Lenni Reviews: “The Medium-Sized Book of Zim Scripts: Vol. 1: Pigs ā€™nā€™ Waffles: The stories, and the stories behind the stories of your favorite Invader” by Rikki Simons, Eric Trueheart & Aaron Alexovich

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* This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is a collection of not only scripts but behind the scenes stories. I knew I would love this book from the introduction, which has all the wit and humor once comes to expect from a show like Invader Zim. I’m not even one for digging into the background goings-on of a show I like; tending to just enjoy my chosen media and move on (or watch repeatedly). Despite this, I had a great time with the backstories and inspirations for the plots in the episodes.

This book brings even more fun to the original show and has me wanting to binge the entire thing all over again to see the fruits of such interesting labors. And these side stories are fantastically written. You get the feeling of being there with the emotions expressed and interactions of everybody – especially towards the end with the show’s cancellation. It isn’t accurate to say I can’t know what it would be like to work with these people because this book showed me and I am delighted to have read it. I encourage fans of the show to give this a try.

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There’s been a distinct lack of free swag in the last few years but that doesn’t mean I don’t find some cool stuff! Here’s the books I managed to get my hot little hands on.

I haven’t finished reading any of these yet but I will be reviewing them as I do. Those Holy Hell comics are from the panel I went to about comics and comic cons in India; which was an awesome panel. I did give them my card and get a card from them so I hope I can get more comics from them in the future so I can review them for you guys and get them some more exposure.

The Invader Zim comics are the ones I’m looking forward to the most. Ever since I heard they were coming out, I wanted to read them. I still watch the show when I get a chance.

That little Batman mini thing I will probably give to the kid or sell it on eBay. It was one of the few things I got for free but I can’t keep just collecting things. I have to clear out so my office can function as an actual office.

Tomorrow it’s back to reviews! I know I’ve fallen a little behind but I have no shortage of some interesting material for you guys.

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