NYCC Day One

Once again, there were no professional hours so I hadda mash my way through the throng to get to my panels. I didn’t spend too much time on the floor since it was so packed but swag was attained and cool things/people were seen.



Now, I am beyond exhausted so I am gonna put my feet up and get some rest for tomorrow. This will be my first year to go all four days… Meep… ;___;

Comic Con Wrap Up

Yes, I am aware this is late but honestly, I was so wiped from the con then going right back to work. Hell, I still feel sore. ;_;100_0173

That pic pretty much sums it up. Me and the kiddo went and we kicked major ass. XD I am sadly(?) the proud owner of My Little Pony Monopoly but hey, could anyone say no to that face?

Ok, I wanted it, too. XD

I went as New 52 Wonder Woman and unless I was WITH my child, no one had a clue who I was. I got more pictures taken of me last year when I was a steampunkish Poison Ivy that was more boobs than fabric. :p I’ll have to keep that in mind for next year.

All in all, I had a fabulous time. Kiddo was well behaved and I didn’t spent too much money. I declare this to be the best year yet and I look forward to next year already! πŸ˜€

Today at New York Comic Con!

If you follow my Instragram or twitter you’ve seen some of the randomness I encountered today and it wasn’t even the day I went to dress up! I skipped the pics of cosplayers and don’t expect much from Saturday because I will be cosplaying myself. XD

So, here’s the free swag I got:


And here’s the stuff I paid cash money’s for.



Now, I have a few minor details to add to my costume so I won’t be going tomorrow but look forward to at least ONE decent picture of me in the costume. πŸ˜‰



Comic Con Day Two and Three Wrap-up

Ah, as the bruises and soreness of NYCC fade away (no really, it’s insane), I am left with fond memories. ^_^ First of all the epic costumes!!!

Bane and Batman

Lady Scorpion… WOW. 0.0

My little kiddo as Batgirl with Joker.

The demon seed with Merryweather. This woman is my hero. Still going to cons dressed up. You are never too old! πŸ˜€

The whole Bat-Family! The hubbz as Michael Keaton Batman, the kiddo as Batgirl, and me as Poison Ivy. Basically I was wearing a booby bucket with some vines on it. XD I made a lot of men (and possibly some women) happy that day.

On Friday, I got to shake hands with Ross CampbellΒ and tell him how much I love his books. I didn’t think I would get the chance to do this so I didn’t have anything for him to sign. But the chance was cool enough. Saturday I had no time to meet ANYONE as every ten seconds we were stopped for pictures or interviews. One of them was from a really nice man who just thought it was awesome for families to go together dressed up. ^_^

That Saturday we didn’t get back till 9pm then I had to work on Sunday, then my road test on Monday so you can see why it took me so freaking long to get these up so you could see them.

One year, I would love to have a table in Artists Alley for all my fan(s) to come and get books or have me sign theirs. πŸ˜€ Who’d come to see me? πŸ˜‰

Comic Con Swag: Day One

The first day of New York Comic Con went off without a hitch! πŸ˜€ I went to a couple panels on graphic novels in libraries then checked out the floor! Of course there was much swag to be had and Lenni does love her swag. Lets start with the swag I paid for:

Yes, that is a full set of Wet Moon by Ross Campbell. I got this series for the library and I’ve always wanted a set of my own! πŸ˜€ Of course there’s a pretty bound Lenore: Cooties by Roman Dirge because I didn’t have that one yet. That little box is steampunk soap with a key in it. XD I’ll post the brand when I locate the card for the place. The scent is amazing!

Now for the free swag!
I got posters, catalogs, post cards, press on nails, bracelets, and buttons. Man, if I can ever get my kid to behave, that Chibbi Moon poster is all hers. XD

Now, there are no pictures of me because I didn’t dress up. I’m saving my costume till Saturday when me and the family are ALL going dressed up. πŸ™‚ That’s gonna be a marathon day for sure.

I’d go into more detail but holy crap, I’m tired. =_= Till tomorrow!! πŸ˜€