Needlework News! Light Blue Scarf


This short scarf is knit with sky blue acrylic yarn. It’s shorter than I usually work my scarves but it’s still toasty warm!


Checking in and New Needlework!

I’ve been diligent about my stash busting so it’s time to start posting what I’ve finished! 😀


This pink cammo scarf is 55in long and 8in wide. It’s crocheted with acrylic yarn. I’m enjoying using up all the yarn I bought. It’s such a shame that it’s so easy to see pretty yarn and buy it without even a project in mind. So, expect to see a lot of scarves and washcloths being posted here in the future. Since those work up really fast and are easy for me to do, it’s my sure fire way to bust my yarn stash for good. 🙂

Finished Baby Blanket


 Too long ago, my cousin had a baby and seeing as how I crochet very slowly (and used to have people actively hindering me from doing needlework but thankfully, they go hinder someone else now) I still hope the little one can use it now that it’s done. It’s a very simple blanket with a black border; both acrylic yarn so you can wash the dickens out of it. This took a giant skein of pink yarn so this is a pretty decent dent in my stash!

This one is a gift but eventually I’ll be selling these as well. 🙂

New Needlework!



I’ve been pretty determined about getting rid of my giant yarn stash (it’s frightening, really) and getting to all the projects people have asked me for, so I’ll be posting things for your greedy little eyes to feast on as they’re completed. This is a crochet scarf that I mostly made for shits and giggles. Nobody asked me for it so I’ll probably be selling it if anyone wants it. It took up an entire skein of yarn to I’m happy to say it’s one skein down… Waaaayy too many to go.


NaBloPoMo Prompt #3

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

I’ve been known to write pretty much anywhere. I’ve even been trapped at a train crossing and jotted down a quick line or two but the most likely place is my home office. I adore it. When we redid the house, I picked a bright inspiring red for the paint. I have writing and drawing books all over the shelves. Comics, too. There’s a box for my current knitting/crocheting (a writer’s block tool for me) and of course excellent speakers for music. 🙂

Every once in awhile, I post from work when I have a free moment. Which is unlikely since I work with the public but it’s been known to happen. XD


 NaBloPoMo November 2013

Paying off my debts.

A funny thing happens to people when they find out you can do a thing. All of a sudden, everybody wants you to do it for them. And since I’m a people pleaser (me and my shrink are working on that) I keep agreeing to make things for people. This has resulted in what I have called “Yarn Debts.”  I can only crochet or knit at a certain speed but I would still like to get things done so I could finally let go of my guilt.

Here are the projects I’m trying to finish:

IMG_3280A scarf for the Demon Seed.

IMG_3281A baby blanket for my cousin’s daughter.

IMG_3282 A scarf for Misfitlibrarian.

This is the progress I’ve made so far and I’ve been working diligently on these before I start anything new. Much like writing more than one story at a time, I am trying to finish what’s started before starting anything else. :p

Till my tendinitis flares up. Then you all get to frigging wait because that shit hurts. >_<



Cooking Light Cravebox

100_0009 100_0008

This box is pretty cool. I LOVE whole wheat and veggie pasta. I’m one of those lucky parents who have a kid who loves vegetables but for those days where I’m too tired to make anything more complicated than a big pot of pasta and jar sauce, sneaking in extra veggies is awesome.

I’m not a big fan of soda in general, preferring water or unsweetened tea, but if I’m craving a sweet drink, the 7UP 10 isn’t half bad.

I’m not a fan of the BelVita cookies but they are PERFECT to give my little one for a snack. Same goes for the fruit bars up there in the corner. Throw ’em right in the lunch box for a no fuss healthy snack. ^_^

The rest I haven’t tried yet but I have the feeling the fudge pretzels will be good. Because, fudge. XD

That’s all I’ve got for today, kiddos! After spending yesterday shoveling snow, cleaning, and doing laundry, I am taking a lazy day for knitting and crochet. Later!

Pagan Blog Project – “K” for “Knot Magic”

I’m not talking about the Witch’s Knot, I mean knitting and crochet. There is absolute magic in hand making an object stitch by stitch for someone you love.

When I found out I was pregnant (after freaking right the fuck out) I took up crochet again after years of hanging up the hook. My grandmother had taught me when I was 7 or so and I could think of no better way to relax myself and prepare for my little one than to make her a baby blanket. I worked on it my entire pregnancy, line by line, and made it big enough to use as a lapghan when she goes off to college. I still have the dress my grandmother made for me (she was an awesome seamstress) so if my kid still loves me when she’s an adult, I wanted to make something she would treasure.

As I worked, I found myself thinking of all I hoped for my child. I wanted her to be healthy, happy, smart, and strong. I wanted her to wrap herself in this garment and know that she’s loved by her mama even when her mama isn’t around. The result was, quite frankly, staggering. It’s her favorite blanket and not just because I lord over her saying “I bloody made this and you will USE IT!!” she picks it. And I have a healthy, happy, smart, and strong little girl who just loves the shit outta that blanket. >D

I’ve also made items for other people, like a scarf for my husband. Same effect. You channel your wishes into the hooks or needles into the yarn and it comes through in your finished project. It’s the entire concept of Prayer Shawls with a Pagan spin. I still make things (when I have time) and eventually I’ll have a shop section on my website so I can share what I make with others. There’s nothing like a great big ole hug of positive energy. 🙂