Lenni Reviews: “Healing Hunter’s Heart” by Charlie Cochet

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This book is rated for 18+

Ari Jannsen and Hunter Devin had a forbidden romance which came to a tragic end. As a werewolf enforcer, Hunter was supposed to keep away from a pureblood like Ari. When they were discovered, Hunter was wounded and cast out of the pack, causing a split within the pack that even separated family members. Hunter and his friend, Tristan Hagan, created a new pack but not only is Hunter empty inside without his mate, Ari’s mother, Skyrah, vowed to destroy them even if it means killing kids or her own son.

I have a weakness for shifter romances since they combine what I love about fantasy with a tolerable amount of romance elements for me (believe it or not, I don’t tend to read romances normally…). The dialog was written excellently and although I didn’t read the first book, I was invested enough in Hunter and Ari’s relationship to be interested in what happened to them. However, the time jumps were disorienting and sometimes te cast of characters felt distractingly large. Overall a decent read but I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for those reasons.

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