called out to me to be bought. I’ve only just started it and I love it. XD

I have the giant hardcover of this book which I plan to unload on some unhappy soul. I much prefer this manageable paperback.

Because it’s true. XD

This now lives on my fridge but I may move it to my desk at work. 😉

We also went to Barnes and Noble where I picked up:

My monthly Pagan magazines which I will have to get a subscription to. It’s just easier.

For after reading all the “serious” books and my brain needs some pure junk/candy to read. 😉

It amused me. What can I say?

I’m working my way through the first three so having the next three on tap just makes good sense.

And I went to Sephora. I needed to be schooled on how to use the makeup. Nail polish I can do but other “girly” things baffle me. I stand by my assertion that eyelash curlers are based off of some demented medieval gynecological device. *shudder*

We also amused ourselves by going to a Halloween store. Upon seeing me taking pictures, I got whined at by the staff because they “don’t allow photographs of their merchandise.” They will be very annoyed then. >}

I enjoy this hat. ^_^

It’s a shame they got all whiny about me taking pictures because I would LOVE to put a link to their site to credit them for this funny set up.

This costume should be added to this list. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

After all that play it was time to get down to some serious business. And as a writer, that means drinking.

Here’s where we went. This place is awesome. From our table we could see the brewing tanks. There are no pictures of those because of this:

The sampler!! 😀 This was the most impressive assortment of beer I have ever tasted. One of these is chocolate coffee beer. Three great tastes they made taste great together! I should order a barrel to appease me then I have PMS. There was also a blueberry ale with actual blueberries floating in it. I’m in love with this place!! Of course, we didn’t just drink. That would be silly.

Toll House Cookie Pie. In case you didn’t understand, COOKIE PIE. Thank you, humanity, for restoring my faith in you.

I had an absolutely fabulous time. Only one thing about my trip disturbed me. We went to Forbidden Planet, which is (duh) a comic book shop where I expected to drop tons of moneys which could have fed my family. I only saw ONE book I wanted; a Lady Death art book which I was NOT paying 50$ for. Just no. I liked it but not THAT much. I left without buying a single thing; which scared me more than the slutty Green Hornet. It wasn’t that I didn’t find anything good, I either already owned it or could get it from my library.

At the end of the day my feet and calves were sore but it was worth every freaking step. I would do this again in a heartbeat. I can see Strand as a place where a great deal of my money would be spent on old and strange books like “Book-Bills of Narcissus.” I love random finds like that.

Now, I’m back to work writing. I’m working on Greenhouse and trying to come up with a decent idea for this fan-fiction contest from Otakus & Geeks. It would be cool to win it. ^_^ My problem is picking which of the many series/movies I like to write about. I have literally thousands of choices. 0.0 Halp?

I am also slowly getting back into the habit of reading and commenting on other blogs. I was so backed up, I just deleted everything to start fresh. I need to be more active. :/ I keep thinking if I spend too much time doing anything but writing, I’m not writing. And then what’s the point? But I enjoy people (in small doses XD) so I should be more sociable. 😉 I know I keep saying that but I’m tying here. :p

A Side effect of Borders Closing

I did foresee this happening to me but eh, cest la vie.

Since I can’t get to the bookstore to buy my favorite books, I have been getting them from Amazon. Since I also use Amazon to try and find the weird books I don’t find in book stores, my orders there have been getting stranger. I don’t mind it but it’s a serious departure from my buying habits.

I subscribe to Heavy Metal (some NWS images here, kids… In fact the whole site is Adult. Under 18? Don’t go.) and I LOVE some of the stories I see in them enough to buy the trades when I can find them. I own Requiem (and not just cause there are vampires in it) and now I’ve gone and purchased Sky Doll. Granted, I use credit card points and coupons out the yazoo to afford these things (feel free to buy my stories/books to support my addiction ~_^) but to have these books in my hands just makes me so damn happy.

And it is because Borders closed. Otherwise, I would have spent all my money IN the store and not have had enough money to spend on Amazon.

Yay for unintended consequences? :p

And there’s more. Because I’m looking at all these fucking AWESOME comics (and abusing the caps lock…) I feel the need to draw. How will I find time for this you say? By instituting a Drawing Night or two a week. And it’s in the Crackberry, so it’s law. I’d loooveee to update my ignored Deviant Art gallery

Oh, and if you pop by that link and snoop through my gallery; yes, the pictures I have of Ciro and Tia and of Tia are what the characters look like. Yes, those are mouse ears. No relation to Mickey.

I figure if I’m able to really practice on a schedule, my skills will get back to snuff. Not to mention fill all the sketchbooks I have laying around the house. Nothing says “sad” like a shelf full of empty pages. I wanna scribble on ’em. >}

So in closing, the death of Borders has me buying more oddball comics and wanting to draw more. Good? Bad? Not sure. :p If it ends up in me posting little comic strips and sketches then it’s total win. 😉

Yes, I’m hinting I wish to do that. ^_____^



Bye bye, Borders. :( And my librarian-ish fears.

It’s sadly official. Borders is closing. No, I am really upset about this. I ADORE going to Borders and found the entire shopping experience much better than Barnes and Nobel, and Borders was the only place I knew of where I could purchase Paperchase products on clearance or with a coupon. It was also my go to store for comics and manga.

Briefly, I considered finally making the switch to an e-reader. On the rare occasion I actually purchase a book, it’s a paperback. These are becoming few and far between, seeing as how I work in a library which gives me inside info on when my favorite books are coming out and I can read them for free. I don’t even mind waiting. It gives me time to read other books. :p

But comics are not available on your average mainstream e-reader without jumping through a thousand hoops to get the jpeg files to display. And if you’ve ever seen my Shelfari list, I read A LOT of comics.

What concerns me most about Borders closing is, as a graphic novel fan and a librarian, I see kids sitting in stores AND in the library reading their favorite series because they simply can’t afford to buy them. In my years as a fan, I’ve seen volumes go from $5.99-$7.99 to $9.99-$24.99 for your average collected book. Kids (and parents) just can’t afford to keep up when some series can go as high as 30 volumes. That’s $750 or more per series. And don’t even get me started on having space for all these things!!

This calls to mind the last time I went to my local Borders where a man working there scolded the kids for standing around and reading the books. The kids complained the libraries don’t have “cool books like these.” The hell you say! I told them flat out “Not only do we have cool books but the one you have in your hand I just ordered for the library!”

They didn’t believe me.

I feel for these kids because they can’t afford to buy them, can’t stand in a Borders and read (cause Borders is gone), and don’t KNOW these books are in a library! This is really sad and troubling to me.

As to why I was considering an e-reader, I will need space in my house for all the comics I will now HAVE to purchase from Amazon (some comics I get are not appropriate for a library… Not all of them are yaoi so shaddap… XD) so if I want novels, I’d like to save the space and use an e-reader. I mean, if I’m going to spend the money, I might as well save the space, right?

Eh, screw it. I’ll just use the desktop applications for now. I’ll need to save that money for comics. XD

But alas, Borders will still be gone. Some of my best memories are of going to the bookstore with my Ma and I looked forward to sharing that with my daughter. It’s amazing what she will come to know as normal concerning her reading as opposed to what I knew at her age. Is this really farewell to brick and mortar bookstores? This librarian hopes not. 🙁