March 2016 Birchbox


Yet another instance of a subscription box helping me out, I’ve been needing a new set of brown neutral eye shadow. My old Sephora one has seen better days (I broke it…) so this is a perfect replacement. When I do get up early enough in the morning do put on makeup, I tend to stick with that color palate instead of something that if I screw up applying it, I will look like a clown…

As for the rest of it, I will take any anti-aging stuff I can find and I am curious to see if a blow out spray will work on my hair even though I use a flat iron instead. Heat protection is heat protection, right?

No really, I don’t know. This is why I stick with this subscription box. To learn this stuff.


June 2014 Birchbox


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sending foot wipes. My favorite thing about warmer weather is no longer wearing socks and rocking the flip flops. But streets are FILTHY so I am very grateful for something I can keep in my bag and get the grime of my tootsies.
I’ve gotten Supergoop before and I’m pretty happy with my regular ole Aveeno face cream. It’s great nonetheless. 🙂
The rest I haven’t tried yet because I’ve been doing some MAJOR cleaning out of old makeup. I’ve been tossing out more than I’ve been using; including old hair products. It’s part of a general de-cluttering spree I’ve been on. I even cleaned out old clothes and donated them. All these flat planes of empty space are so strange but awesome to look at.
The perfume was ok but I’ll be trading that to someone probably. I’m still a body spray sort of gal. It’s hard to over do body spray since it’s so light. I’d just assume skip those for more chocolate samples. ;D

May 2014 Birchbox


It’s late and I’m playing catch up here. Here’s what was in my birchbox for May:

I am in LOVE with the PIXI lip balm. It’s just enough shine for me now that it’s hot and I stopped even attempting to wear makeup. It all just melts off anyway but I do like to have a little bit of pizzaz to my already lovely face.
The rest I haven’t tried yet but the tea will probably end up at iced tea figuring that it’s JULY and hot as ballz (aren’t I a lady?).
Tomorrow will be June’s box. I’ll try not to fall behind again.

February Birchbox


As I still haven’t gotten decent pics of the color changing nail polish from last month (I keep chipping it) here’s this month’s offering! There’s perfume, color protecting shampoo, night serum, and face brightening cream.

The perfume is oh but I’ve been so in love with the Phoenix perfume from a previous box, nothing else has ever smelled as good. The color protecting hair stuff came at the perfect time cause I just dyed my hair. And I can’t see getting a real good impression of the serum. Most of these say you need a couple weeks to see results and I don’t think there’s enough. But what the heck! I’ll try it all out anyway. 🙂



November Birchbox


I am a fan of ANY box that comes with snacks. It’s chuao chocolate that pops in your mouth like Pop Rocks. It’s a little unnerving to have chocolate do that but it still tastes soooo good. The rest includes a body cream, mascara, nail polish and face cream.

The Color Club polish is a nice party gold which will come in handy this holiday season. 🙂 I hadda toss a bunch of old tubes of mascara so that will come in handy but I am currently suffering a glut of face cream and lotion so those will have to wait a bit. Hopefully I’ll get to them before they expire. :p

July Birchbox

Yes, I have fallen behind in my quest to become more girly. Or well, as girly enough as it takes not to have a heart attack when I enter the makeup aisle of a drug store. I don’t do hot very well so when summer comes, I am not likely to put much effort into doing my hair or wearing makeup. I rock the snood, wear sunscreen, and just try and get through the day without melting. But the Birchbox still comes. Here’s this month’s offering.

This month’s box is inspired by Glamour.

I haven’t tried any of this stuff yet. However, I am proud to say I am completely aware of what mints do and what ear buds do. XD The rest I can figure out as I go.

I think what gives me the most pause about what I’ve been getting is the perfume. I can over do make up and just wipe it off but too much perfume can down every breathing person within a 20 foot radius if I’m not careful. o_O Of all the items I’ve gotten, those are the most likely to sit unused or be given away. Maybe I’ll hold another contest and in addition to my book, I’ll give away some of the samples I’ve been hoarding. They’re not bad; I enjoy the scents. I’m just a body spray sort of gal, not perfume. It’s lighter, cheaper, and hard to overuse. XD

April Birchbox

Ah, it’s been some time since I posted about my Birchbox.

I am a tea lover so I’m excited to try the tea. But I’m at a loss as to what to do with the beauty balm. I am the type of chick who is lucky to remember her spf 15 face cream in the morning so I’m sure I’ll beg my much more knowledgeable friends for help. XD

The Be Fine Moisturizer was expired but Birchbox sent me a 100 point credit for that. I used that credit with the 110 I got for signing up and purchased the Zoya Blogger Collection. With my points and including shipping, I got it for $3.95! 😀 And I enjoy bright nail colors when I have the time to put them on. I’d love to use these colors to try the Sponge Manicure. I think it would make this really cool sunset/fire looking effect. 😀

Tomorrow it’s back to writing news but if I ever do that sponge thing, I’ll post about it. I’ve got to get back to prepping the house for my husband’s birthday “party.” (meaning just a couple people and an ice cream cake)