I’m a big kid now!

I do have to apologize for my lack of posts. I had my road test yesterday and that was at the forefront of my mind. I tried to get in a confident mindset but I was scared shitless. My hands were shaking by the time the test was over but I passed. 🙂 Not with flying colors (I hit the curb parallel parking) but I can drive all legal like now. ^_^

So what’s the first thing I do? Why, purchase a pirate decal for the back of my car of course! It’s my little black car that means my freedom so I named my car Pearl. Ahh, yes… The Black Pearl is indeed freedom. 🙂

I’ll be updating on comic con and writing and drawing, and basically everything over the week. Now that I don’t have to wait around for trains or someone to pick me up, a bunch of time frees up for me! 😀 YAY!!

Mommy Monday and the glory of ONE

I am frequently asked “When are you gonna have another one?” when I am seen walking with my 5 year old daughter. Do I want one? Want is a strong word. Do I feel the biological pull of my uterus to create more offspring? Yes. But after this weekend when I took a road trip with my kid and my 8 year old niece to visit my mother in law in Pennsylvania, I was reminded why one can be more than enough.

I adore my niece but when the two of them get together, EVERYTHING is a pissing contest. And I see it with the other families around me as well. I can’t imagine throwing 2 or MORE kids in the back seat to spent 6 hours driving, keeping them all entertained (we don’t have a DVD player in the car so books, books, and more books), fed, and clean for the duration of the trip. For me, it’s hard enough with just the one!

Now I understand why I’m an only child. XD

This is not to say if I found myself suddenly pregnant again, I wouldn’t keep it, but in a perfect world, one is good. I still have so much I want to do with my own life that I can’t imagine putting it off any longer. Best to be happy with the one healthy, happy kid I’ve got. 🙂

Mommy Monday – Lazy family update

This weekend was just me and the kiddo. It was kinda surreal to be honest. o_o The Hubbz went to visit his mother out of state to see how she’s doing. The news on that front is she’s dong as well as she can with stage 3 lung cancer. We’ll be going to see her all together next weekend.

But, yes; an entire weekend alone with my kid was strange. But I learned some things:

1. Dominos online ordering? You are faster than I thought and thank you for saving my ass on the Friday night I worked late and forgot to defrost anything.

2. Kiddo loves cucumber rolls. Very awesome. XD

3. Not having a car was a pain but saved my ass because since regular errands took so long, me and kiddo had quality time during the walks.

Addendum to #3? Lugging 3 cases of bottled water in a shopping cart is a pain in the ass… =_=

4. One kid is enough to entertain. My decision to stop at one (if I can help it) was very, very wise.

But it was cool hanging out with just me and the munchkin. I got no writing done but still; a lot of fun. 😉

TGIF indeed…

Lenni’s had a rough week. To put it mildly.

It started if with a few silly little things and snowballed to hearing my cousin passed away. He was sick for awhile and in a LOT of pain so now he is at peace with my other family members who’ve passed on. He was a total free spirit; he painted, he did numerology, he even gave me Astrostones, so needless to say we had a lot in common. I’m gonna miss him…

Needless to say, I got a fat lotta NUTHIN done this week. But that will change.

Next week doesn’t look like it will be any easier on my fraying nerves. My Ma is going in for surgery on Monday (to have her chemo port changed or flushed er somethin) and I have to drive her home. Did I mention I only have a permit and think of cars as death machines humans no not the full risk of? So this shall be interesting. @_@ I’m not a VERY nervous driver but inexperienced? Totally. I’m gonna have to do a practice run to make sure I don’t completely freak out. :p Don’t worry, my kid won’t be in the car and my life insurance is paid up. 😉

This week has reminded me that I need to take time for myself to just breathe. It’s an important thing, really, to just take a minute, breathe deep, and chill. That way all the work gets done, bills get paid, and nobody gets hurt. :p