Today’s Workout: Successful prepping


I’m working my way through PMS right now where I want to just eat everything in front of me. I’m always hungry so, I need to be as active as possible to balance that out. And when I say “hungry” I mean my stomach growling not just feeling a little snacky.

Now that it’s cooler, I have no problem putting the oven on. I made some salmon on Sunday and had plenty to use as leftovers for my lunch today. Usually with all that rice I’d be too full for a big dinner but nope. Since I felt like I was starving, I made myself a big salad with tuna for some filling protein. Even though I passed 1200 calories, I still felt hungry later on in the night. It’s super annoying to feel this out of control when my hormones are all over the place.

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Today’s Workout: More lunch box fun

wp-1695259756575Yup, almost at a full hour! My thighs were trembling! Very awesome. All about the good kind of pain that comes from hard work.

Another prepped lunch in one of the lunch boxes my kid refuses to use. I made myself a salad to go with the steak and pasta but it was so much food, I didn’t need dinner. It was WAY too much. I’m already contemplating different types of meals to put in this thing; maybe rice, meat and veggies in the bottom and salad in the top. I think that would be fun. Those little rocks are actually Trader Joe’s Maple Fudge. They are VERY sweet, at least to me who’s cut out a lot of sugar from my diet. Yes, despite eating a toaster pastry. I only have juice or soda once or twice a YEAR and of course the odd dessert product here or there. It’s all water and unsweetened tea for me most days. I don’t find it boring. There are plenty of flavors of seltzer and again, Trader Joe’s comes through with their plain green tea and blueberry pomegranate green tea. They are delicious and super refreshing.

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Today’s Workout: It’s mine now.


A little shorter session on the bike today but I got a lot of work done on some interesting stuff for the library. Gotta make sure I stay productive at the day job.

I did get up early enough to not only make myself a nice breakfast but prep my lunch as well. Since my kid doesn’t want lunches from me, I decided to use the lunch boxes I bought for myself! I’m on a radishes kick again, apparently. For dinner, I only wanted to use what I already had in the house to save money on groceries. The cut of steak I used (I forgot) had too much fat on it for my Itaki. I used it over some pasta with diced tomatoes instead. I made the whole pack of pasta and packed the leftovers for tomorrow. Since all of this together was over a thousand calories, I felt a little overfull at the end of the day. I think pasta in general is too heavy for me right now.

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Today’s Workout: More time


I’m staying longer on the desk peddler thinking that perhaps it would shake something loose and the scale would start moving again. I’ve been thinking about doing more cardio once I get home but I do need some time for more body weight workouts and weight training; which I have mostly remembered to do every day. It may not be in an app but I do at least 50 crunches and 50 squats to get those muscles working.

I haven’t gotten back in the habit of waking up for a run on my late nights (I’m getting there, I just need to stop staying up late to write/edit) but I did sit and have lunch before I went to work. I made myself a salad after prepping my dinner for the itaki lunch box. I had one of those bars for breakfast so, the day wasn’t bad!

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Today’s Workout: Ah well…


I fully intended to just do running for awhile but nah, it didn’t work out that way. I’m not too broken up about it. I’ll do it when I do it and that’s that. The desk peddler will have to do for now and I’m getting in more steps every day.


A friend of mine gave me some Kind bars and I knew they would be perfect for a quick breakfast. It was just the right amount for me to be hungry for my salad at lunch time but not be starving. I think the combination of radish and red onion was a little much but not bad! It was a very filling salad. For dinner, the child requested pasta and since I had a can of diced tomatoes, I threw together something quick. I probably should have shared the chicken I made with this but, I gave it all to my child. He said he was super hungry.

All in all, this was a good day. I still need to get in the habit of not hitting snooze so much and having time to make a real breakfast.

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Today’s Workout: Unexpectedly Spicy


Since I missed a day, I went a bit longer on the desk peddler today. Next week I’ll start running again and my period is coming so, I need to be active to help deal with soreness and cramping.

