April 2014 Birchbox


Again Birchbox offers food! πŸ˜€ Yet, I am meh about this one. I dunno, I feel like I shouldn’t get healthy things after getting chocolate last time. ;D

This month’s box has nail polish, an eye pencil, color safe shampoo, and lip/cheek color. I got silver eye pencil which I have no clue how to use. I use black or brown when I use eye makeup at all. I am also probably the only woman who doesn’t use color safe hair stuff. As for the nail and lip stuff? Sure. I could always use more. I like painting my nails when it’s warm out. πŸ™‚

This box felt like I got less than usual but I’m happy with it. I hope I get more stuff in next month’s box. πŸ™‚


Lenni Tries: Julep


There was an offer from Swagbucks for a Julep trial and having seen it all over in my travels across the interwebz, I thought Why the heck not?

I’m not sure if I’ll keep this subscription box because I have two already and more nail polish I can handle sitting there with too little time to play with them like I want to. But the initial colors are worth checking out as soon as my nails stop splitting and being pissed off at me for not moisturizing properly when it got cold. The bag I’ll give to my kid to play with because there just comes a point where these things start to take over your house.

Maybe I’ll get one more before I decide whether to keep it or not. Seems pretty interesting so far.


May 2013 Ipsy Box


This is my first bag Β from Ipsy and I heard it’s as good or better than Birchbox. That’s gonna take some time to see cause I’ve gotten some pretty swanky things from Birchbox.

My first impression is that I like it. I love nail polish (it’s the easiest and fastest beauty thing I can do) and lip gloss. I am also ALWAYS open to new hair treatments for my dry as hell hair.

The concealer however, I am absolutely gonna give away. I am one of those women other woman hate because I almost never get a pimple and to be perfetly honest, I don’t give a rats ass if my eyes have shadows under them. I’m a working mother of a 5 year old trying to sell books and crafts on the site. Shit yeah, I’m tired and I’m proud of it. XD

I’ve used Zoya polish before so I know this will be a great summer color for my fingers and toes. The perfume I have to be careful with because I work with people with scent sensitivities. When I start dating again (or whenever I feel like it) I’ll wear it then. For now, I like the soft, fruity scent of it.

As for the inevitable collection of bags I will have? Maybe I’ll give them away on the blog or my site. I certainly won’t need all of them.

Bikini Ready Cravebox


I kinda figured this box would include some sort of diet book. Man, have I read a LOT of those and I’ve honestly found the best diet to be “don’t eat junk and move around more” so I probably won’t be using that. Other than the book, the rest seems pretty cool! Especially the Sally Hansen nail stickers. I am such a sucker for those. I love using those for accent nails.

The one thing I’m hesitant to try is GymPact. It SEEMS like a good idea but I don’t workout in a gym. I workout at home. Β I don’t think “Home Gym” or “Zumba for the Wii” is a valid check in point for that app. XD

If I finally use any of this and remember, I’ll review the stuff. I’d rather not use the wax strips… 0.0 Owie…

March Birchbox


I love that I get an email in the morning that something is on the way to me then get home and have it on my doorstep. This sets unreasonable expectations for anything else I may order but, YAY! New Birchbox stuff to play with! πŸ˜€

This month’s box includes:

As it happens, I am out of my favorite hair oil so this came at a perfect time for me. πŸ™‚

Also? I sorta hate that camera. It’s butchering my pictures. >_<

September Birchbox

I was really excited for this box but it’s sorta hit and miss. However, I do have to say: When these boxes arrive, I have been saying “Oh! I can’t wait to try that!” instead of “WTF is that?” This shows growth and progress. XD

So far, I’m most excited for the tea. XD But hey, I got a new nail polish color to play with.

This is a nice color! Although, I have to say I would rather have tiny bottles in multiple colors than one bottle in a sorta regular size bottle. It’s more to play with, Β ya know?

Yeah, I’ve used shampoo before. It’s always good to have small ones for travel, though. πŸ˜‰

This product made me confused. It does all sorts of things I didn’t know I needed something to do. o_O

Mmmm… I love a good cup of tea. πŸ™‚

Aromatherapy? Why not? I’ll give it a try.

And a hair tie. I’ll be growing my hair out so I can use this. Can’t see spending so much on something I’m so likely to lose or break but hey, to each their own.

I’ll do my best to review these as I use them.

April Birchbox

Ah, it’s been some time since I posted about my Birchbox.

I am a tea lover so I’m excited to try the tea. But I’m at a loss as to what to do with the beauty balm. I am the type of chick who is lucky to remember her spf 15 face cream in the morning so I’m sure I’ll beg my much more knowledgeable friends for help. XD

The Be Fine Moisturizer was expired but Birchbox sent me a 100 point credit for that. I used that credit with the 110 I got for signing up and purchased the Zoya Blogger Collection. With my points and including shipping, I got it for $3.95! πŸ˜€ And I enjoy bright nail colors when I have the time to put them on. I’d love to use these colors to try the Sponge Manicure. I think it would make this really cool sunset/fire looking effect. πŸ˜€

Tomorrow it’s back to writing news but if I ever do that sponge thing, I’ll post about it. I’ve got to get back to prepping the house for my husband’s birthday “party.” (meaning just a couple people and an ice cream cake)