November Loot Anime: Besties

  • Modoka Figure from Puella Madoka Magica by Banpresto
  • $10 VRV coupon
  • Seven Deadly Sins Hawk Eraser
  • One Piece Chopper String Backpack
  • Loot Anime Phone Charm
  • K-ON Manga
  • Poster

I know I usually don’t bother with the posters but I really liked the design of this one because it involves the best things in life: pets, books, and cardigans. This poster is librarian approved.

Overall, this is a cute selection of stuff. The little pig thing kinda freaked me out. It’s the biggest eraser I’ve ever owned…

Puella Madoka Magica is the only property I’m familiar with in this box. One day I’ll get around to Seven Deadly Sins but I couldn’t get into One Piece. I’ll probably pass this one on to a real fan along with the credit for the VRV anime service. I barely have time for the media I consume NOW, I refuse to add another.

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Loot Anime Box: Together

  • One Piece Figure
  • Haikyu T-shirt
  • Boy and The Beast Novel
  • Osomatsu-San Keychain
  • Yume Phone charm

Ok, that One Piece figure freaks me right the hell out. I mean, look at that face. That screams “I will be eating your soul as you sleep.” I’ve also never really been a fan of One Piece. I gave the show a try and it just didn’t grab me. In fact, I haven’t seen any of the anime in this crate. I end up feeling ‘blah’ about it because of that. As a result, most of this is gonna get passed on to better fans than me.

Except for the book. Of course, I’m gonna read that.

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