Lenni Reviews: “Something is Killing the Children” Vol. 3, by James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera


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Archer’s Peak is in lockdown and while Erica is desperately trying to keep the situation contained, a video is leaked that exposes the existence of these creatures. Now, The Order of St. George wants to take more extreme measures.

I really love this art style in the battle scenes. Very dynamic and flows well so you understand what’s happening. 

Other than that, this is a pretty standard evil creature, secret organization, brooding hero type story. It’s the main characters that keep me interested and I am hopeful there will be more of Erica and her journey. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Something is Killing the Children” Vol. 2, by James Tynion IV & Werther Dell’Edera


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While Erica vanquished one monster, the threat is far from over as the monster’s offspring set their sights on the remaining residents of Archer’s Peak.

While I like this series and the broader world this volume introduces, I’m getting annoyed with how sloppy this sooper seekret organization is. I know a story like this needs a body count but I’m starting to feel less fear of these people and more frustration. Guys, killing these monsters is your THING, how are so many of your people dead?! Why is Erica the only one who can take them? Get it together, Super Secret Monster Hunting Organization.

Otherwise, I’m hooked and I hope there will be more of this series. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Something is Killing the Children” Vol. 1, by James Tynion IV, Werther Dell’Edera & Miguel Muerto


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In Archer’s Peak children are going missing; never to be seen again. One boy who escaped tells tales of horrible monsters living in the shadows. A mysterious woman covered in blood seems to know these creatures and is prepared to do battle with them despite the adults believing the children are lying.

The main character, Erica Slaughter, could easily slip into the mysterious tough gal stereotype but she’s got enough personality to set her apart – even if her name is a little on the nose. This is a gory, action packed story with all the great trappings a series like this needs: badass hunter, evil creatures, and a shadow organization lurking about with their own agenda. This was cool to read and I look forward to the next one. 4.7 out of 5.

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