Kobo’s 50% off Sale!!

For 4 days, Kobo is offering 50% off on ebooks! Just the coupon codeΒ GET50SALE and save on any of my books today!

Remember; some of these stories are smutty so be aware! And if you don’t have a Kobo reader, you can download the free app to your phone or tablet! Happy shopping!

New Story Now For Sale!


Now available for Nook and for Kindle is Old Soldier; a short and sexy fantasy story I wrote for a submission call but didn’t finish it in time. But why waste it, right?

And if you’ve been on my site recently, you’ll notice I’ve started to post covers of stories yet to come! I am also working on getting all my books on the Kobo reader as well! Stay tuned for even more awesome stuff! πŸ˜€