As Promised!

The prologue and first two chapters of Lost Brother are posted over at my Patreon! The post is for patrons only, though. 😉

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A HUGE Thank You!!

I am a little ashamed to admit it but, I had completely forgot I set up a Patreon. Nobody ever donated and I am financially in a place where every penny is pinched so I can’t donate to anyone else. But I get an email the other day and I got my first patron!!!

A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to Natalie C., who has honestly been a fan of my work for some time. You are so awesome, Natalie! And I can’t thank you enough for putting me one step closer to my dream. It’s just what I needed as I’ve bene feeling a little down about my creative endeavors lately.

Thanks to that pick me up, I am gearing up for NYCC and I’m excited to see some awesome programs as well as cosplay with the kiddo Saturday and Sunday. Don’t worry, I will take plenty of pictures.

Again, more super gushy thanks and I hope this is a portent of more awesome things to come!

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Lenni’s On Patreon!

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Click on the picture above and you will see a link to my shiny new Patreon page! 😀 Supporting me there will enable me to write and create even more awesome things for you all! And yes, the woman in the image on my page is indeed Darjeeling and I also sketched that myself!

Any amount is appreciated and I like to believe I’ve posted some pretty cool rewards. Feel free to let me know if there is something else you’d like to see from me! 🙂