Finally Watched It: “Class”

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I’m aΒ fan of Dr. Who so obviously, this spinoff piqued my interest. Centering around a group of high school students dealing with some very Whovian misadventures, this series is fun to watch, well written, and decently acted. I like the characters and the stories are fun but there’s something about it that makes it cool but not as cool as Dr. Who.

Speaking as a fan, I say give this show a shot since I am glad I watched it. For me, I felt it was a better use of my time to wait till a few episodes had passed and watch a few all at once while I was working out or something. I didn’t feel that driving NEED to plunk down for the premiere of each one as it airs. Would I be down for a second season? Absolutely. I can see real potential in this show.

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October Loot Crate!


This month’s crate is of course a nod for today being the day in Back to the Future that Doc traveled back to (where’s my hoverboard!?) by having various time travelers featured. There’s Bill and Ted, Doc, the closest I will get to a hover board, and a sonic screwdriver spork. Of all of these the spork is my favorite. πŸ˜‰