Greenhouse is now available in paperback on Amazon!! So, if you’ve been wanting to get this book in your hot little hands, now you can!

Since my other stories are so short, I probably won’t be offering them individually in print. I’ll wait until I have enough for a decent short story collection. In the meantime, grab Greenhouse today!

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Another Review!!

The free promotion totally paid off in the form of this review! A big thank you to Sidney, who gifted my book with a 5 star review! Part of which includes:

I cannot understand why these books aren’t widely read. One of these days Lenni will be an author everyone reads. Get ahead of the curve and start reading her now.

I don’t understand either, my friend.

Another 5 Star Review!

I happen to be poking around on Amazon and on a lark I decided to take a look at my book entries. I like to make sure they’re still up and written correctly, ya know? And low and behold! Another review! 😀

That’s pretty damn awesome. I was concerned the second book wouldn’t be as well received as the first because it’s SO much shorter. But good is good and apparently? I am GOOD!

Guess What!!

Book Two is out! 

Actually it’s been out for a couple days. And there’s no cover (that’s a placeholder)… But HEY! There it is! 😀 Because I have been sitting on this manuscript for a year and I’ll be damned if I wait one more second more than I have to. 😉

So go! Buy! Read! And I hope you enjoy. 🙂 Please review if you do!

Delays, delays…

As you may have noticed, there has been no sign of book two yet and that has been for a very good reason. I was going through the formatting and discovered some interesting typos. I’m going through the whole damn thing again to make sure it’s as perfect as I can get it before I unleash it on you all.

Expect it soon. I promise. 🙂