November Birchbox


This is a decent collection of stuff except I don’t use eyebrow pencils (mostly because I just… don’t want to). The thing I’m most happy with is the hand cream. My hands get very dry over the winter; especially in my cold office working with computers all day at work. I go through a lot of lotion just trying to keep my skin from cracking.

The perfume is pretty nice although I don’t think I’d go out of my way to get it. True to it’s name, it’s a light scent that doesn’t make my nose want to die. If I got more samples of it, that’d be cool but I wouldn’t buy it.

Overall, this box is OK. I’m not as excited with it as I have been with previous ones.

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October Birchbox


These days all the boxes seem to be similar. Shampoo, conditioner, skin care item, perfume, mascara, rinse and repeat. I seem to recall these being a little more creative in the past. Maybe it’s me, but it seemed more random than it is now. You would get chocolate, a little charm, a bracelet… It’s getting less fun knowing it’s the same thing over and over.

Ah well… It’s still all stuff I can use so not all bad. And I can’t attest to how expensive it must be to get food or jewelry samples in these things so I’m forgiving.

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Girls Night In Cravebox


Yeah, I know I’ve been doing a lot of Cravebox updates lately but I keep winning them and this one is very cool.

There’s instant coffee, nail polish, lip balm, hand lotion, fruit water, and refreshing health pads. Right off the bat, this is the BEST box so far because of the $50 towards a purchase at Naked Wines. Discounted booze? You had me at hello. 😉

The first and easiest to try is the water. From the first sip, I could taste the fake sugar and I didn’t like it. Then again, I’m a snob and like green tea extract in my water and sugar free teas. I couldn’t even get through the whole bottle and ended up tossing it.

I have had good experiences with most instant coffees. They are a great option for when you need an emergency pick-me-up and have nothing but hot water to make coffee (which happens to me at work all the time). Mixes like this tend to be presweetend and have milk already in them so if you’re out of sugar or milk, you can still get some caffeine in you and not scream at people. 🙂

Since the weather is getting warmer, I have  an excuse to do my nails so expect to see pics of my hands and feet. :p

Also? I am SO probably going to drink all that wine myself. What can I say? My muse must be Bacchus. XD

March Birchbox


I love that I get an email in the morning that something is on the way to me then get home and have it on my doorstep. This sets unreasonable expectations for anything else I may order but, YAY! New Birchbox stuff to play with! 😀

This month’s box includes:

As it happens, I am out of my favorite hair oil so this came at a perfect time for me. 🙂

Also? I sorta hate that camera. It’s butchering my pictures. >_<

September Birchbox

I was really excited for this box but it’s sorta hit and miss. However, I do have to say: When these boxes arrive, I have been saying “Oh! I can’t wait to try that!” instead of “WTF is that?” This shows growth and progress. XD

So far, I’m most excited for the tea. XD But hey, I got a new nail polish color to play with.

This is a nice color! Although, I have to say I would rather have tiny bottles in multiple colors than one bottle in a sorta regular size bottle. It’s more to play with,  ya know?

Yeah, I’ve used shampoo before. It’s always good to have small ones for travel, though. 😉

This product made me confused. It does all sorts of things I didn’t know I needed something to do. o_O

Mmmm… I love a good cup of tea. 🙂

Aromatherapy? Why not? I’ll give it a try.

And a hair tie. I’ll be growing my hair out so I can use this. Can’t see spending so much on something I’m so likely to lose or break but hey, to each their own.

I’ll do my best to review these as I use them.

Review of the Ahava Foot Cream

I should have reviewed this before the November Birchbox came but rather than scramble for things to post for NaBloPoMo, I’ll catch up on things I should have done a long time ago. :p

This time is the Ahava Mineral Foot Cream. It smells nice and all but honestly, I get more moisture from my MUCH cheaper Lubriderm Advance Therapy lotion and for a fraction of the price. I just can’t justify the cost for what it does. If I’d want to splurge on some fancy foot cream, I’d get Burt’s Bees.

Here’s all the stuff I got in this month’s box:

I’ll finish reviewing the last box before I start in on this one.

No, I do not get paid to review these products. I pay for the Birchbox service and I share my thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less.