Operation Free Booga Update: Oops

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Yeah, I have a book problem…

Between some awesome free book offerings and some very interesting titles coming down the pipe, Booga is back to being too full.

But on the plus side, that means there are some kickass reviews on the way! I will have to read these pretty fast but expect them within the month, for sure.

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Have Pity for My Kindle

With all the reviews I’ve been doing lately, you may wonder how I’ve come across all these books or where the hell I keep them. Some I do own hard copies of but most of them are eBooks I purchased while they were free or deeply discounted, or borrowed the eBook or hard copy from a library.

And I filled my Kindle. I didn’t think this was a thing that could happen but when you put a subject into a search and put them in order from lowest price to highest then buy every book you are remotely interested in that’s free; yes, you can fill it.

It’s gotten to the point where there’s so little space left, it cannot process certain commands. So, I’ve been making an effort to read more than I buy. I have thus-far failed and settled for turning the WiFi off so the books I buy don’t immediately go onto the device – which I have named Booga.

I realize things have gotten completely out of hand and I am on a serious mission to clear these books off. I currently only have 676 MB free and I need to double that free space before I can get anything else.

Operation Free Booga has commenced!

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