Finally Watched It: American Pop

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If I were to describe this movie, it would be a sad but loving send up to music and musicians. This movie uses music to tell the story of four generations of an immigrant Jewish family in order to show how American music changed and grew in the 20th century.

I can’t believe I missed this one but it did come out the year I was born and is NOT intended for children. There is rampant drug use, war, sex, murder, and hell, even the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire! I was able to pick out some of the rock stars Bakshi was inspired by to create some of these characters; the most obvious to me being Janis Joplin. Between the music and the gorgeous animation (which holds up fairly well, in my opinion) I was absolute awe. It’s one of those movies that really leaves its mark and I am SO glad I made time for it. Heck, I may buy it so I can watch it whenever I want. If you’re a fan of animation, great storytelling, and awesome music and you haven’t seen this? Check it out. You won’t be sorry.

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May Anime Loot Crate: Music

This box contains:

  • Hatsune Miku Blanket
  • Your Lie In April manga
  • Vocoloid t-shirt
  • Stuffed Leek
  • Ear buds
  • Miku Keychain
  • Miku poster
  • Cell phone charm

I am totally in love with that blanket. It’s small, more for your lap than anything else. But it’s still really cute. And again, a subscription box anticipates my needs as I’ve been needing new ear buds. we’ll see how long they last. I have a tendency to destroy them.

I’ll review the manga when I get around to reading it. Shouldn’t take to too long. I’m in the middle of this steampunk demon book.

I have been wondering what I’m going to do with all these t-shirts! You can only wear one a day, you know. Or maybe I’ll be the otaku of the gym…

Who am I kidding? I don’t have money for a gym. Guess I’ll just have to double up!

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NaBloPoMo Prompt – Writing with music

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Not only do I write with music, I find I write better when music is my background. I hold the pen differently and sometimes I actually sway like I’m conducting. XD  I find silence more distracting than having the TV on or music playing so I always have my MP3 player charged and ready for a good marathon of writing! 😀

I usually have rock playing but I have eclectic music tastes. I go from Skindred, to Korn, to Enya, to TMNT soundtrack, to DRR, to 80’s music, and to Pink without skipping a beat.

However, I cannot sing and write at the same time. XD