Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: Pirates of the Carribean

  • Davy Jones Key Necklace with heart
  • Skull Earrings
  • Bone bracelet
  • Pirate skull tea infuser
  • Pirates Life for Me tote bag
  • Skull magnet
  • 4×6 art print

Being closed goth, I’ll take any skulls you give me but I am impressed with the selection here. I wore the earrings and necklace right away and found them both comfortable to wear but the edges of the key catch on everything. But after the SUPER HEAVY earrings in the Deadpool box, I’m glad these skulls are light.

For me, the star here is the tea infuser. I like the style of it and it’s so cute, I’ll be drinking more tea just to have that awesome skull in my cup. Absolutely worth every penny.

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January Kal-Elle Fandom Box: Supernatural

  • My “People Skills” are “Rusty” bracelet
  • Wing adjustable ring
  • Supernatural Decal
  • Supernatural Magnet
  • Supernatural tote bag
  • 4×6 art print
  • Revolver earrings
  • Kansas license plate necklace

While I am not super into Supernatural (yeah, that could have bene phrased better but, fuck it) I am familiar enough with the show to enjoy this offering. The bracelet went right on my wrist as soon as possible. And those earrings may have to be in my regular rotation.

In addition, since I reviewed this box, Melanie was kind enough to send me a little surprise!


Which was absolutely awesome. With all these decals, I may need a bigger car… XD I’m gonna end up being one of those obnoxious cars on the road that is just COVERED in nerdy decals.

Overall a super box, especially the bracelets; which I’ve been into lately for no specific reason. It’s not heavy and doesn’t interfere with my watch or activity tracker. Great selection based around this fandom. 🙂

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Kal-Elle Fandom October Box: Nightmare Before Christmas

As if I don’t subscribe to enough boxes, I found out about Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly just in time for Halloween! In here we have”

  • Jack and Sally necklace
  • Jack keychain
  • Jack Earrings
  • Jack headband
  • Nightmare Before Christmas prints
  • Lock, Stock, and Barrel with Zero magnet
  • Oogie Boogie bracelet
  • Jack and Sally ring

I am impressed with the overall value of this box. And of course, I’m wearing the earrings and bracelet today. I love this movie and I’m glad the stuff included here is unique. It was packaged really nice in black tissue paper and each item was individually wrapped in clear plastic. You could hand the unopened box right over as a gift and it would work.

I can’t wait to see what will come next month!

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Indie Gift Box -The Librarian

I got a random email in my inbox that I didn’t delete on reflex because it offered a librarian themed Indie Gift Box. Since it’s just one box I figures why the heck not. Lessie what they’ve got.

IMG_3474 IMG_3475 IMG_3476 IMG_3478 IMG_3479 IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3484

I’m pretty pleased with it. 🙂 I like that the bracelets aren’t bulky, which is great for using the computer all day. The lip balm is always welcome, and I think that bookmark is now my new motto. I need a little case for the handkerchief (for glasses wiping of course), and I am beyond thrilled with the earrings. They are too adorable for words. They remind me of broaches my grandmother used to wear.

If there’s ever another themed box that particularly strikes my fancy, I may nab it since this one was so cool. But not too often as I’m trying to cut down on my random monthly boxes. But this librarian gives her stamp of approval on this one.