Between my kiddo’s birthday, her graduation from 1st grade, and prepping for camp, it’s all I can do to get to bed before I fall asleep. :p The beginning of summer is always like this but I do have some posts in the works including May’s Birchbox and June’s, as well as the writing I’ve gotten done so far. I also have weight loss updates, which are baffling even to me.

Book reviews, as well. Those are FLYING in. @_@

It’s a wonder I have time to sit down!



Popping in.

Hello everyone! Just a quick note as I’ve been busy-ish the last few days. Even though I had yesterday off from dayjob, I used the time to clean the house and watch some very strange movies I borrowed; The Wicker Tree and Uzumaki.

In writing news, I’m plugging away at finishing Winter Boot and editing Greenhouse. Both are proceeding slowly but surely. I want to make sure I get these right.

That’s about it. See ya on the flip side!

Quickie Update!

Lenni’s been HELLA busy! I’m easing into working out, I have a new doggie to add to my family (the cats are as thrilled as you can imagine they would be), and I’m back to working every day at the library! I can’t tell you how happy to be back even if the office is like a refrigerator. XD

The best news I’ve gotten today is I contacted my insurance company and they are fixing my car! 😀 I’m kinda glad it’s not a total loss. I love that car. Although, I do plan to cleanse it with a sage stick and put some good luck charms in it. Clearly, there’s some bad juju there. o_O

No word on how long that will take but hey, hearing I’ll have my Pearl back is great! Coupled with 99% of my pain from the crash being gone, I’m in pretty good spirits. 🙂 I’m even writing more often and making my daily quotas of 4 pages a day. I’m keeping up with my journals which have been INSTRUMENTAL in my improving my mental state. I’m smiling more and moving on with my life. Nothing will get me down, damnit!!

Hey… These antidepressants are working! Give it up for the power of modern medicine! XD