Lenni Reviews: “Ragna Crimson” Vol. 2, by Daiki Kobayashi


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Now that Ragna has paired with Crimson, they begin their mission to destroy all the dragons starting with Tempest Cell; a dragon that uses a tornado as a weapon.

In addition to Tempest Cell, we meet the first seat of the dragons; Ultimatia. Her and Crimson are pretty damn unnerving to me but that’s a plus, not a minus for the volume. It’s all just the right amount of crazy for me. The pacing is fast and seeing as how there’s just 9 volumes released, I am so curious as to where this will go. It’s certainly atypical for this genre but I like it. 4 out of 5.

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Lenni Reviews: “Ragna Crimson” Vol. 1, by Daiki Kobayashi


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Ragina wants to be a better dragon hunter in order to protect his friend, Leonica. Leonica is a master level dragon hunter; at only 12 she is the most respected and feared in the country. While others may mock her for keeping a ‘weakling’ like Ragina around, she’s more than happy to have him around. But when a new threat nearly kills Ragina and puts Leonica in danger, Ragina makes a dangerous choice with his newfound abilities.

There are some interesting time travel elements to this that I did not expect. In fact, there’s a lot done with this premise that I didn’t expect and it was a pleasant surprise! I’ve been looking for a new high fantasy manga to read and this is a great start to a series. It has some humor, great action, and an interesting twist. 4 out of 5.

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