September Birchbox


  • Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Double Cleanse Travel Set
  • evo liquid rollers curl balm
  • TOCCA Travel Fragrance Spray – Florence
  • Curly Hair Solutions™ Leave-In Conditioner
  • Milk Makeup Highlighter

I am enjoying the personalization options these days. I am getting more targeted samples than in the past. I still wish they were putting in little bits of chocolate and stuff like they used to…

As these are all new to me, I’ll have to see how effective these curl products are. I’m forever getting things that don’t moisturize enough so I end up with a head full of friz. I hope these work alright.

I gave away the perfume sample because I already have a favorite and I’m not looking to change it. As for the rest, I’ll figure out how to use it eventually. 😉

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CURLS Cashmere Curls Review

Ahh, prepare for some more girly, non-writing news stuff, my friends. But I think this is pertinent for my curly haired fans out there like myself who are looking for decent products to use.


CURLS Cashmere Curls hair oil isn’t half bad. It smells delicious and doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look oily. I get soft curls that aren’t sticky. However, I have gotten results just as good with cheaper products. I just can’t see paying $20 for something I can get for half the price, perhaps on sale or with a coupon. I could totally see treating myself to one of the products from the CURLS line, just not this one.

I’ll get back to my geeky, writing, reading stuff soon. I promise. XD

March Birchbox


I love that I get an email in the morning that something is on the way to me then get home and have it on my doorstep. This sets unreasonable expectations for anything else I may order but, YAY! New Birchbox stuff to play with! 😀

This month’s box includes:

As it happens, I am out of my favorite hair oil so this came at a perfect time for me. 🙂

Also? I sorta hate that camera. It’s butchering my pictures. >_<

Product Review – Miss Jessie’s Crème De La Crème Conditioner

I set eyes on a product for my hair type and I jump right on it. Usually, I end up disappointed. This time I am glad to say I ADORE this conditioner. My hair was soft and healthy after using this treatment. It was so good in fact, I turned in all my remaining Birchbox points to get the full sized bottle. I have thick, curly, dry, color treated hair and after this treatment, I no longer felt like I had a head of frizzy straw.

My hair is mid-length right now so I can see using a hefty amount of this when my hair grows out. But as a weakly deep treatment, this is a product I will totally continue to use.

Product Review – Miss Jessie’s Original Curly Meringue

While this says it’s “The Best Darn Curl Creams, Period” I didn’t have a great experience with it. I ended up with a frizzy mess when I used it after my shower and had to apply a different product to get my curls to behave.

It does smell really good but it doesn’t have the umph to get the organzized, smooth curls I desire. I’ll be skipping this product and sticking to my usual curl cream.

August Birchbox

I am really happy with this month’s offering from Birchbox. (that’s my referral link if you wanna sign up) Any time I get the chance to try a new type of product for curly hair for free, I’m a happy camper. In terms of trying types of makeup I wouldn’t normally use, this box isn’t as good as the others. Hair is something I’m pretty familiar with. However, I am excited to try this stuff. 🙂

The one thing I don’t really care about is the razor. Really? I’m a cheap bastard. I get my razors in bulk from BJ’s or deeply discounted from the pharmacy. I’ve learned over the years that price isn’t really a factor in how well a razor does it’s job on my legs. But hey, extra razor! 😀

Since I am a curly haired gal, I will absolutely review the Miss Jessie’s products. Look for that coming up soon. 😉