Lenni Reviews: “Eros/Psyche” by Maria Llovet


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Sara is a new student at an exclusive and unique all girls boarding school. By chance she meets the most popular student, Silje and forms a fast relationship that blooms quickly into something more.

This is poetic and beautiful, also a bit haunting. But I have no frikkin clue what this is all about. There’s some sinister all girls boarding school in the middle of nowhere and they learn magic but is so strict if you break the rules you go to a special room for punishment, there’s implied genetic testing going on, and the mysterious school is eliminating these girls on by one until only one remains and for… What?

Don’t get me wrong, this is emotional and lovely but by the end all I had were questions that left me frustrated. 3.9 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Norroway 2: The Queen on the High Mountain” by Cat Seaton & Kit Seaton


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Seven years have passed and Sibylla is captured by the Troll Queen, jeopardizing the prophesy she must fulfill

There’s some interesting palace intrigue going on here in this rich fantasy world. There’s a lot of lore to play around with and I didn’t expect a 7 year jump from the first volume. That’s an interesting choice since most stories are quick to get to the big prophesy part right away. This is an interesting twist giving room for a compelling cast of characters. I like the uniqueness. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “The Girl from the Sea” by Molly Ostertag


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Like most teenagers, Morgan dreams of leaving her small seaside town so she can be herself. After her parents divorce, her and her little brother are having trouble dealing with all the emotions, leading Morgan to take a walk near a cliff; only to be saved by an old and exceptional friend.

This was a sweet book with some great representation and a nice simple story. It’s perfect for it’s age group and had beautiful art. I would have liked to see more of it but the ending is satisfactory as it is and makes this all a light hearted read with great characters. 4.5 out of 5.

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It’s here!

The first part of “Dahlia” is all done and ready for purchase! Click here or the picture above. Here’s the quick blurb:

Dahlia has a peaceful life working for a recycling company and coming home to her loving wife. But when that peace is shattered, a new terrible world is opened up, a dark past is revealed, and a dangerous quest begins.

I’m super excited to put this one out there. I hope you enjoy it!

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Lenni Reviews: “Blood Borne” by Archer Kay Leah

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*This review was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

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Ress is cornered between two opposing factions while all he wants is a quiet life with his family. Arden is trapped by duty to the Shar-denn and the orders to hunt down Ress for betraying them yet Arden finds the growing feelings for Ress may outweigh the task.

Setting aside how fucking confusing the pronouns for a nonbinary/gender queer character (Arden) are without knowing them before you start this book and think they are typos, it is the characters that make this book. The writing makes them come alive but the rest? I sadly found it tiresome. Boring isn’t quite the word because I made it through the book without my mind fogging and my eyes glazing over but if what made the impact is the new pronouns making me feel like an out of touch old geezer, then something is missing. Not bad, took a chance with a character like Arden which needs to happen more, but ultimately a 3.5.

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