Since I’m trying to eat breakfast more often but don’t always have time to cook, I grabbed a pomegranate cherry toaster pastry from Trader Joe’s. Just one, I can’t eat two of them at once. For lunch it was my regular Itaki meal but as you can see from the little red spots in the dish, I also got one of those little pepper plants from Trader Joe’s and since it says it’s high on the Scoville scale, I just used one. And they are quite potent! Just the one went very will with the spices I already use to marinate the meat. When it gets cooler and I start making chili again, I’ll totally use these peppers in it. If I can keep the plant alive till then. I kill a lot of plants for a witch. For dinner I had a small portion of chips and salsa since I wasn’t hungry after the big lunch.

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Today’s Workout: Three Squares


The desk peddler session was a little short today just because I didn’t quite have the time but I did my squats and crunches later on. I still need to get in more muscle work but I’m getting there.

I actually ate three meals today and I gotta say, I felt overfull. It all came to about 1,000 calories. That pasta dish took awhile to make but I was able to use some delicious heirloom tomatoes instead of canned diced tomatoes (which are fine, I just wanted to try the fresh ones) and I made a big enough portion for lunch tomorrow.

Since my weight isn’t really moving, I think I’m gonna switch to the desk bike; which has higher resistance than the desk peddler. I know I shouldn’t be focusing so much on cardio if I want to build muscle but with the higher resistance, I think I’ll get more thigh and calf definition. Once it gets cooler, I’ll get back to Zombie’s Run. I’ve been paying for it so, I might as well use it.

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Today’s Workout: Remember Bobby McFerrin?


This session felt calf heavy so, tomorrow I need to focus more on my lower belly and thighs to keep things even. I was able to read some ARCs meaning there will be more book reviews posted soon.

I actually had three meals today. I didn’t have time to cook breakfast, so I grabbed some D-Plus bread on my way out of the house. Lunch was my Itaki usual and dinner, I was so excited for this salad. I hit up the farmer’s market over the weekend and got some beautiful tomatoes. And I don’t even feel bad about that; I am entitled to some simple pleasures in this capitalist hellscape we live in.

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Today’s Workout: New Breakfast Option


This one was a little shorter because there was some work stuff I had to deal with but that’s ok. It was still over 30 minutes and I still felt my muscles working.

You know those videos online of a little kid cooking on a hot rock? Like this one? I was very curious about making something like that so, I found some flat bread similar to what’s in that video (if anyone knows where to get the exact thing, let me know) and tried it out myself. Since it wasn’t puffy enough to open and make a sandwich, I just folded it with the fried egg. That’s a little dash of chili crisp on that egg; which tastes fantastic. It’s a quick, delicious breakfast. Next time, I’m gonna try the scallion flavored bread. For lunch, I got pre-diced chicken breast from Misfits Marked and I gotta say, the convenience is so worth it. I don’t have to spend time and extra dishes cutting slimy chicken. They marinate and cook faster, too. Definitely gonna be in my regular rotation.

With that breakfast and my usual lunch, I didn’t feel hungry around dinner time. I just had an ice pop cause it was hot and I was in the mood for something sweet. I think it was a good day overall.

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Today’s Workout: All a mess

I had another webinar for some upcoming titles (please pity my TBR pile…) so it just made sense to use that time to be on the desk peddler. The heart points get a little off because I reach forward and use the computer to make note of books I want but calorie burn is calorie burn.

I wasn’t able to prep my lunch like usual so I went for a tuna sandwich on a bagel; meaning I had a nice walk on my lunch break. For dinner, I’m working on the last of that baked chicken. Both meals were a hot mess (the young lady who put the bagel together didn’t quite get it right) but a meal doesn’t have to look good to taste good. And I had plenty of protein for the day, did my squats, and a bit of ab work. I keep forgetting to use the apps I have for those. I need to make sure I use them.

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