Lenni Reviews: “Happy” by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson

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Before I watched the show I wanted to read the comic it was based on so I made sure to get a copy for the library. If the show is a bleak as the comic, I will have to wait to be in the right mood for something so dark. But as pessimistic as this story is, the take of a fallen cop getting redemption as it is forced upon him by a floating blue imaginary donkey is fun in the same way The Boys is fun: So wrong, it’s right. Somehow you root for Nick Sax; not because he’s an asshole with a heart of gold, he is a different asshole than the shittier assholes around him. He’s not overtly better, he is presented with the chance to be better.

Now that I’ve read it, I am more excited to see how Christopher Meloni plays Nick and how far they will go on the small screen. As for the comic? Cool despite being pretty sad. 4 out of 5.

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